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A rowdy delinquent actor, who is great at overacting.
Hyodo Juza (兵頭十座) is a tough delinquent and lone wolf. He came to the Mankai Company's Autumn Troupes audition with little hope, but genuine intention and a passion for acting. However, his acting wasn't good at all. Despite this, Izumi saw the feelings put into it and accepted his application.

Appearance Edit

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His appearance is one of a tall high school student with small yellow eyes and purple, slicked back hair. His facial expression is grim and his build is muscular due to the fights he often gets in. His clothing style is simple and casual, featuring a plain white T-shirt, black pants and black leather sandals, along with a dark purple college jacket.

Personality Edit

Juza is a loner, quiet and not good at dealing with people. Most of the time he likes to keep to himself but is often challenged to a fight due to his appearance. Even though he was never interested in fighting, he became impulsive and easy to provoke. In contrast to this, though, he also has a soft side. Juza is, deep down, a really nice and caring man with a love for sweets. He tries to keep this side of him a secret from others. He is honest and critical of himself and knows his acting is lacking but is more than willing to work hard on it to improve himself.

History Edit

Juza has always admired actors and wanted to be one, but due to his appearance, people were always scared of him and he never got the chance to act at school festivals or the drama club. After he heard of the Mankai Company and watched Muku Sakisaka's performance, he took the opportunity and went to the audition. To his, and the surprise of many, Izumi accepted him. Juza also knew Settsu Banri from a previous encounter. The latter challenged him to a fight but lost to Juza, which is something Banri wanted revenge for. As such, he followed Juza to the auditions. The differences both had with each other carried over to their time in the Autumn Troupe.

Link Skill Edit

Link SkillCharactersEffect
Revived Autumn TroupeJuzaSSRIconBanriSSRIconOmiSSRIconTaichi IconSakyoSSRIconBig Ac Boost
Sweet ToothJuzaSSRIconMukuSSRIconHisokaSSRIconAzumaSSRIcon Co Boost
Ohana High School GroupJuzaSSRIconTenmaSSRIconTaichi IconAc Boost
Earnest BoysJuzaSSRIconSakuyaSSRIconAc Boost
CousinsJuzaSSRIconMukuSSRIconSr Boost

Quotes Edit

Normal Home Screen Quotes Edit

  • "You, you're not scared of me?"
  • "What. What is it?"
  • "My bad. This look is something I was born with."
  • "Oi... you're touching too much. Don’t treat me like a kid."
  • "There's no way I'll lose to you… right, Settsu."
  • "How to put it, Director is... completely different from all women I met until now… for me, you're special."
  • "Ju-chan you said…? Stop calling me that."
  • "Template delinquent? What is it about."
  • "I simply accept the challenges I am given."
  • "Aa, this. I got this earlier from Omi-san. Seems like today's refreshments are scones."
  • "You, you really can work so early in the morning. If there's something I can help with tell me."
  • "Are you still awake? Tomorrow you need to be up early too right. It's about time to finish up and go to sleep."

Special Home Screen Quotes Edit

  • "Just as I thought I was hearing magic words that don't make sense... so it was Homare-san's poem."
  • "Happy birthday. I also want to quickly become an actor that can act like Tasuku-san."
  • "Sakuya, congratulations. Your earnest playing, I respect it."
  • "In this theatre, for the first time in my life, I was able to change. I have nothing but gratitude to you... Happy birthday."
  • "Congratulations, Masumi. Hey… wait. Don’t sleep in such a place. I wouldn’t care if I actually stepped on you."
  • "If there are leftover chocolates, can I get another one's nothing, I just don't want to waste food." Valentine's Day Dialogue
  • "It’s a little terrible compared to yours but… Since I accepted yours, it’s only expected that I’d return something" White Day Dialogue
  • "Settsu is suddenly saying really disgusting things… Has he finally lost his mind?" April Fool's Dialogue

Trivia Edit

Juza sig
  • Juza's roommate is Banri.
  • Kazunari nicknamed him "Hyodoru".
    • Yuki's not so flattering nickname for him is "Template delinquent".
  • He is good at calligraphy.
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Juza's doodle.

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