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Ichiro Makita is an Autumn Troupe extra. He is from the same yakuza group as Sakyo, Azami, and Sakoda. He loves strenght training and even learn the other actors some training exercises. He is surprised by Muku's strenght.


He is a tall man with sliced back black hair and golden eyes. He usually wears sunglasses, a white jacket, a black striped shirt and white pants.


He was asked to join the company because the Director needed someone who has the same presence on stage as Sakyo or Juza, a scary-looking bad boy. He once acted in elementary school, but that is the only play he has done.

Episode 7

He appears in Chapter [x] when he is asked by Sakyo to guide Izumi and the Autumn troupe to meet the Ginsekai boss.


Ichiro Makita Autumn Troupe Ensemble Cast full body
Ichiro Makita Backup Dancers! full body
Ichiro Makita summer full body
Ichiro Makita Autumn Troupe Ensemble Cast chibi
Ichiro Makita Backup Dancers! chibi

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Player's Birthday Here's my present to you. The're pretty cool sunglasses, huh?
Ichiro's Birthday
1st Anniversary Grats on the first year! I'm rooting for you guys!

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