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Part 1

Rise of the Couch Potato
Itaru Muku, press right next.
Muku L-Like this?
Banri Not on my watch.
Itaru Yeah, just like that. Now left.
Muku Okay.
Banri Hey! That was a cheap shot!
Muku Oh, Director!
Itaru Welcome home.
Izumi Thanks, guys.
Banri Oh, hey, Director. Alright, one more match.
Itaru Fine by me, but I'm pretty sure we're gonna win again.
Banri Yeah right. This one's mine.
Izumi (They're playing video games again? honestly, they're obsessed. They even dragged Muku in today.)
Banri Wait, Itaru, isn't it getting pretty late?
Itaru Oh, yeah... I'd honestly rather melt into the couch though.
Banri Man, you really don't wanna go, huh?
Izumi What's going on?
Banri He's got a company get-together to go to.
Muku A company get-together? What's that involve?
Itaru Um, I guess it's basically a party with alcohol involved. I think we've gone bowling and playing bingo before though.
Banri Sounds pretty fun to me.
Itaru It isn't. I have to make sure I keep my bosses happy and it's just a pain in the ass.
Banri Wow, sucks for you.
Itaru Why don't you say that with a little feeling next time?
Izumi A company get-together, huh. Not gonna lie, I have a hard time imagining you willingly participating in company functions like that, Itaru.
Itaru I was just going to come up with an excuse to ditch, but since I've done that for the past three events, I figure it's safer if I go this time around.
I'll be right back though.
Banri You really sound like you don't wanna go to that thing.
Izumi If you hate these gatherings so much, why bother going at all? It's not like they're forcing you to.
Itaru See, if I don't show up to these things, they start prying into my private life.
Izumi Your private life..? You mean like how you spend your days off and stuff?
Itaru Exactly.
Banri What do they even think you're doing?
Muku Itaru seems like he'd do something like horseback riding! It's a mature, masculine hobby and I bet he'd look like a handsome prince on horseback too...
Itaru Are you serious? Is that how you see me?
Banri Not in a million years.
Itaru Anyway, as much as I'd love to stay, I better get dressed.
Muku Must be pretty hard being a grown up...
Izumi Don't worry. Most people don't have such a huge difference between their public and private personas.
Banri Anyway, have fun, man. I'll collect enough gems to make up for your absence and level right up to you. There's even a limited quest tonight.
Itaru You better have eyes on the back of your head when you're coming home tomorrow, Banri.
Banri Oh, I'm sooo scared.
Itaru Well, I can't whine forever. Gonna get changed and head out.
Izumi That reminds me, I better get ready myself.
Muku You have plans too, Director?
Izumi Yeah, I'm going to help out a friend's theater troupe, so I won't be here tonight.
Muku Good luck!
Banri Huh, so I guess that means Tsuzuru or Omi will be making dinner tonight. I guess whoever it is, we'll finally be free of curry at least.
Izumi Excuse you! I don't make it that often!
Banri It's still more than enough!
Muku W-Well, I like your curry, Director!
Izumi Thank you, Muku!
I found a variation on that keema curry I made last week that you said you liked, Muku. I'll have to make it for you again!
Banri You better watch out, Muku. If you get too obsessed with Director's curry, you might get abducted to Planet Curry too!
Muku Whaa?! Planet Curry?! Oh, wait, Yuki said Director was from Planet Curry before!
Izumi That's Yuki's idea of a joke! Though, I have to admit if there really was a Planet Curry I would totally want to visit.
Itaru Seriously..?
Izumi (It's pretty late, but at least all I have left to do is get home-)
(Huh? What's all the commotion over there? That's one massive party-)
Itaru ...
Izumi (Is that Itaru? I see, those must be people from his company.)
Itaru .....!
Oh hey... Izumi!
Izumi ...What?