Mini Conversations are the small chats that the player can unlock via the practice sessions if certain conditions are met. By unlocking one rewards the player with one Diamond.

Mini Conversation for How Wonderfully Picaresque[edit | edit source]

Mini Conversation for How Wonderfully Picaresque
Side Hyodo Juza (1/3)
Juza: I awaited to take up this role for so long. It's an important leading role.
But, I'll never become Settsu's partner for real...... However I came here prepared for it, to play Lansky.
Fortunately, I have a younger brother who has much in common with me. So let me gradually make it my own role.
Watch me for a long time. I'm counting on you, Director.
Side Hyodo Juza (2/3)
Juza: After growing up like this it's only naturally that we became distant.
The truth is I think I can talk with Muku even more now. I'm able to talk with him about plays and we grow closer.
So, I'm happy. Thanks for that Director.
Side Hyodo Juza (3/3)
Juza: …I'm home.
Ah, that's from the supermarket, let me unpack the bag... I didn't bought anything important.
Drinks, chewing gum, and...Anmitsu. Recently our supermarket has this sweet one, it's really delicious. Our local supermarket here is really good.
I wanted to eat so much I bought 2 for 1. So here, but keep it a secret from the others.
Juza and Hisoka Talk
Hisoka: Munch munch...
Juza: ...
Hisoka: Marshmallow, you want one?
Juza: ---!
Hisoka: ... You've been watching me for awhile now, with sparkling eyes.
Juza: No, not rea-
Hisoka: ... Here. Have one.
Juza: Eh?
Hisoka: ... You don't wanna?
Juza: ... Thanks for the food.

Mini Conversation for Stranger on the Way to Paradise[edit | edit source]

Mini Conversation for Stranger on the Way to Paradise
Side Hyodo Juza (1/3)
Juza: Haa, haa...

Aah, it's Director...You just saw me practicing my action scenes.

I have a supporting role this time, so I have less lines. But the action is flashier than last time, and the movements are also more complex.

I'll make the fight against Omi-san something worth seein'. With his build, it'll make for a good show.

Of course, I'll work hard to practice my lines and the other parts too. I have to show that I grew more from last time.

Side Hyodo Juza (2/3)
Side Hyodo Juza(3/3)
Juza and Kazunari Talk

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