Jiangshi Showdown! Tryouts

Jiangshi Showdown Scout Banner.png

Event Duration

Start: 8/13/20 19:00 PDT

End: 8/28/20 18:59 PDT

Cards you can obtain

When doing a 10 pull, you'll have an SR guaranteed.

Taichi Nanao SSR Nothing Wrong with Ghosts! unbloomed.png
Taichi Nanao SSR 【Nothing Wrong with Ghosts!】
Muku Sakisaka SR Dazzling Wise Man unbloomed.png
Muku Sakisaka SR 【Dazzling Wise Man】
Tsuzuru Minagi R Honest Jiangshi unbloomed.png
Tsuzuru Minagi R 【Honest Jiangshi】
【Nothing Wrong with Ghosts!】 【Dazzling Wise Man】 【Honest Jiangshi】
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