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Sakoda:Ugh, dammit...
Sakoda:(It's so pathetic of me to go losin' in fights. Look at me, all beat-up and shit... I'm no better than a giant piece of trash.)
Sakoda:(I'm so damn...dizzy...)

Sakoda:Are you...the reaper? No, you can't be. You're glowing so brightly, and your voice is so deep and impressive... You must be an angel.


Sakoda:(He's willing to take me in? He doesn't even know me, though... But his aura is so warm...)
Sakoda:(This must be a meeting of fate! Yeah, that has to be it!)
Sakoda:Yes, sir!

Sakoda:Whoa...! What is this place? It's so bright and sparkly in here...

Sakoda:What do you mean by that?
Sakyo:My name's Sakyo Furuichi, and I used to hold the title of this club's number one host for years. I retired and became the club's owner a while ago, though.
Sakoda:This is a host club?!
Sakyo:Well, look at you in that suit. You don't look half bad. It's one of my hand-me-downs, but it's still in a good condition, so you can have it.
Sakoda:Th-thanks for the offer, but I couldn't possibly accept such a nice suit...
Sakyo:I said you could have the suit, but I never said it would be for free. You're a grown-ass man. I'm sure you can work for something as simple as a suit.
Sakyo:I'm telling you to aim for the top position here at this club.
Sakoda:(And that's the tale of how I suddenly became a host.)
Sakoda:(I want to work hard in order to repay the debt I owe the Boss, but the thing is...)
Sakoda:I don't know the first thing about bein' a host...
Sakyo:You don't have to freak out. I'm not going to just throw you at a table and make you fend for yourself.
Sakyo:There have been a bunch of guys trying to aim for the top ever since I retired, so just watch how they work and learn from them.
Sakoda:Y-yes, sir!
Sakyo:Steal any technique you can and up your repertoire. I'll even be extra nice to you today and explain what they're doing while they deal with costumers.
Sakoda:Thank you very much!
Sakyo:All right, pay attention to that table over there.
Tsuzuru:U-um... Thanks so much for...uh, coming today!
Sakuya:Ehehe! I'm so glad to see all of you!

Sakyo:That's Sakuma and Minagi. Both of them are newcomers, and Minagi's a bigger mess than everyone else.
Sakyo:But there are customers who prefer fresh-faced and awkward kids like them over smooth-talking veterans.
Sakyo:Minagi actually used to be part of our kitchen staff. We hired him as a host because his family's tight on money and he wanted to earn more for them.
Sakyo:He's still a naive punk himself, saying lofty things like wanting to let his younger brothers eat their fill of good food.
Sakyo:Hmph. Well, I can't fault him for much. His determination really gets to you after a while.
Sakyo:Sakuma's bright disposition and innocence is what naturally draws people to him. It'd be good for him to just stay the way he is.
Sakyo:If I had to describe him, I'd say he's like a fully-painted figurine. You know what I mean, right?
Sakuya:Did you have work today, too? Good job! It's amazing how hard you work every day!
Tsuzuru:You don't like bell pepers? I can teach you a nice dish that doesn't use any, then! I have lots of little brothers at home, so I'm good at this kind of stuff.
Tsuzuru:You want another bottler of wine? Are you sure? Thanks so much! Ahaha... I don't know what to do with myself. I'm so happy, and my heart's beating so fast...

Sakyo:Let's move onto the next table.
Itaru:I've been waiting for you. I really wanted to see you again.
Itaru:Tell me... Did you want to see me, too? I'd be so happy of you really did... Well?
Itaru:Haha. Are you blushing? You're so cute.

Sakyo:That's Chigasaki. He's aiming to be Mankai's number one host, and he uses his looks to drag in as many customers as he can.
Sakyo:Pay attention to how he uses casual glances, smiles, and suggestive words. People literally fall for him hook, line, and sinker due to those weapons of his.
Sakyo:That guys spends every yen he earns on games. He literally buys every single title available. I guess it's still a means to an end...
Sakyo:The host sitting next to him, however, is the complete opposite of him.
Masumi:What? Do whatever you want. If you want another glass, then just order one.
Masumi:I'm not even here for you. I don't care what you think. You still want to talk?

Sakyo:Usui basically treats all his customers like crap and doesn't try to curry favor with them. Well, we've got some masochistic guests who are into that, though.
Sakoda:The world's full of all kind of people, huh...?
Citron:Oh, I do know that idiom! It is to 'throw twigs before pigs'!

Citron:Ooh! So that is it! Japanese is so very difficult!

Sakyo:Don't be fooled. That's actually his technique. He plays it up like he has the shoddiest Japanese in the world, but he's completely fluent in private.
Sakyo:Just today, he spewed out, 'What joy it brings me to be able to work amidst laughter that resembles a refreshing breeze on a beautiful day' like it was nothing.
Sakoda:HE said that?!
Chikage:Oh, you're here. I was wondering if you would come today.

Chikage:Let's go over there for more privacy. I can tell you all sorts of secrets, and we can keep them to ourselves...just you and me.
Sakoda:What about that guy? What's his strategy?
Sakoda:Uh, Boss?
Sakyo:I can't go into the particulars with him, but...just beware of him. Try not to get to close to him.
Sakoda:(Yikes... It'd probably be smart to heed his warning...)

Welcome to Club Mankai! Part 1
[Street: Rainy]
??? Hey.
??? Did you hit your head that hard? Literally what part of me looks like an angel?
??? Do you have anywhere to call home?
??? You want to come with me, then?
??? Pfft. Look at you. You're nodding so hard, your head's about to fall off. What are you, a dog?
[Mankai Host Club Lounge]
??? This is Club Mankai. I used to be this club's top dog op until recently.
Customer Ooh, you two are sooo cute!
Customer Aah... I can feel the stress from work just melting away. Seeing your smiles is like basking in the sun...
Customer Kyaaah!
Customer Oh my god, I just can't get enough of how cool and standoffish you are!
Customer Ahaha! Citron, that's completely wrong! The phrase is 'cast pearls before swine'!
Customer You're just so cute! Aah, you make me so happy!
Customer I-I did!
Sakoda:Huh? Why does that table only have guests?
Sakyo:Look closer. The one sitting in the middle is their host, Rurikawa.
Sakoda:Wait, you mean that dainty lookin' kid's their host?!
Yuki:Oh, Your bottle's empty! Let's order another for you. You're all still up for more drinks, right?

Yuki:Really? Yay! I've been wanting to eat some! Hmm, how about I feed you some as a treat, then?

Sakyo:Rurikawa keeps the mood as nice and light as a girls' night out, and the customers keep extending their stay because of that. It's quite a strategy, really.
Muku:Thank you so much for coming again today, my princess. Please, come this way.
Muku:Your dress is so beautiful, and you look wonderful in it! Hehe. I can't tear my eyes away from you...

Muku:I wish I could whisk you away in a pumpkin carriage and bring you to a lovely dance party... How amazing would that be?

Sakyo:That's Sakisaka. He acts like a prince and treats all his customers like princesses. He'll make anyone, young or old, feel like royalty, so he's very popular.
Sakoda:Wow! That's really smart!
Kazunari:Yay! Okies, here we go! Let's get some champange flowing in here!
Kazunari:Cheers to our meeting, cheers to tonight! I love all of you, my princesses! Yay! Yay! It's champagne time! Whoo!
Sakoda:Holy crap! Is that an actual champagne tower?!
Sakyo:The one that's hollering his head off is Miyoshi. He's like pure energy incarnate. His act's pretty standard for a host, and, well, it's fun watching him.
Kazunari:Whoo! That's suuuper tasty! Thanks so much, y'all's! I can't wait to party with you again!
Sakyo:By the way, that's the standard cheer for when a customer orders a champagne tower. Everyone here can do it, so you'd better memorize it, too.
Sakoda:Does that mean you can do it too, Boss?!
Sakoda:(Man, I wanna see him singing that!)
Sakoda:What's with all the customers grouped up over here? Who's standing in the middle...?

Tenma:Hmph. Of course I am. Who do you think I am? Be grateful that I'm letting you drink next to me.
Sakoda:Ack, my eyes! Is that guy seriously sparkling?!
Sakyo:That's just Sumeragi's popularity being manifested. He acts all high-and-mighty, but it's justified. He's the real deal, and customers love him.
Sakyo:But that's all just an act. Just sit and watch, and you'll see his true nature soon enough.
Tenma:Y-you saw me then?! What? No, o-of course I wasn't lost!
Tenma:I was just looking for my attendant since they got separated from me!

Sakyo:The difference between the front he puts up and his true self is like no other. Seriously, no one else can even try to imitate that lethal weapon of his.
Sakoda:Guess there are some techniques that are impossible to steal...
Sakyo:Yeah. There's someone else like that other than Sumeragi, too.
Misumi:Okay, everyone, it's time to pray. Let's all focus our energy on this miraculous triangle...
Sakoda:What's going on over there? The atmosphere around them doesn't really seem to fit the mood of a host club...
Misumi:Triangles save all... If you believe in them, you, too, will be saved...

Sakyo:There's nothing you can learn from him. Let's move on.
Sakoda:Uh, right...
Kumon:Juzaaa! Juza, I love you! You're the coolest person in the world!
Juza:This cake's good. You should have some, Kumon.
Kumon:You'd share your cake with me?! Oh man, Juza you're so nice! You're the world's kindest and handsomest man EVER! You're the best!
Sakyo:Those two brothers work as pair here. The younger one, Kumon is completely obsessed with his older brother, Juza, and does nothing but tail after him.
Juza:This chocolate's tasty, too...
Kumon:Ah... You look so refined when you're eating sweets... And your coolness isn't even slightly marred even though you have chocolate stuck to your mouth!

Sakoda:(That kind of act sells, too? Aw man, I wish I could do something like that with the boss...)
Banri:Are you even servin' your customers properly? You're a damn awful host.
Juza:What'd you say, asshole?
Sakyo:Heh. Looks like they're putting on another one of their famous shows.

Banri:All you do is sit around an' eat. Exactly what part of that's entertaining for our guests, huh?
Juza:What I do is still better than how you jus' run your mouth like you don't know how to keep it shut.

Sakyo:Some of our customers really like it when our hosts get into fights. Their actual distaste for each other is what makes those two so popular together.

Banri:Oh, you came. Wait, what's wrong? You look so tired.
Banri:Don' tell me you were pushin' yourself at work again. C'mon, you gotta stop doin' that and take better care of yourself.

Banri:Heh, thanks for always doin' your best for me.
Sakyo:He may look rough on the outside, but he's actually incredibly good at paying attention to the little things and being mindful of others. That kid's got talent.
Sakyo:A lot of customers go to him for his looks and stay for his nonchalant and smooth style of flirting.
Sakoda:Hmm, okay... So attention to detail and mindfulness is important... I'd better write this all down.
Sakoda:Okay, so our next table should be...

Sakoda:('Mom'? Who could they be calling tha-?)
Sakoda:Wait, they're calling THAT guy 'Mom'?! The guy who's towering over everyone and looks like he can bench press them all at the same time?!
Sakyo:That's Fushimi. He has an overwhelmingly nurturing personality by nature, so he plays the motherly type around here.
Omi:Come on, you don't have to pout. Here, I'll pet you on the head, okay?
Omi:You want quiche? Sure thing. We can order that. I baked a lot of them before we opened today.
Omi:Hm? What's wrong? Do you feel left out? It's okay, come here.

Sakyo:Guests love him because they can relive their innocent childhood days when they're around him.
Sakoda:I-I don't even know how that works, but I guess people like it, huh...? Wow...
Sakoda:Guess I should write that down, too...

Welcome to Club Mankai! Part 2
[Mankai Host Club Lounge]
Customer Ahahaha! No way!
Customer Of course! Oh, I want to order a platter of fruit, too.
Customer Aaah! Yes, please!
Customer Th-thank you!
Customer I-I'd gladly do with you!
Customer Tenmaaa!
Customer Aah! Tenma, you're so hot today!
Customer Aww, Tenma, you're sooo cute!
Customer Oh, Misumi! Triangles are so wonderful!
Customer What a beautiful triangle! I'll believe in triangles until the end of time...!
Customer Sibling love is the best...! Just watching them makes me feel all warm and happy inside...
Customer Aaah! Juza and Banri are going to start an act soon!
Customer Oh my god! Look at them grabbind each other's shirts! That's sooo hot!
Customer Watching them go after each other like that is so bad for my heart! But so good! Ugh!
Customer Banri!
Customer I knooow, but I just end up working extra hard every time I think about how I'll get to see you!
Customer Mommy, listen to meee!
Customer Ehehe! Mom, I wanna eat some quiche today!
Customer Mama, pet my heat, pwease!
Customer Mama!
Sakoda:Whoa, that table's full of big spenders!
Sakyo:The two hosts over there used to work for our rival, God Club, but they decided to come to us instead.
Sakyo:The taller one is Takato, and he's got the whole 'number one host' act down pat. He's well-versed at handling customers.
Sakyo:The other one is Nanao. That kid can't even begin to hide his desire for acknowkedgement and popularity, but is honest nature's actually his selling point.
Sakoda:That works as a selling point...?
Sakyo:Honesty and transparency can work in a host's favor sometimes.
Tasuku:Would it be all right if I sit a little closer to you? The only person I want you looking at right now is me...
Tasuku:I want to see you even in my dreams tonight. I want to know more about you...and for you to know just as much about me.
Tasuku:I can't help being selfish and needy when it comes to you... It's just so hard to resist your loveliness

Taichi:Wait, really?! You think I look cooler than before? Yesss! Oh man, I don't even know what to do with myself, I'm so happy!
Taichi:I gotta keep this up and really try to be the most popular host around here! I might even be someone's favorite one of these days!
Sakoda:(There's so much more to being a host than I thought there is...)
Sakoda:(Huh, what's with that guy over there? He just looks like any ol' Joe at first glance...)
Tsumugi:I wouldn't have expected to find such a pretty flower in a place like this. Grow up nice and big and beautiful, little blossom.
Tsumugi:Hehe. Such a beautiful smile bloomed on your face. Could you smile a bit more for me? I'd like to keep admiring it, if you don't mind.

Sakyo:Tsukioka goes for a more rustic, down-to-earth approach, and that miming he's doing like he's watering plants with a watering can? That's his signature move.
Sakyo:He may look young, but he's actually a veteran in this business. He takes good care of the younger workers, but he's clearly hiding something behind that smile.
Homare:How my heart sparkles and flutters and dances! Hmm, between us, our memories are like sweet drunken strawberries!
Homare:Ah, you are just like an ukulele today... Daybreak in spring, in Milano, oh buono! Bravo, bravo...

Hisoka:Zzz... Zzz...

Hisoka:Hmm... Thanks... Have another...glass... Zzz...
Sakyo:Arisugawa has quite a number of patrons for his poems, but Mikage actually earns quite a pretty penny by just sleeping.
Sakoda:What?! How can he get away with that?!
Azuma:It's rather noisy in here isn't it? Should we go somewhere quieter so we can chat without distractions?
Azuma:You don't have to be nervous. I'll make sure you'll feel nice and good... Shall we go?
Sakoda:W-wait, isn't he still on the clock? He's leaving the club with his customer!
Sakyo:Don't worry about Yukishiro. He often spends the night with his customers, so that's normal. He earns a lot for us since many of his customers are rich.
Sakoda:There are too many hosts in this place... I'm starting to lose track of them all!
Sakyo:We also have two other hosts who aren't here yet. They're in the same boat as you and will be starting for us soon, too.
Sakyo:One of them is my mentee, and he'll be using his plethora of knowledge on makeup as his gig. The other will be the world's first android host.
Sakoda:I don't even know what to think of those two, but they sound really formidable...!
Izumi:Hello there.
Sakoda:Huh? Who's this lady?
Sakyo:What do you think you're doing here? It'll be caos in here if Usui sees you.
Izumi:I couldn't help myself! I wanted to come see who this new host you scouted is like.
Sakoda:O-oh, uh! I'm Sakoda!
Izumi:Oh, sorry for not introducing myself. I'm Izumi, and the owner of the club is my father.
Sakyo:She's in line to take over this place next.
Sakyo:And she's also the one who brought out and helped polish the best traits from every single one of the hosts here.
Sakoda:Wow, really?!
Sakyo:I was only able to bloom into the number one host here because she suggested I break out of the mold and take on the role of a strict, scolding character.
Sakoda:That sounds so badass!
Izumi:How about you, Sakoda? What kind of host would you like to become?
Sakyo:After seeing so many different types of hosts and their strategies of war, you should have an idea, right? What kind of battle plan will you take up?
Sakoda:I'm still new and have no idea what to do yet, unlike everyone else...
Sakoda:But I want to do my best to repay you for you kindness, Boss!
Sakoda:Boss Lady, you gotta help me! Make it so that I can bloom and flourish in this host club! Please!
Izumi:Don't you worry about a thing! I'll make sure to bring you to full bloom here!

Sakyo:After we finish our rounds checking in with our regulars, we have to-
Sakyo:Hey, Sakoda! The hell're you spacing out for?
Sakoda:Y-yikes, sorry, Boss! Didn't mean to!
Sakyo:Ugh... The hell were you even thinking about?
Sakoda:Well I'm kinda foggy on the details already, but I feel like I had a really incredible dream this morning...
Sakyo:So that wasn't enough for you and now you're daydreaming too, are you?
Sakoda:I-it really was an unbelievable dream, though, Boss!
Sakyo:Enough of that nonsense. Don't forget that you need to wear a suit for our next event, got it?
Sakoda:Oh, yeah! Yes, sir!
Sakyo:Actually, do you even have a suit?
Sakyo:If you don't mind getting one of y hand-me-downs, there's an outfit I was thinking of giving to you since I don't wear it anymore.
Sakoda:D-does it happen to include a leopard print shirt and a chrysanthemum corsage...?!
Sakyo:Leopard print?
Sakyo:Why the hell would I have a shirt like that, idiot? Of course not.
Sakoda:Y-yeah, you're right! That was such a silly question! Ahahaha... Phew.

Welcome to Club Mankai! Part 3
[Mankai Host Club Lounge]
Customer I'm going to order another bottle of champagne.
Customer Oh, I want to put in an order for some chicken and cake, too!
Customer Oh, Tasuku... You're so wonderful...
Customer O-oh, Tsumugi...!
Customer I have no idea if you're complimenting me or insulting me, but thank you for your poem, Homare!
Customer Hisoka looks like an angel when he's sleeping! His sweet lovely face makes me want to buy another bottle of wine just to support him!
[Street: Morning]

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