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Hehe, I love my big bro! Pat my head more!

Kumon Hyodo (兵頭九門) is the sixth member of the Summer Troupe. Aspiring to join the troupe and following his brother, Juza, he has a brother complex transcending the norm. He has high communication skills and is very cheerful and energetic. He was in the baseball club, before he quit to join the Mankai Company. He shares Room 203 with Misumi.


Kumon is a teenager with an average height and build. He has yellow eyes and purple hair, like his brother. His attire is quite athletic, reflecting his activities. He wears a white graphic t-shirt, a green and white track jacket with the word "STRIKE", black sweatpants with the word "BATTERY." printed on, and red high tops. He has silver earrings.


Kumon is very lively, a stark contrast to Juza. Kumon is very extreme and doesn't take any half-measures, especially in his love for his brother. He's an honest and straightforward person. Despite this, Kumon has low self-confidence and can easily get overwhelmed when given responsibility, which can trigger his "condition", causing fevers. Over time, he's learned how to better deal with this part of himself, knowing he has people there to support him. He also exhibits chuunibyou tendencies, which is especially apparent in his and Itaru's Earn Cash dialogue.


He first came to Mankai insisting on joining to follow after his brother. Prior to Act 2, he had been watching all the Autumn Troupe's plays, appearing briefly in the event story for Ginji the Wanderer. At first, he wanted to join the Autumn Troupe to be with Juza, but was put in proximity with the Summer Troupe to help backstage for their tour. During this period, he realized how much effort the Summer Troupe put into their acts and was inspired to join them instead.

Prior to Mankai, he played on his school's baseball team. After suffering several bad spells of anxiety-induced fevers before big games, he was told by a doctor to quit the team to alleviate the stress he was experiencing. Because his condition wasn't being treated, he still quietly struggled with his anxiety in situations that caused even minor stress during the events of Summertime Survival Strikes Back. He cracked under the pressure multiple times over the course of the story, until Juza and Muku came forward to tell the Director and the Summer Troupe about his condition. The Summer Troupe used their comedy to cheer him up during two of his attacks, and he was able to better deal with his anxiety with friends at his side.


He is the positive energy source of the Summer Troupe and everyone adores his big and bright smile.

  • Tenma: Tenma teaches Kumon a lot of things and looks after him. Kumon admires Tenma a lot for being so talented and cool and treats him like his master in acting. Tenma acts as his mentor and looks after him, and although he may not show it, he enjoys it and is proud at Kumon for making so much progress.
  • Yuki: Finds him annoying and loud as he does with the rest of his troupe, but Yuki cares about Kumon and everyone cheered up Kumon when he was down, including Yuki. Kumon thinks Yuki's sewing and clothes designing skills are super neat.
  • Muku: Very close cousins that share many close secrets. Muku loves Kumon and thinks he is very kind. The same goes for Kumon, he thinks Muku is a great runner. They both look after each other.
  • Misumi: Very friendly with each other and good roommates/buddies. Kumon thinks Misumi is very cool and admires his parkour skills. They both share the same love for triangles, the first time for someone besides Misumi himself.
  • Kazunari: Kumon finds Kazunari to be handsome and older-brother like. Kazunari thinks Kumon is very energetic and has a cute smile.
  • Juza: They have a very good brother relationship and often bathe together. Kumon loves to get head pats from him. Juza treasures Kumon and would do anything to protect him, likewise Kumon is quick to defend Juza, especially against Banri.
  • Banri: They have a "bad relationship" mostly played for laughs due to their differing opinions on Juza. Despite often fighting, Banri does look out for Kumon, even offering to sub in as his understudy in Love Out of Left Field if he wasn't able to perform.
  • Azami: Kumon was one of the first people to reach out to Azami before he joined Mankai officially, and as a result they're very close. Azami looks out for Kumon and worries about him more than he lets on, as noted by Juza. Kumon thinks Azami is really cool and good at everything he does. Kumon also encouraged Azami to follow his dream of going pro with makeup before the events of Boyhood Collage.


Surname: 兵 = soldier;warrior 頭 = head

Given name: 九 = nine 門 = gate


These are the roles he has played:

  1. Sota Akiyama in Love Out of Left Field


  • He is the nutritionist at the dorm, and knows a lot about how to stay physically healthy.
  • He likes to practice swinging baseball bat in his free time.
  • He's frequented the nearby ramen joint, even back when he was on the baseball team.
  • Kumon is the only member of Mankai that Azami doesn't use a honorific for.