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Ulterior Motives Part 1
Izumi Hmm, that's weird.
Hisoka ...What is it?
Azuma What's wrong?
Izumi Oh, Hisoka, Azuma, the microwave is acting up... I've tried turning it on several times, but it's not getting hot.
It sounds right and everything but...
It really isn't warming up.
Azuma you're right.
It's not warming up at all.
Izumi Right?
Hisoka So that means...
Izumi That means?
Hisoka ...It's broken.
Izumi ...Yup.
Azuma It must be.
Izumi Well, this isn't good. Everyone uses the microwave all the time.
I could ask Tasuku to repair it, but it's so old, maybe it'd be better to replace it with a new one.
What do you two think?
Hisoka ...Zzz.
Izumi ...Let me rephrase that, what do YOU think, Azuma?
Azuma I think you might be right about getting a new one.
Izumi But that means I have to go to the electronics store at the mall...
Azuma I'd offer to go with you, but the UV index is so strong today, I'll have to pass.
Izumi Figures... not that I was expecting anything to begin with!
Azuma Heh, well regardless, you're buying something that large, you might be better off going with someone who can drive.
Izumi That's a good point... I'd want help carrying it too, so it'd probably be better to go with at least one other person.
Azuma Itaru has a license, and I just saw him in the hall.
Izumi Itaru, huh... Well, can't hurt to try.
Itaru The mall? Sure.
Izumi I knew it'd be too much trouble... Wait, what?! Did you just say sure?
Itaru Why do you look so surprised?
Izumi Oh, I just assumed you would say no...
Itaru I'm at a good stopping point in my game, and I was thinking about going out anyway.
Izumi Oh, were you really?
Itaru Meet me out front. I'll bring the car around.
Izumi Thank you.
(I was so sure he'd turn me down! Maybe I really did just have good timing?)
Itaru It's not too hot or too cold, is it? Just let me know if you want the AC on.
Izumi Thanks! I'm fine.
Itaru Good.
Izumi (Itaru is such a good driver. His steering is so smooth, and he's got this kinda dashing look about him as he does it.)
Itaru ...Hm? What?
Izumi I was just thinking about how confident you look behind the wheel.
Itaru I do drive pretty often. Plus I play racing games every once in a while too.
Izumi Oh, I guess even I've played those before. So you're good with virtual and real cars, huh?
Itaru Better than you, in any case.
Izumi Hey! I might not be great at games, but driving in the real world is a whole 'nother story!
Itaru Are you sure you're in any position to say that?
Ulterior Motives Part #
Store clerk This is our newest model. It has a steaming function and can warm two items simultaneously.
Izumi I see...
Store clerk And this one over here is a slightly older model, but it's more compact and has an oven function. The price can't be beat either.
Izumi Hmm. I'm pretty sure any of them would do a perfectly good job at heating up curry, but...
What do you think, Itaru? ...Itaru? Where did he go?
(Where on earth did he run off to?)
Itaru ......
Izumi Oh, there he is. Itaru!
Itaru Oh, Director.
Izumi I wish you wouldn't run off like that without saying anything. I was looking all over for you.
Itaru Sorry, I saw this on the way over, so I had to check it out.
Izumi You had to check it out..? Oh, a video game?
Itaru It was just released today, but I forgot to pre-order it. And then I found some other things I wanted.
I got a little preoccupied deciding what to buy and lost track of time.
Izumi Wait, is this why you were so hung-ho to go to the mall? I knew something smelled fishy!
Itaru Well, yeah. I was on a quest to buy a new gae.
Izumi (I feel so... used. No wonder he was in such a good mood today...)
Are you going to buy that entire pile of games you're holding?
Itaru Hmm, I was in the middle of trying to make a decision about that.
Now, this series is a classic, but it's been ages since I played a FPS so that's pretty tempting. But this one here has really good reviews.
Izumi There sure are a lot of different games, huh...
Itaru Oh, right, the microwave. Have you decided on one yet?
Izumi No, I wasn't sure which one to pick, so I was going to ask your opinion, but then SOMEONE decided to ditch me halfway through.
Itaru Oh, right. Sorry about that. I guess I'll just go with these for now then.
Izumi (What a haul...)
Itaru I guess we both found what we were looking for.
Izumi Sorry I made you carry that heavy thing.
Itaru Well, that's why I'm here, isn't it?
On a different note, once we get this into the car, what do you say to going to the grocery store?
Izumi You want to go grocery shopping?
Itaru Yeah. I need to pick up some supplies, so I can hole up in my room on my next day off. You know how it is.
Izumi Do I?!
Itaru Oh, and food for Kamekichi too.
Izumi I specifically told you not to force Kamekichi to be your errand boy.
Itaru And like I said, I'm not forcing him to do anything he doesn't want to. He's being fairly compensated.
Izumi That's not really the issue... Look, I'll bring you proper meals, so please eat those instead of energy bars.
Itaru You'd do that for me?
Izumi Convenience foods aren't very good for your health, so unless you insist otherwise, I will.
Itaru I would never, I appreciate it actually. Your food is always delicious. And warm.
I guess this means I need to find a reward to compensate you with then. Maybe some kind of curry-flavored snack?
Izumi ...Yeah, I'm not Kamekichi, so you don't need to bribe me with food.