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Normal Home Screen Quotes

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Occassion Line Audio
Morning You're up early. Tell me if you need me for anything.
Noon You got more Kame Buns? ...Not that I care...
Evening This? Just a scone Omi gave me. Looks like he made a batch today.
Night You still awake? You gotta get up early tomorrow, right? You should head to bed.
Regular You aren't scared of me?
Regular What's wrong?
Regular Didn't mean to scowl. That's just how my face is.
Regular Hey...stop touching me. I ain't a kid.
Regular Like hell I'm losing to you, Settsu.
Regular I never start fights. I just end 'em.
Regular Don’t you dare call me Juchan.
Regular Dunno what it is...you're different than any other girl I've met. Special.
Regular The hell is a 'standard gangster' anyway...

Special Days Quotes

Occassion Line Audio
1st Anniversary It’s been a year. I only got this far thanks to you. I’ll be forever grateful.
2nd Anniversary Didn’t have anyone to rely on 2 years ago, but things’re different now. I’ve got the guys… and you.
Valentine’s Day 2020 If there are leftover chocolates, can I get another one ...it's nothing, I just don't want to waste food.
Valentine’s Day 2021 These chocolates are sweeter than last year's. I dunno how I know that, I just do. They're good.
White Day 2020 It’s a little terrible compared to yours but… Since I accepted yours, it’s only expected that I’d return something
White Day 2021 I got you some sweets I like. I hope you like 'em too.
April Fool’s Day 2020 Settsu is suddenly saying really disgusting things… Has he finally lost his mind?
April Fool’s Day 2021 There's no way I'm losing to you. Right, Banny? ...Do you think that was that good?
Children's Day 2020 Carp streamers? Yeah, I did that stuff growing up.
Children's Day 2021 Oh, this? Muku an' Kumon made me these helmets. I'm gonna eat some kashiwa mochi with them, too.
Tanabata 2020 Haven't written a Tanabata wish since I was in grade school. I ain't telling you what it is.
Tanabata 2021 {{{tanabata2021}}}
Last Day of Summer Break 2020 There's no end to this...It sucks, but I'll admit that Settsu beats me at school...
Last Day of Summer Break 2021 Thought I was done with homework, but I've got a report to do for one of my university classes.
Halloween 2019 {{{halloween2019}}}
Halloween 2020 Sakyo said I should try dressin' up as a pancake. That actually ain't a bad idea...
Halloween 2021 Trick or treat. A trick’s waitin’ if you don’t have candy. …Huh? No candy? Oh, really…
Christmas 2019 {{{christmas2019}}}
Christmas 2020 Christmas cake, Yule Logs, Paris-Brest...there are so many good desserts at this time of year.
New Year 2019 {{{new year2019}}}
New Year 2020 {{{new year2020}}}

Birthday Quotes


Birthday Line Audio
Player’s Birthday In this theatre, for the first time in my life, I was able to change. I have nothing but gratitude to you... Happy birthday.
Sakuya chibi icon
Sakuya, congratulations. Your earnest playing, I respect it.
Masumi chibi icon
Congratulations, Masumi. Hey… wait. Don’t sleep in such a place. I wouldn’t care if I actually stepped on you.
Tsuzuru chibi icon
Happy Birthday. I'm always lookin' forward to your next script, Tsuzuru.
Itaru chibi icon
It's Itaru's birthday? I've only ever seen him play games. Are all adults like that?
Citron chibi icon
So it's Citron's birthday. Muku's pretty close to him...wonder why.
Tenma chibi icon
Happy Birthday, Tenma. Call me of you're ever in trouble.
Yuki chibi icon
It's Yuki's birthday. The way he holds himself, you'd never guess he's the same age as Muku.
Muku chibi icon
Happy Birthday, Muku. Let's go out to eat with Kumon. He wants to celebrate with you too.
Misumi chibi icon
Misumi stole my slice of cake... But it's his birthday, so I'll set it slide.
Kazunari chibi icon
Happy Birthday, Kazunari. Please keep looking after Muku. 'Preciate it.
Banri chibi icon
Be happy I'm even talkin' to you today, Settsu. You're barely a month older. Don't get cocky.
Juza chibi icon
Feels weird havin' other people celebrate like this... It's a good kinda weird, though.
Taichi chibi icon
I'm only sayin' this once, but... thanks for treatin' me normal and not being afraid of me, Taichi.
Omi chibi icon
Happy B-Day, Omi. I really wanna take our bikes to the beach again.
Sakyo chibi icon
Happy B-day, Sakyo. It's kinda embarassin' to say this, but...I really respect you.
Tsumugi chibi icon
Happy B-Day, Tsumugi. Wanna go the the convenience store for some ice cream? ...It'll be my treat.
Tasuku chibi icon
Happy birthday. I also want to quickly become an actor that can act like Tasuku.
Hisoka chibi icon
Happy Birthday, Hisoka. How about puttin' some brown sugar syrup on those marshmallows?


Birthday Line Audio
Player’s Birthday Happy Birthday. Thanks for introducing me to acting. I'll never forget what you've done for me.
Sakuya chibi icon
Happy Birthday, Sakuya. Let's work on gettin' better at acting together.
Masumi chibi icon
Happy Birthday, Masumi. ...You're looking for the director? Wasn't she in the... wait, never mind.
Tsuzuru chibi icon
So it's Tsuzuru's birthday...He's always lookin' out for me at university. Like an older brother.
Itaru chibi icon
Happy Birthday, Itaru. A new VR game...? I'll try if if Settsu isn't around.
Citron chibi icon
Happy Birthday, Citron. Thanks for the jam and cinnamon.
Chikage chibi icon
Happy Birthday, Chikage. I don't mind spicy stuff, but sweets are the best.
Tenma chibi icon
Happy Birthday, Tenma. Glad you aren't caught up in any trouble. Lemme know of you need anythin'.
Yuki chibi icon
Happy Birthday, Yuki. I'm not skilled with my hands, but lemme help out if there's a chance.
Muku chibi icon
Happy Birthday, Muku. Wanna go to the beach together, all three of us? We gotta make sandcastles.
Misumi chibi icon
Happy Birthday, Misumi. The strawberry on top of the cake's a triangle, so I'll give you mine, too.
Kazunari chibi icon
Happy B-Day, Kazunari. Those photos we took before...send 'em to me sometime.
Kumon chibi icon
Happy Birthday, Kumon. Some people might say I'm bein' clingy...but you're my precious l'il bro.
Banri chibi icon
...Happy B-Day, Settsu. ...That good? You might be a pain in the ass, I guess I can play nice today.
Juza chibi icon
I'm glad I've spent this year in the company...and with Kumon. This is truly my home now.
Taichi chibi icon
Happy Birthday, Taichi. Your cheer's good for the troupe. Thanks for that.
Azami chibi icon
Happy Birthday, Azami. I’m jealous that you achieved your dream so fast. …Keep at it.
Tasuku chibi icon
Happy Birthday, Tasuku. Doin' street acts with you is real helpful. I've learned a lot.
Homare chibi icon
Homare's birthday? ...So that's why Settsu's doin' tongue twisters. I'll congratulate him in a bit.
Azuma chibi icon
Happy Birthday, Azuma. I ordered some strawberry daifuku, wanna share?
Guy chibi icon
Happy Birthday, Guy. Here, some anmitsu. Feel free to have some if you don't mind sweets.

Practice Quotes

Time to focus.
Settsu's good at everything. That's why I'm not losing at this.
Omi's always giving me sweets. ...Is he tryin' to tame me or something?
Taichi's the moodmaker of our group, I guess.
I ain't scared of much..but Sakyo's scary.
Azami's the reason Kumon's doin' his best here. I gotta thank him.
Can't get enough of acting.
Wish punks wouldn't keep startin' things with me…
Dammit...why can't I do this as good as him…
How do you read this kanji…?
Tell me if you need any help.
Today's dessert is pudding?! ...Ah...s'nothin'…
...I wanna get better...
If I raise my voice, everyone gets scared...
I've still got a lot to work on...

Other Quotes

Occassion Line Audio
Downloading Screen Now downloading. Sorry, but you’re gonna have to wait a while longer.
Voice Volume Aaah...uhh... M-Mic check. What?! You can't hear? No way...
1 on 1 Practice ...This ain't enough. I wanna get better.
Special Training Goodbye to the old me.
Blooming Buh-buh-Blooming... Tch. You happy?
Ultimate Blooming {{{ultimate blooming}}}
Earn Cash Intro Let's get going... huh? I ain't nervous at all.
Earn Cash Outro Who are you calling tired? I'm just gettin' started.
Dissmiss Actor I learned the meaning of friendship in this place. It's gonna be hard to go back to being alone.
Show succeeded ...That was unbelievable.
Show failed Tch... Quit foolin' around.
Skills used in Show
4th Play (2nd Anniversary) {{{4th play}}}
5th Play (2nd Anniversary) {{{5th play}}}