Mini Conversations are the small chats that the player can unlock via the practice sessions if certain conditions are met. By unlocking one, the player is rewarded with one Diamond.

Mini Conversation for Water me![edit | edit source]

Mini Conversation for Water me!
Side Ikaruga Misumi (1/3)
Misumi: Shushushushu〜 Slipping out! I wonder, should I leave?
Yeees, I'm at a loss!
... Ah! I got an idea! Triangle-! Going is good~! This way.....
Tri-an-! And jump! Stop~?
Eh~, I can't~? You like triangles too, don't you~?
Tsuzuru, he really likes to hear about triangles!
Side Ikaruga Misumi (2/3)
Misumi: Triangle~ Triangle~
Hm? This song? It's the triangle song. Lyrics and composition by me! Of course also played by me~
Director-san please sing it!
And now together; Triangle Triangle Triiii~anngle♪
Side Ikaruga Misumi (3/3)
Misumi: Director-san, do you want the onigiri I made?
It was delicious? That relieved me〜 I put the salmon and the plum filling inside, just for you Director-san.
This triangle with cheese is delicious〜. Ah! Director-san stop.
...Yes, it's gone. You still had rice stuck on your cheek!
Misumi & Sakyo Talk
Sakyo: Hey, Ikaruga. Go against me in a fighting exercise for the stage fight.
Misumi: Okay~!
Sakyo: Let's go..... Hah!
Misumi: Slide~ Tri-an-gle ha!
Sakyo: !? Hey, don't do something that abrupt so suddenly!
Misumi: Sorry! It was just out of a habit~.
Sakyo: I can't grasp what you think but your physical abilities and reflexes are worthy of praise....
Misumi: I don't get it, was I praised just now? Hehe, thanks-!

Mini Conversation for The Adventure for Sardines[edit | edit source]

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