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Kengo Kitagami Autumn Troupe Ensemble Cast chibi.png

Kengo Kitagami (北上 健吾) is an Autumn Troupe extra.


Kengo has grey hair and blue-grey eyes.


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  • The name Kengo means "healthy, strong" (健) (ken) and "I, me" (吾) (go).
  • Kengo's surname Kitagami means "north" (北) (kita) and "above, top, upper" (上) (kami/gami).

Kengo Kitagami Autumn Troupe Ensemble Cast full body
Kengo Kitagami Backup Dancers! full body
Kengo Kitagami Autumn Troupe Ensemble Cast chibi
Kengo Kitagami Backup Dancers! chibi

Normal Home Screen Quotes

Occassion Line Audio
Morning Morning. Wish I didn't have class today.
Noon Thought of good ad lib line. Look forward to it.
Evening Tonight's dinner is curry? I guess I can hang on until the end of practice.
Night The play starts tomorrow, huh. I'm kinda excited. Night.
Regular I don't like doing much, but I like acting.
Regular ...What?
Regular ...Practice? But I'm tired...
Regular Give me a character with the fewest lines possible.

Special Home Screen Quotes

Occassion Line Audio
Player's Birthday You want curry for your birthday? That's a pretty...unique answer.
Kengo's Birthday
1st Anniversary It's been a year, huh?

Should I get us some cake?

2nd Anniversary Congratulations on the 2nd anniversary. I'll buy you whatever you want to eat.

Practice Quotes

Wonder if I'll remember my lines...
Do I have any eating scenes?
Why does this character move around so much...
You can't cut things short here?
I'm hungry...

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