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Spring Troupe

Sakuya Sakuma - Clumsy Yet Earnest
Veludo Station
Sakuya: There's so many people here!
Juza: ……
Sakuya: Um...are you neverous, Juza?
Juza: ...N-no.
Veludo Park
Sakuya: Acting in the park, huh? What should we do?
Juza: I've got a plan. The theme is, two actors making their park acting debut.
Sakuya: I kinda screwed up, but they say failure is the key to sucess!
Juza: ...We'll do better next time.
Veludo Library
Sakuya: Um... I'll start the skit, okay?
Juza: O-Okay. Anytime you're ready.
Juza: I think it went a little better...maybe.
Sakuya: Yeah! Let's eat some crepes on the way home!
Masumi Usui - Who Needs Friends?
Veludo Station
Masumi: You're not very friendly.
Juza: As if you've got room to talk.
Masumi: I want to see the director's smile...
Juza: ...Oh.
Veludo Park
Masumi: I have zero motivation when the director isn't here.
Juza: Yeah?
Masumi: You know, she complimented me for helping you.
Juza: Good for you.
Veludo Library
Masumi: ...I think I just heard the director's voice.
Juza: ...You okay?
Masumi: I'm gonna buy her a curry roll and go home.
Juza: All right. I'll head back first, then.
Tsuzuru Minagi - Delinquent Little Bro
Veludo Station
Juza: …..
Tsuzuru: I know you're nervous, but don't just glare at the audience.
Tsuzuru: Want some ice cream on the way back?
Juza: Yeah.
Veludo Park
Tsuzuru: You seem like you've gone through so much in life.
Juza: Never really thought of it that way.
Tsuzuru: You've got the face of someone who bottles things up inside.
Juza: ??? What kinda face is that?
Veludo Library
Tsuzuru: You look mean, but you're surprisingly cute.
Juza: No one's ever told me that before...
Tsuzuru: Now I know why Omi always wants to make you treats.
Juza: ???
Itaru Chigasaki - Out of a Fighting Game
Veludo Station
Itaru: ......
Juza: W-What?
Itaru: ↓↑〇△→↑←
Juza: !?
Veludo Park
Itaru: When I look at you I just get the impulse to press commands.
Juza: Commands...? Like in a game, or...?
Itaru: Okay, so when I say ↑→ you do a roundhouse kick, got it?
Juza: O-Okay?!
Veludo Library
Itaru: There was a chara like you in a fighting game I used to be obsessed with.
Juza: I've never played a fighting game.
Itaru: When I say →↑〇△↓↓ you let out a surge attack, all right?
Juza: That's literally impossible.
Citron - A Real Japanese Punk!
Veludo Station
Citron: A real Japanese punk! I have always wished to meet you!
Juza: Huh? Why?
Citron: The punk is always the one who invites the most tears in school TV dramas!
Juza: ???
Veludo Park
Citron: So you prefer combed-back hair style to a pompadour, yes?
Juza: I've never had a pompadour...
Citron: I think you'd look wonderful with a pompadour!
Citron: For real...?
Veludo Library
Citron: Where have you hidden your brass knuckles?
Juza: Don't have any.
Citron: Invite me to a deserted alleyway to battle you!!
Juza: Um, okay.
Chikage Utsuki - Sweet Tooth vs Spice Lover
Veludo Station
Juza: Went to that Japanese snack place you said was good.
Chikage: Weren't the chilli senbei crackers amazing?
Juza: I'm a fan of their special whip cream crackers. Gonna go back soon.
Chikage: ...I see. Good for you.
Veludo Park
Chikage: I recently found a place with some good sweet buns. Want to stop by?
Juza: Sounds good. Could do with a snack just about now.
Juza: Looks like their top sellers are strawberry and chocolate.
Chikage: ...They put those in buns?
Veludo Library
Juza: Want a bite of my strawberry 'n chocolate bun?
Chikage: All right, then you can have a bite of my ultra spicy dandan bun, too.
Juza: Awmph. (Wish I were eating somethin' sweet...)
Chikage: ...Nom. (Wish I were eating something spicy.)

Summer Troupe

Tenma Sumeragi - Celebrity and Bodyguard
Veludo Station
Tenma: ......
Juza: What?
Tenma: ...Nothing. Never mind.
Juza: Weirdo.
Veludo Park
Tenma: ...Thanks for before.
Juza: ...What are you talking about?
Tenma: You saved my butt when I was surrounded by those weird guys.
Juza: ...Oh, than. No big deal.
Veludo Library
Juza: Being a celebrity is hard work, huh? Your image is really important.
Tenma: I'm used to it. I got by on my own.
Juza: Call me if you need anything.
Tenma: ...Okay.
Yuki Rurikawa - Hidden Passion
Veludo Station
Juza: All right, let's do this.
Yuki: You seem excited. Do something about that sour face, though.
Yuki: A cold face with a burning heart. You're a sterotype, all right.
Juza: ???
Veludo Park
Juza: I know you're a dude and all, but it still feels kinda funny...
Yuki: What are you talking about?
Yuki: Your movements are so sloppy! Are you trying to ruin my costumes?
Juza: S-Sorry...
Veludo Library
Juza: What does "standard gangster" mean?
Yuki: Use your brain for a change and figure it out.
Yuki: You can fight if you want, but don't ruin my costumes.
Juza: I'll be more careful.
Muku Sakisaka - Cousins
Veludo Station
Muku: I'm so happy to act with you, Juchan.
Juza: ...Yeah?
Juza: Sorry I messed the skit up...
Muku: You didn't! You were really great!
Veludo Park
Muku: The hero from the manga I read yesterday was just like you.
Juza: R-Really?
Muku: It's SUPER good, so I'll let you borrow it later!
Juza: ...Okay.
Veludo Library
Muku: Mom says she misses you.
Juza: Really? Guess I'll drop by your place sometime.
Muku: Think we still have that board game you, me, and Kyuchan used to play?
Juza: I bet we can find it. Wanna play it again?
Misumi Ikaruga - Triangular Gaze!
Veludo Station
Misumi: Hmm...
Juza: ???
Misumi: Your eyes look like triangles!
Juza: What...?
Veludo Park
Misumi: Do you like looking for triangles?
Juza: ...I've never done it.
Misumi: Look, look! Triangular cakes!
Juza: ...Wanna buy some?
Veludo Library
Misumi: Let's shoot triangle beams out from our eyes!
Juza: There's no way I can do that.
Misumi: I love your triangle eyes! They're so cool!
Juza: Thanks.
Kazunari Miyoshi - Tough vs Flirty
Veludo Station
Kazunari: Let's get pumped up! YEAH!!
Juza: U-Uh, yeah...?
Kazunari: Hey, let's take a selfie!
Juza: Like this...?
Veludo Park
Kazunari: Hyodle, show me your biggest smile! Aaand, go!
Juza: ......
Kazunari: Stand back and behold my service smile!
Juza: What...?
Veludo Library
Kazunari: Let's be the kings of fan service!
Juza: Kings, huh? Let's do it.
Kazunari: Hyodle! I said king, not ogre!
Juza: Fan service is tough.
Kumon Hyodo - Hyodo Brothers
Veludo Station
Kumon: ~~♪
Juza: You seem happy. Somethin' good happen to you?
Kumon: I'm just stoked that I get to act with you!
Juza: ...I see.
Veludo Park
Juza: It's been a while, so you wanna take a bath together tonight?
Kumon: Really?! It's okay?! I'll do it!!
Kumon: Wait! I had plans with Summer Troupe...is tomorrow okay instead?
Juza: ...Sure. Tell me all about what you did then.
Veludo Library
Juza: Mom sent a message telling us to come home this weekend.
Kumon: So dinner'll be pork belly and strawberry shortcake, huh?
Kumon: Can we go home on your bike today?
Juza: Sure. That was the plan.

Autumn Troupe

Banri Settsu - Not Loosing to You!
Veludo Station
Banri: Your acting's shit. Don't ruin this.
Juza: What'd you just say to me?
Banri: Listen, YOU don't get to come out first.
Juza: You don't get to tell me my damn business.
Veludo Park
Banri: Wanna go?
Juza: I'll kick your ass back to last week.
Banri: The hell?! Don't adlib a better comeback!
Juza: It's improv, asshole.
Veludo Library
Juza: Did you put some kinda weird idea into Muku's head?
Banri: Hm? Don't remember.
Banri: Tch. All we did was fight but we have way more tips than usual.
Juza: I don't get it, but cool, I guess.
Taichi Nano - A True Man
Veludo Station
Taichi: Juza, will you turn around?
Juza: Sure.
Taichi: Argh, even your back is cool! So masculine! So fierce!!
Juza: ???
Veludo Park
Taichi: You're a total man's man, Juza! I really admire you!
Juza: You admire me? Strange guy.
Taichi: Those sharp eyes are so intimidating! Teach me how to do that!
Juza: ...You ain't getting popular looking at me.
Veludo Library
Taichi: Teach me your manly ways!
Juza: I can't.
Juza: Taichi, do you like my back? You keep starin' at it.
Taichi: I do! A-ah, but not THAT way!
Omi Fushimi - Personal Pastry Chef
Veludo Station
Juza: Those sweets we had yesterday were so good.
Omi: They were. Next time we should have matcha and brown sugar buns.
Omi: Anything you want to eat in particular?
Juza: ...Sweet bean paste and jelly.
Veludo Park
Omi: We have enough money left over for two desserts tonight.
Juza: ...!
Juza: ......
Omi: You really look like you want to go home. You want dessert that bad?
Veludo Library
Omi: The Paris-Brest and Tarte Tatin should be ready to eat when we get back.
Juza: !!! You can make that at home?
Omi: Let me know if there's anything you want me to make.
Juza: ...Got it.
Sakyo Furuchi - Scary Faces
Veludo Station
Sakyo: Act like this is the real deal.
Juza: Got it.
Sakyo: Let's do a swordfighting run when we're back.
Juza: Got it.
Veludo Park
Juza: This place's a ghost town.
Sakyo: Are they scared of us?
Sakyo: Looks like we're going to have to have to work on our friendly smiles.
Juza: Y...yeah...
Veludo Library
Sakyo: Let's do some fan service practice today.
Juza: Fan service...
Juza: Fan service is some deep stuff...
Sakyo: Yeah... and we suck at it.
Azami Izumida - We Just Look Older
Veludo Station
Juza: You're so mature for your age. Kumon looks like a kid in comparison.
Azami: Pretty sure that's more on his personality than mine, though.
Azami: I wouldn't even think you were a student just by looking at you.
Juza: ...Yeah, I get that a lot.
Veludo Park
Juza: Think my hairystyle's part of the reason I look older?
Azami: That could be it. You could try leaving your hair down.
Juza: Leaving my hair...down...
Azami: Do you have some rule about slicked-back hair or something?
Veludo Library
Juza: People don't let me pay student price when I try to buy movie tickets.
Azami: I feel that. Paying for stuff's always a hassle.
Juza: Looking young...maybe I should ask Azuma for advice.
Azami: I'm pretty sure his strategies wouldn't suit you...

Winter Troupe

Tsumugi Tsukioka - Late Night Shopping
Veludo Station
Tsumugi: Didn't think I'd run into you so late. In another town, even.
Juza: Yeah, I wasn't expecting to meet anyone I knew either.
Juza: I like making late night store runs. Feels calming, somehow.
Tsumugi: Yeah, I get that.
Veludo Park
Juza: It's dangerous to walk alone at night. You look pretty weak.
Tsumugi: Ahaha, don't worry. I'm stronger than I look.
Tsumugi: Late night convenience store runs are so fun.
Juza: Yeah, I get that.
Veludo Library
Tsumugi: They've got a good assortment of candy at that convenience store.
Juza: I know. It's great.
Juza: I'll be waiting out front at midnight tonight.
Tsumugi: Got it.
Tasuku Takato - The Giants
Veludo Station
Tasuku: You've gotten even taller lately.
Juza: Yup. Sure have.
Tasuku: The two of us are kinda intimidatingly tall, huh.
Juza: Can't help what you are.
Veludo Park
Juza: How do you do fan service, anyway?
Tasuku: Just watch.
Juza: ...That's fan service?
Tasuku: You gotta throw out any pride you have.
Veludo Library
Tasuku: The Autumn Troupe is tall and they can fight, too. They're invincible.
Juza: If I had the acting chops, I'd like to do plays like the Winter Troupe.
Juza: ...The director asked me to change the lightbulb but I forgot.
Tasuku: ...She asked me, too.
Hisoka Mikage - Leave Me Alone
Veludo Station
Hisoka: I hate noise. I'd rather be on my own.
Juza: Same.
Hisoka: You and I are a lot alike. I wish we were roommates.
Juza: I know. Wish we could change rooms.
Veludo Park
Juza: ......
Hisoka: ......
Hisoka: Zzz...zzz...
Juza: ......
Veludp Library
Hisoka: Wake me up if I fall asleep.
Juza: Got it.
Hisoka: I'm sleepy. Don't wake me up if I fall asleep.
Juza: Got it.
Homare Arisugawa - Intense Eyes
Veludo Station
Homare: Hmm...
Juza: What is it?
Homare: Kazunari says you and I have similar faces.
Juza: Really? But you don't look threatening.
Veludo Park
Homare: Oh, I get it! We have the same eyes!
Juza: We do?
Homare: We have very small pupils, you see?
Juza: Ah. You're right.
Veludo Library
Juza: Are you happy to have eyes like this?
Homare: Of course. It makes me look mystical ♪
Homare: Aren't you proud to be born with the eyes of a genius?
Juza: Not sure what you mean, but props to my parents, I guess.
Azuma Yukishiro - Super Sweets Time
Veludo Front
Juza: Thanks for the raindrop cake the other day.
Azuma: It tastes better when you eat it with everyone.
Juza: The sweets I ordered came, so I'll bring them tonight.
Azuma: Awesome. I'll make some tea and wait.
Veludo Park
Azuma: I like Japanese snacks because they're elegant and sweet.
Juza: Red bean paste is good stuff.
Azuma: Let's eat some on the way home.
Juza: !!! I'm in.
Veludo Library
Azauma: The jelly you gave me was super good. The brown sugar syrup was amazing.
Juza: You understand...!
Azuma: I've procured a nice little treat for you, too. Let's eat it in secret.
Juza: I-I'm looking forward to it...
Guy - Sweptback Hair Boy's Club
Veludo Station
Juza: Seems like people've started callin' us the 'swept-hair duo'.
Guy: Indeed. We have somehow become a team without our knowing.
Juza: We are indeed an unlikely duo, but I do not mind it.
Guy: Cool. Then I won't mind it either.
Veludo Park
Juza: Kumon sent me a screenshot of Kazunari's Instablam profile.
Guy: A picture of us? I think this was taken a few nights ago near the bathroom.
Juza: #sweatbackhairboysclub... is the hashtag that's bein' used.
Guy: So that is the reason why people are calling us that...?
Veludo Library
Juza: Is havin' swept-back hair really so weird....?
Guy: I think that most boys your age do not have their hair this style.
Guy: This hairstyle is meant for true gentlemen. You should be proud.
Juza: Gentlemen, huh? Guess I'm not gonna change it after all.