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When uploading a picture, please follow our policies about images. Some of the pages uses the Extension:DPL, which will display images automatically as long as they are added to a category, and for some, linked to the characters shown in the image.

If the Images doesn't show up: If the image don't show up after being added to a category it is because the DPL takes some time to display it. It should show up at the Preview Mode, if not, give it 5-10 minutes and then try again or message Nikathelostio about the issue.

Uploading a image

  • Name it properly! Read the table underneath for explanation.
  • Give credits (link) or use the License option if it is from another site
  • Add a category


  1. At the top of the page click the 3 dots and choose image.
    Upload file tutorial
  2. Click "Choose File" next to the "Source filename:" box to find the image on your computer.
  3. You can rename the image in "Destination filename:" if you would like.
  4. In the "Summary:" section, you can add a description, links and a source to the image.
  5. Add a category, this is mandatory! (Refer to the table underneath or choose 'Does not fall in any other category' which will add the image to the Category:Gallery)
    Upload file tutorial 2
    • To select a category, click on it and the + sign will be shown as a - sign, the category box will be a darker colour. To remove a category click on it again.
    • Selected categories will be shown next to Categories added:.
  6. Select the license in the "Licensing:" section. (This is optional).
  7. Click "Upload file" to upload an image to your wiki, and then place it into your article!
Upload file example

An example of an image from the Actor's Blog with a description (to have the image show on Tsuzuru Minagi/Gallery and Chikage Utsuki/Gallery). A category has also been added (Actor's Blog=Category:Blog images).

Naming an image

Image type Example Categoy File type
Card File:Sakuya Sakuma N Hanasaki High School unbloomed.png Category:Sakuya Sakuma Card images PNG
Icon File:Sakuya Sakuma N Waiting for Spring unbloomed icon.png
File:Tsuzuru icon.png
Category:Card icons or Category:Icons PNG-format
Chibi File:Sakuya Romeo Chibi.png Category:Chibis PNG
Fullbodies File:Sakuya Romeo fullbody.png Category:Full Bodies PNG
The images underneath must be added to the specific category and a link to the character(s) who appears in the image, to appear on various pages (Ex: Character’s gallery page)
Main Story image File:Main Story Episode 8 Ch 11.png Category:Main Story images All files are acceptable
Event Story image File:A Very Mankai Christmas! Story Ch 9.png Category:Event images All files are acceptable
Cover Arts File:First Spring EP.jpg Category:Cover Art All files are acceptable
Stage Play images File:The Stranger EN poster.png Category:Stage Play images PNG
Actor’s Blog images File:06-15-21 Omi blog.png Category:Blog images PNG
Other images File:Autumn troupe 3rd anniv.png Category:Gallery All files are acceptable


In short you have to remember the following three things:

  1. Add a category