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Itaru Chigasaki (茅ヶ崎 至 Chigasaki Itaru) is an employee at a prestigious company who’s kind, sociable, and has a mature personality that makes him refreshing to talk to. He’s done well at his job, earning the trust of his coworkers and superiors alike. In fact, it seems he’s acquired a sort of celebrity status within the company. But, well…that’s only his day job. And he might have his own reasons for joining Mankai Company…

He has room 103 to himself in Act 1 but shares it with Chikage later in Act 2.


Itaru Casual chibi 1

Itaru is a handsome man in his early twenties with dark blonde hair that has bangs hanging over the left side of his face and small pink eyes. His clothing style is as different as his personality. In his professional appearance, he wears dark green pants in combination with a light blue shirt and with a white vest. Together with black leather shoes and a marine blue jacket. After his work is done he quickly changes into something more comfortable with gray sweatpants, a plain white T-shirt, and a yellow college jacket. Itaru also starts to care less about his appearance and wears his bangs up so they don't get in his way while he is gaming.


Whenever Itaru is in professional mode, he is gentle and charming like a prince who genuinely cares about others, but he somewhat maintains his distance and likes to keep his private life to himself. The reason for this is, that his professional personality is, for the most part, merely a façade. His true personage is one of a passionate hardcore gamer and somewhat otaku. In this mode, he curses while playing and can be rude. He also starts to get a bit of lazy and outright competitive.


Not much is known about Itaru's past. Before he joined Mankai he worked as a successful elite trading company and was quite popular within it. However, his only motivation to work hard was to finance his expensive hobby; gaming. To decrease his living expenses and save money for games, he searched for a new cheaper room. Izumi found him looking at Bulletin Board on Veludo Way and he quickly agreed to join Mankai once the director assured him a room to himself, so he would not get distracted while gaming.


Itaru is an easygoing person in general and never gets really mad except when gaming, and has a rather good relationship with the other members, besides occasional annoyance of Itaru's bad habits.

  • Sakuya: Sakuya is the only one oblivious to Itaru's bad habits, still admiring him for his gaming. He finds Itaru to be very prince-like and cool. Itaru has developed a closeness to Sakuya since he has notorious good-luck with gacha-pulling.
  • Masumi: Sees right through Itaru's charming facade, saying Itaru's outward appearance was alright but inside, not so much. Noting his gaming and other bad habits, Masumi says that he never wants to be an adult like Itaru. Itaru, on the other hand, faces Masumi's constant battering without putting up a fight. Despite all the mean comments directed towards him, Itaru still doesn't dislike him, and even respects his honesty with feelings.
  • Tsuzuru: Tsuzuru is frequently exasperated with Itaru and doesn't know how to handle him. Itaru thinks Tsuzuru is a real blessing that he is always there to do things for him.
  • Citron: Citron finds Itaru to be extremely interesting, because of his two personas. Itaru is always extremely entertained by Citron's oddness and his speaking failures, always ending up laughing, sometimes even crying.
  • Chikage: The two have a respectful relationship since they are colleagues at work, even being rather formal at home. Though they may seem close, there is still a lingering air of distance between them, and both keep inside their boundaries. Before Chikage joined the troupe, the two were quite familiar and spent a lot of time together in the little amount they had since Chikage was frequently overseas. Itaru always supplied him with tickets to their performances.


Surname: 茅 = miscanthus reed 崎 = cape;peninsula

Given name: 至 = arrive


These are the roles Itaru has played:

  1. Tybalt in Romeo and Julius
  2. Professor/The Mad Hatter in Alex in Wonderland
  3. Boyd in A Clockwork Heart
  4. Wizard of the West in The Wonderful Charlatan of Oz


  • From time to time, Itaru games against Banri, who is the only one who would pose somewhat of a challenge for him.
    • He thinks of Banri (under the nickname NEO) as his online rival but they fight it out via rankings.
    • The person he respects the most is Sakuya, and relies on him for pulling good gacha cards.
  • Just because his older sister told him to choose a company that values his looks, he chose his current trading company as his employer.
  • He often uses gaming and internet terms in his speech, whenever he is in casual mode.
  • He once beat a so-called “impossible” dungeon RPG during his student days. It left him half-conscious so he doesn't even remember how he did it or how long it really took.
  • Itaru would like to take part in a stage play that is set in a game-like world. Optional a stage adaptation of a popular video game, which came true in the Spring Troupe's 5th play.
  • To him, the Mankai Company is "The place where he can be himself".
  • His character theme is “Gamer’s High
  • As revealed in one of Tsuzuru's blog posts, he actually needs glasses.
  • During the Spring and Summer training camp, Itaru claims he cannot carry anything heavier than a portable console.


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