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Two-faced Part 1
Izumi ...Huh? When did it start raining?
(That reminds me, this morning...)
The weather's so nice today. The laundry should dry in no time.
Homare The light of the sun? A blessing upon the lands far and wide. Gleaming sunlight, shrining much like my artistic hea-
Banri Not to throw a wet blanket on this party, but it's supposed to rain this afternoon.
Izumi Really? There isn't a cloud in the sky right now.
Banri It just came up on the weather forecast. I hate dealing with umbrellas, so I'm gonna head straight home today...
Izumi No skipping school, okay?
Banri Yeah, I got it.
Homare Rain? The falling rain, washing away the pain, best savored with a glass of champagne...
Perhaps lightning does strike twice!
Banri Lightning ain't got nothin' to do with the stuff that comes out your mouth.
Izumi That's right, I did have plenty of warning about the rain... and then I completely forgot to bring an umbrella anyway. You really nailed it, me.
(It doesn't look like it's going to stop any time soon, but it's not raining that hard.)
I'll just head home anyway, a little water isn't gonna hurt me.
(All right, time to head-)
??? Stop right there.
Izumi Huh?
Itaru Hey, Director.
Izumi Itaru?
Itaru Good afternoon. You're not going to win any points for bolting out into the rain like that, you know.
Izumi I wasn't trying to...
Itaru You don't have an umbrella with you, do you? I have a compact one on me, so let's head back together.
Izumi Are you sure you don't mind? Because I'm not going to say no.
Izumi Are you on your way back from work too, Itaru?
Itaru Yeah, I caught you about to run out into the rain once I got to the station.
I just grabbed your hand without really thinking about it.
Izumi I was a huge dummy and forgot all about the forecast. But I figured getting a little wet wouldn't be a big deal since I was just heading home anyway.
Itaru Haha, hard to imagine those are the words of an adult.
Izumi Are you making fun of me, Itaru?
Itaru Oh, of course not. I'm just worried about you catching a cold, Director.
Izumi Oh, really? I don't know if I believe you.
Itaru Oh! you wound me!
Izumi Cut the dramatic act. You sound kind of like Citron there.
Wow, it's really coming down...
Itaru No warning either.
We're going to get soaked at this rate, let's pop in there until it calms down a little.
Two-faced Part 2
Izumi It really started pouring.
Itaru You would have been drenched if you'd made a run for it like you had planned.
Izumi I can't deny that. I'm glad I ran into you.
Itaru Well, might as well enjoy ourselves while we're waiting for the rain to stop. Any objection to a counter seat?
Izumi Fine by me.
Itaru Sorry, that's me. ...It's work, mind if I take this?
Izumi Go ahead.
Itaru Thanks.
Good afternoon. Chigasaki speaking.
Izumi (Wow, his tone really did an 180.)
Itaru Yes. ...Yes, they're all in that folder. ...Understood, I'll send the data ASAP.
To whom should it be addressed? ...I see, understood. ...Yes, the schedule is-
Izumi (His responses are so prompt and straightforward, it's hard to imagine this is the same Itaru I know. It's like he's a new model of himself... A Business Itaru.)
(I guess he really does draw a line between how he is at work and home. He must be really dependable at the office.)
Itaru Thank you, I do appreciate it. I hope you have a nice evening.
Sorry about that.
Izumi No need to apologize, I had fun seeing a different side of you than I usually do.
Itaru Oh? I'm always like this at work.
Izumi I'm not really sure how to describe it. You had this sort of classy tone? And it made me think you actually do your job.
Itaru Haha, nice subtle jab there. In any case, I am a white collar worker after all.
Izumi I mean, I know that, but seeing is believing I guess.
It's just, Business Itaru seems like a totally different person from the game addict who routinely holes up in his room for entire weekends.
Itaru Oh, that's what you meant. Yeah, I can't really argue with that.
I feel like having an "on" and "off" mode is pretty typical among working professionals though.
Izumi I can't believe you just called yourself a working professional... who am I even talking to right now?
Itaru Well, sure, I'm in off mode in the dorm. But that's just because it's so much more comfo- why are you smirking?
Izumi Oh, no reason!
Itaru Quit being a weirdo.
Izumi Speak for yourself. So, shall we order? Looks like they have some lighter fare too.
Itaru Ah, but you're going to make dinner back at the dorm, right? Probably don't need to spoil my appetite then.
Izumi Yep. It's curry day today, by the way!
Itaru ...Maybe I should have something to eat after all.
Izumi Aw, I was planning to make a nice, hearty seafood curry too. Not to your taste?
Itaru That's not really the issue, but... well, nevermind.