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Ichiro Makita (槙田 一朗) is an Autumn Troupe extra who is from the same yakuza group as Sakyo Furuichi, Azami Izumida and Ken Sakoda.

He loves strength training and even learn the other actors some training exercises. He is surprised by Sakisaka Muku's strength.


Ichiro is a tall man with sliced back black hair and golden eyes.

He usually wears sunglasses, a white jacket, a black striped shirt and white pants.


Ichiro was asked to join the company because the Director needed someone who has the same presence on stage as Sakyo Furuichi or Juza Hyodo, a scary-looking bad boy. He once acted in elementary school, but that is the only play he has done.

Episode 7

Ichiro appears in Chapter [x] when he is asked by Sakyo Furuichi to guide Izumi Tachibana and the Autumn troupe to meet the Ginsekai boss.


  • The name Ichiro means "one" (一) (ichi) and "melodious, clear, bright, serene, cheerful" (朗) (ro).
  • Ichiro's surname Makita means "twig, ornamental evergreen" (槙) (maki) and "field, rice paddy" (田) (ta).


Ichiro Makita Autumn Troupe Ensemble Cast full body
Ichiro Makita Backup Dancers! full body
Ichiro Makita Autumn Troupe Ensemble Cast chibi
Ichiro Makita Backup Dancers! chibi

Normal Home Screen Quotes

Occassion Line Audio
Morning Hahaha! You're somethin' else, greeting a yakuza in the morning. Got some guts. File:Ichiro morning line.ogg Info icon.png
Noon If you ever need help lifting weights again, let me know. File:Ichiro noon line.ogg Info icon.png
Evening There's a tasty katsu-don place just around that corner. You interested? File:Ichiro evening line.ogg Info icon.png
Night It's late. Be a good girl and head home. File:Ichiro night line.ogg Info icon.png
Regular Can't believe I'm gonna be on stage. File:Ichiro regular1 line.ogg Info icon.png
Regular Hey there, young lady. How're you feeling? File:Ichiro regular2 line.ogg Info icon.png
Regular You interested in weight training? File:Ichiro regular3 line.ogg Info icon.png
Regular Tell Furuichi I said hi. File:Ichiro regular4 line.ogg Info icon.png

Special Home Screen Quotes

Occassion Line Audio
Player's Birthday Here's my present to you. The're pretty cool sunglasses, huh?  Info icon.png
Ichiro's Birthday Oh, you're celebrating my birthday? Looks like this year is gonna be a good one. File:Ichiro's birthday line 2021.ogg Info icon.png
1st Anniversary Grats on the first year! I'm rooting for you guys!
2nd Anniversary You know you're amazing, getting us through 2 whole years? Let's work hard on our next one!

Practice Quotes

Leave all the action to me.
Damn...I sounded too threatening there.
I always forget my blocking...
Acting's really entertaining!
Thanks for the coaching, miss.

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