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Juza Casual Chibi 1
Juza Uniform Chibi
Juza Sport Chibi
Juza The Roman Episode chibi
Juza Suit Chibi
Juza Highway Chibi
Juza casual Chibi3
Juza New Year 2020 chibi
Juza Mankai Birthday chibi
Juza Shoreline Sentimentality unbloomed chibi
Juza Shoreline Sentimentality bloomed chibi
Juza Blooming Trail bloomed chibi
Juza Ginji the Wanderer chibi
Juza Chibi Strawberry Temptation chibi
Juza The Stranger chibi
Juza Camp chibi

Story CG's

Act 3 Ch12
Act 3 Ch36

Event CG's

Blazing Beach Passion story image

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Cover Art

First Autumn EP
Autumn visual
Autumn Manga
Autumn Manga 2
A3! 2nd Anniversary Book SUNSHINE
Official Comic Anthology 2
A3! Anime DVD & Blu-ray Volume 5 Jacket

Stage Play

The Roman Episode EN poster
Ginji the Wanderer EN poster


Autumn troupe 3rd anniv
4th anniversary (JP) group picture
A3! Autumn Party