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Normal Homescreen Quotes

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Occassion Line Audio
Morning I don’t have morning training anymore, but I just wake up early out of habit…
Noon Time for lunch! I wonder what Juza’s having for lunch today...
Evening Azami says he sleeps early for good skin. Guess he’s channeling his inner Snow White or something?
Night Huh, you can’t sleep? We can practice some batting together if you want!
Regular Hey! Think I’ll become more like Juza when I get older?
Regular I’m used to working hard since I’ve done a ton of sports! Just tell me what to do and I’ll do it!
Regular Oh man, the Tigers are having a match on TV today! Don’t change the channel, okay?
Regular Uh... if you keep touching me like that, you’re gonna make me wanna hug you in return...
Regular Oh, my bangs? I like having them just above my eyebrows!
Regular That Banri jerk can eat some dirt!
Regular What’s up?
Regular Man… Seriously, he’s just the coolest…
Regular This? It’s an autographed photo! Sigh… My bro is so cool as Lansky...!

Special Days Quotes

Occassion Line Audio
2nd Anniversary I think you’re a real special person just as special as my bro! I hope you’ll keep leading the way!
Valentine’s Day 2021 I got chocolates before back in junior high...Wait, you got some for me?! Thanks!
White Day 2021 I-I got these for you! There's a ton of great stuff inside!
April Fool’s Day 2021 My bro is so cool, his coolness is off literally every chart in existence! And it's going up and up!
Children's Day 2021 The helmet Muku made really suits my bro! I’m gonna make him an origami sword and shield to match!
Tanabata 2021 {{{tanabata2021}}}
Last Day of Summer Break 2021 You’re checking my homework progress too? I’m starting to hate the phrase “in progress”.
Halloween 2020 Fake blood, an eyepatch, a dark crest...Er, not that I wanna wear it! Not...at all...
Halloween 2021 “Shall I reveal what lies behind this eyepatch?” How was that? Azami and Yuki helped me a ton!
Christmas 2020 Merry Christmas! I'm going to help Sumi with some triangle decorations!
New Year 2020 {{{new year2020}}}

Birthday Quotes


Birthday Line Audio
Player’s Birthday
Kumon chibi icon
I’m super happy that everyone has a birthday celebration! With that, let’s have a baseball tournament!
Omi chibi icon
Happy Birthday, Omi! I didn't sample them yet, but I tried my best to make some mini cakes!
Tsumugi chibi icon
Tsumugi! Happy Birthday! Sorry for being such a bad student...
Hisoka chibi icon
Happy Birthday, Hisoka! You're not gonna dash away like a ninja today, are you...?


Birthday Line Audio
Player’s Birthday Happy Birthday! I'll do my best to surprise you with how good I am on stage!
Sakuya chibi icon
When I'm with you, Sakuya, I just feel really happy inside somehow! Thanks for always being you!
Masumi chibi icon
Happy Birthdaya, Masumi! I'm cool with talking about love, so we can talk about stuff whenever!
Tsuzuru chibi icon
HBD, Tsuzuru! I'm definitely making a baseball team, so let's make a battery together!
Itaru chibi icon
Master Itaru… Please bestow upon the Destroyer your blessing and divine protection…!
Citron chibi icon
HBD, Citron! I’m still working hard on all that health stuff you taught me!
Chikage chibi icon
Happy birthday, Chikage! You can have a spicy cake, but… not in front of my brother, okay?!
Tenma chibi icon
Happy Birthday, Tenma! I hope you’ll keep giving me lots of acting advice!
Yuki chibi icon
HBD, Yuki! I want to learn about making accessories. Could you teach me sometime?
Muku chibi icon
HBD, Muku! Let’s keep chasing our dreams on the stage together!
Misumi chibi icon
Sumi! I’m gonna look for a ton of triangles! I won’t come back until I find ‘em!
Kazunari chibi icon
Happy Birthday, Kazu! Let’s got to the beach a ton this summer!
Kumon chibi icon
Getting B-Day wishes from everyone in my bro’s theatre group is great! I’ll keep giving it my all!
Banri chibi icon
Hey, Banri! If you promise to stop picking fights with my bro, I might consider giving you something!
Juza chibi icon
Happy Birthday, Juza! Keep staying my one only big bro, okay?
Azami chibi icon
HBD, Azami! Use the ticket for a soccer game with me! I rarely play soccer so it’s a rare item!
Tasuku chibi icon
Happy birthday, Tasuku! I hope we can continue our training routine together!
Homare chibi icon
Happy birthday, Homare! Wanna hear my newest work? Hail, the great dawn...
Azuma chibi icon
Happy Birthday, Azuma! I end up forgetting the names of all those superfoods you taught me...
Guy chibi icon
Happy Birthday, Guy! Let's do some more karate lessons so I can take down Banri! Hah!

Practice Quotes

Let's get practicing!
Tenma always gives me a ton of acting advice! I’m thankful!
Yuki has an impressive high sense of professionalism! I have to follow his example!
Muku’s nice, he has great reflexes… he’s just the best cousin!
Sumi’s so cool when he runs on the walls!
Kazu’s like the big bro of Summer Troupe! He’s always super cheerful and nice!
I’m gonna take a bath with Juza tonight!
A game’s on tonight, so I gotta make sure the other guys don’t steal the remote!
I can still keep going!
Argh! Why won’t the tears come! Stage crying’s pretty hard...
I’m gonna be just like my bro!
Hang on a sec! I gotta write this down!
Hm, so the blocking for this scene is...
I really wanna play baseball right now...
Thanks for practicing with me!

Other Quotes

Occassion Line Audio
Downloading Screen Ta-da! Some data’s gonna get downloaded for you! Go, go!
Voice Volume I LOVE YOU, JUZA! YOU'RE THE BEST BIG BROTHER EVER!! Haha, did you hear me?
1 on 1 Practice
Special Training Give me my training without holding back!
Blooming Buh-buh-blooming! I'll win the Triple Crown of the theater world!
Ultimate Blooming {{{ultimate blooming}}}
Earn Cash Intro
Earn Cash Outro
Dissmiss Actor
Show succeeded
Show failed
Skills used in Show
4th Play (2nd Anniversary) {{{4th play}}}
5th Play (2nd Anniversary) {{{5th play}}}