Event Duration

Start: 3/12/20 19:00 PDT
End: 3/29/20 18:59 PDT

Important:This is a Pre-tryout for the next event, meaning all exclusive cards in this tryout will have an advantage in the upcoming The Master Likes a Mystery/Event performances.

Revival Event

Start: 9/20/20 19:00 PDT

End: 9/22/20 18:59 PDT

Important:This is only a chance to get previous tryout cards that you missed, and there will not be a revival event paired with it.

Cards you can obtain

When doing a 10 pull, you'll have an SR guaranteed.

Hisoka Mikage SSR 【A Witness in Passing】
Azuma Yukishiro SR 【The Other Me in the Mirror】
Tasuku Takato R 【My Master's Mesmerized by Mystery】
【A Witness in Passing】 【The Other Me in the Mirror】 【My Master's Mesmerized by Mystery】
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