Jack of All Trades
Izumi: Hmm, where'd they go? I'm pretty sure we should have more around here somewhere...
Tsuzuru: What are you up to, Izumi?
Izumi: Oh hi, Tsuzuru. One of the bulbs in the hallway died, so I'm looking for a new one.
Tsuzuru: You're looking for the lightbulbs? I saw them recently. Uh, I think they were around here...
Tsuzuru: Found them! Are these the right ones?
Izumi: Yeah! Thanks.
Tsuzuru: How about I change the lightbulb for you while I'm at it? Can you hold this for a moment? I'm going to bring a stepladder.
Tsuzuru: Here we go... So, where's the dead lightbulb?
Tsuzuru: Oh, I see it.
Izumi: Wow, I'm surprised how easily you carried that ladder.
Tsuzuru: You are? Well, I guess I'm used to carrying heavy things like this since I've worked for a moving company before.
Izumi: Ohhh. That makes sense.
Tsuzuru: Up we go. Mind holding my legs for support?
Izumi: Sure. Be careful up there.
Izumi: Have you worked at other kinds of places besides a moving company?
Tsuzuru: Yeah, lots. I've even held two jobs at once before. I've mainly worked at convenience stores, but also cafes and even bakeries.
Izumi: I can totally see you working at a bakery.
Tsuzuru: I've even done gigs as an exam proctor, pet sitter, and I was an extra or whatever in a TV show once.
Izumi: Pet sitting?! You have a really diverse resume.
Tsuzuru: Haha. Everyone would call me the 'Jack of All Trades' because of it.
Tsuzuru: I like checking out those free magazines with job listings in them too. They've served as great sources for inspiration before.
Izumi: Makes sense.
Tsuzuru: Okay, that should do it.
Tsuzuru: Look, it's on now.
Izumi: Thanks a lot for the help!
Tsuzuru: Don't mention it. I'm used to doing these kinds of odd jobs.
Izumi: (I'll be sure to come to him if I need any help in the future.)
Sakuya: If it isn't Izumi and Tsuzuru!
Citron: We bumped into you at a great time. We have really ducked it out.
Tsuzuru: You mean lucked it out. I think.
Izumi: Do you guys need something?
Sakuya: Um, were you guys just changing the lightbulb here? The one in our room just went out too.
Citron: It's so dark in there now, we cannot see a thing!
Tsuzuru: That so? Izumi, we've got some spares left, right?
Izumi: Yeah, we should have some more in storage if no one else has already taken them out.
Sakuya: In storage? Citron and I can go find it!
Tsuzuru: It's kinda hidden, so I'll go with you guys.
Citron: You're always such a big help, Tsuzuru!
Sakuya: Great, that'll make things easier!
Izumi: ...
Izumi: (Tsuzuru really seems like a big brother of the Spring Troupe.)
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