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Earn Cash Conversations

Spring Troupe

Sakuya Sakuma - Bird Feeders
Veludo Station
Sakuya: Did you feed Kamekichi today?
Kazunari: Yep! We're Bros!
Sakuya: Kamekichi can send DMs?!
Kazunari: Just got a DM from him, too!
Veludo Park
Sakuya: The director says she's going to put Kamekichi on a diet.
Kazunari: Ah, I guess he is looking pretty round lately!
Sakuya: How do you put birds on a diet?
Kazunari: Hang on, I'll ask my followers!
Veludo Library
Sakuya: Kamekichi said "hand over the baba". ...What's that mean?
Kazunari: Baba means baguette! It's Kamekichi's fave.
Sakuya: If the director finds out you've been feeding him snacks, she's gonna get mad...
Kazunari: Don't worry, I've got it handled!
Masumi Usui - DM Friends (?)
Veludo Station
Kazunari: Will you reply to my DMs already?
Masumi: Yeah, no.
Kazunari: We're finally connected! Yay!
Masumo: You don't get to decide that. Stop taking pics.
Veludo Park
Kazunari: Hey!! Wasn't the sticker I sent you the other day super cool?!
Masumi: Didn't look at it.
Kazunari: Listen, that sticker set's super popular with the girls.
Masumi: ...I'm buying it.
Veludo Library
Kazunari: Ah! You're sending curry stamp to the director!
Masumi: Mind your own business.
Kazunari: Ah, just got a DM from the director.
Masumi: I didn't get one... Delete it.
Tsuzuru Minagi - Former Schoolmates
Veludo Station
Tsuzuru: You haven't changed at all since high school, Miyoshi...
Kazunari: You're still just as plain as you were back then!
Kazunari: I'm so glad you invited me to join the troupe!
Tsuzuru: I didn't think you'd actually say yes...
Veludo Park
Kazunari: Tsuzuroon, did you have a GF in high school?
Tsuzuru: Maybe I did, maybe I didn't... Don't wanna say.
Kazunari: C'mon, Tsuzuroon... Gimme the deets!
Tsuzuru: Give it up already. I ain't spilling.
Veludo Library
Kazunari: Tsuzuroon, you were super popular with the girls in my class, you know!
Tsuzuru: F-For real?!
Kazunari: Yeah, you got voted the guy who they'd most want to be their little bro!
Tsuzuru: THAT'S what you mean by popular?!
Itaru Chigasaki - Social Media Masters
Veludo Station
Kazunari: Taruchi, my man! Your follower count exploded!
Itaru: I just uploaded a Let's Play of a new game.
Itaru: I'm craving ramen. Know any good places?
Kazunari: Hang on. I'll ask my followers.
Veludo Park
Kazunari: I got 1000 likes! Yaaaas!
Itaru: Grats.
Kazunari: Can I post a pic of us?
Itaru: Only if you put a sticker over my face. Gotta stay anonymous.
Veludo Library
Kazunari: Dude, how are you so viral?
Itaru: Well, I do have followers in the 5-figure range.
Kazunari: Whoa, I hit my data limit! Man...
Itaru: For real? Don't let it get to ya.
Citron - Linguistic Innovators
Veludo Station
Citron: Kazu, you are so fleek!
Kazunari: ...Wrong, but valid, though! Thanks!
Citron: You have an odd way of speaking, Kazu. What language is it?
Kazunari: Just my own spin on words!
Veludo Park
Kazunari: Ronron, get those vibes up!
Citron: Got it! I'll start vibrating lots!
Kazunari: Ronron, you interested in being a model for my work?
Citron: Motel? No, I already have a place to stay!
Veludo Library
Citron: Yakiniku's the go-to meal, even in acting!
Kazunari: You're giving me the munchies, man!
Kazunari: We make a great pair! Just call us Citrokaz!
Citron: Let us celebrate!
Chikage Utsuki - In the Know
Veludo Station
Kazunari: Man, the art supply store near the station moved... Wonder where it is now?
Chikage: There's a new art store that opened two stations away. Maybe that's it?
Kazunari: For real? Thanks a bunch, Chikachon!
Chikage: Always glad to help.
Veludo Park
Chikage: There's someone I need to meet. Do you know any quiet and private cafes?
Kazunari: I got you, fam! Just gimme a second and I'll give you my list!
Kazunari: So who're you meeting? A friend? A co-worker? Or maybe...?!
Chikage: Who am I meeting indeed.
Veludo Library
Kazunari: Chikachon, where do you get all your info? Online?
Chikage: Sometimes. But you have to take what you see online with a grain of salt.
Chikage: Your info is always reliable and up to date. I appreciate it.
Kazunari: You've got the best deets too, Chikachon! Aside from the super spicy stuff.

Summer Troupe

Tenma Sumeragi - My First Friend?
Veludo Station
Kazunari: ...Click!
Tenma: Stop taking secret pics of me!
Kazunari: Tenten, can I post this pic?
Tenma: When did you take a pic of me sleeping?!
Veludo Park
Kazunari: Hang on a sec. Lemme answer this DM.
Tenma: Huh?! Do that when we get home!
Tenma: You're sure touchy-feely.
Kazunari: Shows how close we are! ✰
Veludo Library
Tenma: What are you doing?!
Kazunari: Taking a selfie with my bestie, Tenten!
Tenma: What are you gonna do with all those pics?
Kazunari: Post these on Instablam. Ah, gotta add hashtags.
Yuki Rurikawa - Summer Troupe Designers
Veludo Station
Kazunari: Yukki, you be the girlfriend and I'll be the boyfriend!
Yuki: No.
Kazunari: Let's have a design meeting about the next performance when we get home.
Yuki: On it! I'll bring the costume sketches.
Veludo Park
Yuki: I can't decide what to do for these costume designs.
Kazunari: For real? Wanna brainstorm a bit?
Kazunari: I just thought up the BEST design!
Yuki: If it can actually be made into a costume, let's hear it.
Veludo Library
Kazunari: Yuki... Wanna team up with me for real?
Yuki: We're in the same troupe. That's enough.
Kazunari: I'm sending you my love! Smooch, smooch!☆
Yuki: Ew, gross! Stay away!
Muku Sakisaka - Super Chummy Roomies
Veludo Station
Muku: Uh-oh... I'm getting nervous.
Kazunari: Just imagine everyone in the audience is a cream puff!
Muku: Thanks to you, I was able to relax and do the skit!
Kazunari: Awesome! Let's buy some cream puffs on the way back!
Veludo Park
Kazunai: Mukkun! Omimi says today's snack is pancakes!
Muku: Whoa! Omi's pancakes are the best! I can't wait!
Kazunari: I'll draw you a cat with chocolate on yours!
Muku: And I'll draw you a prince!
Veludo Library
Misumi Ikaruga - Double 3 of a Kind
Veludo Station
Kazunari: Sumi! Look at that cloud! It's a triangle!
Misumi: Whoa, you're right! Tri-tri-triangle!
Misumi: I'm starving... I wanna eat a triangle...
Kazunari: You've got 2 options! Onigiri, or a sandwich!
Veludo Park
Kazunari: I found something we have in common, Sumi!
Misumi: Really?! What is it?!
Kazunari: Did you know that we both have the kanji for 3 in our names? This is huge!
Misumi: Whoa, you're right! You're a genius!
Veludo Library
Misumi: We've both got the kanji for 3 in our names, so we're Triangle buddies!♪
Kazunari: Is that how it works?
Kazunari: We're double 3 of a kind!♪ Say triangle cheese!☆
Misumi: Triangle Cheese!!♪
Kumon Hyodo - Beach Lovers
Veludo Station
Kazunari: Check it out! Snapped this pic while I was diving in the ocean!
Kumon: Whoa! It's gorgeous!
Kumon: Doesn't matter if I'm looking at it, or experiencing it. I love the sea!
Kazunari: For real?! I love it! Looks like we're sea-loving buddies now!
Veludo Park
Kumon: What's your favorite sea animal, Kazu?
Kazunari: I like manta rays! They look so classy!
Kazunari: You seem like the type that'd like sharks and killer whales, Kumonpi!
Kumon: Huh?! How did you know that?
Veludo Library
Kazunari: Ever gone scuba diving, Kumopi?
Kumon: Not yet! I've done snorkeling before, though.
Kazunari: Let's go to the beach next summer! I'll teach you how to dive, scuba style!
Kumon: Awesome! I can't wait!

Autumn Troupe

Banri Settsu - Modern Boys
Veludo Station
Kazunari: Hey Setzer, can I try out a new DM sticker?
Banri: My DMS are for chatting, not testing our your stickers.
Kazunari: I got 400 likes on the pic I posted with you!
Banri: Nice. Let's try for 500 next time.
Veludo Park
Banri: Crap, my phone's almost dead. Got a charger?
Kazunari: Totes. Gimme a sec.
Banri: Those earrings are cool! Where'd you get 'em?
Kazunari: They're nice, right? I'm super into them.
Veludo Library
Juza Hyodo - Tough vs Flirty
Veludo Station
Kazunari: Let's get pumped up! YEAH!!
Juza: U-Uh, yeah...?
Kazunari: Hey, let's take a selfie!
Juza: Like this...?
Veludo Park
Kazunari: Hyodle, show me your biggest smile! Aaand, go!
Juza: ......
Kazunari: Stand back and behold my service smile!
Juza: What...?
Veludo Library
Kazunari: Let's be the kings of fan service!
Juza: Kings, huh? Let's do it.
Kazunari: Hyodle! I said king, not ogre!
Juza: Fan service is tough.
Taichi Nanao - Puppy Pair
Veludo Library
Kazunari: Apparently we're the puppy pair!
Taichi: What kinda dogs do you think we are?
Kazunari: Arf!
Taichi: Arf!
Veludo Park
Kazunari: Taicchan, wanna make your model debut in my work?
Taichi: Whoa, totally!
Kazunari: All right. Strip!
Taichi: What?! N-Nude modeling?!
Veludo Library
Taichi: I wanna go to a party with girls!
Kazunari: Let's go, let's go! I bet you'd be super popular!
Kazunari: Want me to get a bunch of girls who look like Yuki?
Taichi: W-W-Why Yuki?!
Omi Fushimi - Foodies
Veludo Station
Kazunari: The taco by the station got renovated!
Omi: Hm, I wonder what it looks like now.
Kazunari: I"m starving. Let's get some tacos, amigo.
Omi: It's all you can eat, too.
Veludo Park
Kazunari: These caramel pretzels are delish! You can try one, Omimi! Say ahhh!
Omi: Whoa, they really are good! Wanna try sesame flavor?
Omi: You eat a lot but you never gain weight. You must be a bottomless pit.
Kazunari: Yep! You must turn it all into muscle, huh?
Veludo Library
Sakyo Furuichi - Beach Blonde Locks
Veludo Station
Kazunari: Our hair colors match, Frooch!
Sakyo: Yeah, I guess they do.
Kazunari: Let's take a pic to celebrate ♪
Sakyo: No way. You're just gonna put a dumb caption on it and post it on the net.
Veludo Park
Kazunari: I bet people would believe us if we said we were siblings!
Sakyo: ...Time to dye my hair.
Kazunari: Hey, brother! Yay!
Sakyo: Get away from me. I don't wanna be seen near you.
Veludo Library
Azami Izumida - Affordable Item Lovers
Veludo Station
Kazunari: I just pick this up earlier! It's cute AND cheap!
Azami: Huh. I always thought you were into high-end brands.
Kazunari: Nah, lots of cheaper stuff is good, too! I swear by them!
Azami: I'm with you all the way on that.
Veludo Park
Azami: Actually, your fashion sense is pretty good, too.
Kazunari: Hearing that from you makes me super freaking happy!
Kazunari: We're into the same stuff so we could be fashion besties to be!!
Azami: ...Didn't say I agree with everything that comes out of your mouth, though.
Veludo Library
Kazunari: I found a super cheap place! Let's go together, Azaminmin!
Azami: Minmin...? Hang on, this is a pretty good design.
Kazunari: Let's pick out matching sets at this shop together!
Azami: Guess I can trust your fashion sense. Sure, let's go.

Winter Troupe

Tsumugi Tsukioka - Generation Gap
Veludo Station
Tsumugi: Sometimes I don't understand the slang the kids at my work use.
Kazunari: Hm? Like what? Maybe I can help.
Tsumugi: Like when they say "That's so cringe!"
Kazunari: Cringe means embarrassing! It's super useful so take notes!
Veludo Park
Kazunari: Tsumu-tsumu! Let's raise those vibes!
Tsumugi: V-Vibes...?
Kazunari: You know, those good feels!
Tsumugi: Oh. Learned something new today.
Veludo Library
Tasuku Takato - Dog Lovers
Veludo Station
Kazunari: I kinda want a mascot dog...
Tasuku: What about Kamekichi?
Kazunari: You think Kamekichi would get mad if I brought a dog home?
Tasuku: I think the director would get mad first...
Veludo Park
Kazunari: You remind me of one of those big dogs. Like a tosa!
Tasuku: A tosa...?
Kazunari: What kind of dog am I? Yip, yip! ♪
Tasuku: A corgi.
Veludo Library
Hisoka Mikage - On Deaf Ears
Veludo Station
Kazunari: Yo, Hiso-hiso! Let's take a selfie!
Hisoka: Zzz...
Kazunari: I can't believe I pulled off a skit while you were sleeping the whole time!
Hisoka: Zzz...zzz...
Veludo Park
Kazunari: Is my hair on point today or is it just me?
Hisoka: I wanna eat marshmallows...
Kazunari: Hiso-hiso! Tell me your DM name!
Hisoka: Zzz...
Veludo Library
Homare Arisugawa - Fellow Artists
Veludo Station
Homare: Let's make something together sometime, Aririn!
Kazunari: Hm, sounds like an interesting collaboration.
Kazunari: Dude, it's all coming to me now...! This is gonna be awesome!
Homare: Me, too! I think this one will go down in history!
Veludo Park
Kazunari: I saw the pictures you drew, Aririn. Your colors were wild!
Homare: Ohoho. ♪ That's because I'm a genius! ♪
Kazunari: I like how asymmetrical your bangs are!
Homare: That's my style.
Veludo Library
Azuma Yukishiro - Love to Travel
Veludo Station
Kazunari: What countries do you want to visit?
Azuma: Russia, maybe? I heard borscht is good for your skin.
Kazunari: It's Hawaii for me!
Azuma: You love scuba diving, after all.
Veludo Park
Kazunari: You racked up a ton of miles, huh?
Azuma: Yeah, I just keep getting more.
Kazunari: Let's go to Macao, then! ♪
Azuma: Nice idea. I know someone there who can guide us.
Veludo Library
Kazunari: Who'd you go on that trip with?
Azuma: Hehe, it's a secret.
Kazunari: Let's go on a trip! To Europe or something!
Azuma: Sounds good. I bet it would be fun to go on a trip with you.
Guy - Advanced Listening Classes
Veludo Station
Kazunari: Guyguy! ♪
Guy: Are you referring to me? I am not yet accustomed to this nickname...
Kazunari: Gee, Guyguy! You must be the most suave guy around today! ♪
Guy: I must swab? Do you mean that I should clean my ears?
Veludo Park
Kazunari: Whaaat? It's gonna rain in the afternoon? That seriously blows, man!
Guy: Hm? I do not feel any wind blowing at this time.
Kazunari: Guyguy, maybe you should update your vibes!
Guy: You wish for me to be switched to silent mode?
Veludo Library
Kazunari: Look! The quality of this mascot's off the charts, and it's totes adorbs!
Guy: What charts...? And I don't see any tote bags around here...
Guy: Your language is a challenge I still need to overcome...
Kazunari: Just call it Kazunarese!