Part 1
Izumi: Halloween on Veludo's finally happening tomorrow!
Tsuzuru: I saw them putting up decorations when I passed by there today. It feels like it'll be a really huge event.
Sakyo: You'll be doing two-man street acts in costume, and instead of tips, you'll be competing with the amount of candy oyu receive.
Sakyo: There will be plenty of participants, and it's sure to draw huge crowds. This is a great chance to get Mankai's name out there. Don't let it slip away.
Muku: Y-yes, sir! We'll try our best!
Omi: I heard that Yuki finished making everyone's costumes. I can't wait to see them all.
Kazunari: I know, right!
Kazunari: BTW, I have a totally awesome idea! Why don't we have a Halloween party back here after the contest?
Kazunari: It'll be perf, since we'll all be dressed up already! We can have a real lit party!
Taichi: Ooh, that sounds fun!
Muku: That's such a wonderful idea, Kazu!
Izumi: Why not? Since everyone's participating in the contest, that'd be the perfect way to wrap up the night together.
Sakyo: Sigh... If that'll help boost your enthusiasm for the contest, sure...
Kazunari: Yay! It's official!
Omi: Guess that means I'll need to prepare plenty of pumpkin dishes for the party.
Kazunari: We should totes go all out with our decorations, too! I'm thinking we should get some super sparkly and cute ones!
Kazunari: It's finally my time to shine! I'm gonna buy some decorations ASAP.
Sakyo: You're going nowhere! You want to use our company's funds to buy frivolous shit like that? Keep dreaming!
Kazunari: Aw, c'mon, Frooch! If we're gonna do this, we've gotta do this right! And that means we'll need lots of decorations to get everyone pumped up!
Sakyo: Figure out a way to make them yourself, then. I'm not letting you use our money.
Kazunari: Boo...
Kazunari: Hey, Izumi, isn't Frooch being more of a cheapskate than usual? Mr. Cranky Pants much?
Izumi: Huh? Y-you think so?
Kazunari: did you get on his nerves again, Sukecchi?
Manager: Hey, don't pin this on me! For your information, I can only think of maybe two or three reasons why Sakyo would be upset with me!
Kazunari: That's already two or three too many, Sukecchi!
Sakyo: Miyoshi, Matsukawa... I can hear you two loud and clear.
Kazunari: Oopsies! Y-you heard all of that?
Sakyo: You idiots! Are you TRYING to piss me off?!
Izumi: Take it easy, you three...
Tsuzuru: Um... I think I can help out with the decorations issue.
Tsuzuru: I used to make stuff for my family with whatever we had lying around the house, so...
Sakyo: Are you saying you can make decorations for us, too?
Tsuzuru: Yep! I'm used to doing things like this, so you can leave everything to me.
Muku: Tsuzuru, you're always so reliable!
Sakyo: Fine, Minagi, you can be in charge of the decorations, then. Don't spend more than is strictly necessary for them.
Tsuzuru: Yes, sir!
Manager: There may be some supplies in the storage room that you can use.
Manager: Maybe you could go have a look.
Tsuzuru: Thanks for the suggestion. I'll do that.
Izumi: It might be hard to go through everything on your own, so I'll help out, too!
Tsuzuru: Thanks, Izumi! That'd be great.
Kazunari: Ooh! I'll go, as well!
Sakyo: Think again. Since you love bad-mouthing people so much, you and Matsukawa can help this 'cheapskate' out by sorting documents.
Kazunari: Nooo!
To be Continued...
Part 2
Tsuzuru: It's as packed with stuff in here as ever. I'm guessing most of these were old props...
Tsuzuru: But there's a ton of items that just look like random junk.
Izumi: Haha. Maybe the old members of Mankai used to throw lots of parties and evens, then stored the extra stuff in here.
Tsuzuru: Maybe. I mean, there's even camping gear in here. Though I guess it's nice that we're able to use all this equipment instead of having to buy it new.
Tsuzuru: Fingers crossed we can find something useful this time, as well. Let's start by checking these boxes here...
Izumi: By the way, Tsuzuru, what kinds of things did you use to make for your family?
Tsuzuru: I would recycle items from around the house to make costumes and decorations. My family's big but we didn't have a lot of money, so I had to be creative.
Tsuzuru: I had to constantly reuse things, too.
Izumi: Really?
Tsuzuru: Yeah. I pretty much made everything out of paper and cardboard.
Tsuzuru: For Halloween costumes, I'd use black trash bags to make a wizard's cloak and hat. Paper jack-o'-lanterns were my go-to for decorations.
Tsuzuru: With a little imagination, you can make a ton of Halloween-themed stuff in no time.
Izumi: Wow, I had no idea. So did you make everything on your own?
Tsuzuru: Yeah. Oh, but sometimes my younger brothers would help me out, and we'd have a fun time together. I do have seven of them, after all.
Tsuzuru: Things would get chaotic at times, but I found the work to be worthwhile. The best reward for all my efforts was seeing how happy my brothers would get.
Izumi: What an amazing big brother you are!
Tsuzuru: Last year, I filled in for my parents by taking them to a trick-or-treating event.
Tsuzuru: It was really fun going around the neighborhood shouting 'trick or treat!' and getting candy with them.
Izumi: Aww, it sounds like you guys had a good time! Your brothers must've been super excited!
Tsuzuru: Almost a little too excited... But then again, considering how everyone in the Mankai Company can get, maybe they weren't so bad.
Izumi: Ahaha. You might have a point there.
Choose! Choice 1: What did you do for other holidays?
Izumi: What would you make for the other holidays, then?
Tsuzuru: Hmm. Well, I'd cut up festive decorations for Christmas and the kids would write letters to Santa.
Tsuzuru: I also made dango for everyone during the Jugoya harvest festival. And for Setsubun, I wore a demon mask and accidentally make my youngest brothers cry.
Tsuzuru: I can only imagine the chaos at this dorm if we celebrated the bean-throwing holiday with the whole gang...
Tsuzuru: I'd definitely not want to play the demon...
Izumi: Yeah, I don't blame you...
Choose! Choice 2: You're so resourceful.
Izumi: You're so resourceful and skilled, Tsuzuru! You can write scripts, cook, and even make neat decorations.
Tsuzuru: I only got better at cooking and crafting because I did them so much.
Tsuzuru: I hate to say it, but I think I'm a jack-of-all-trades but master of none.
Izumi: That's not true! The scripts you write are incredible! You should give yourself some more credit.
Tsuzuru: Haha, I guess so. It feels like I'm aiming to be a playwright who can cook and craft at this point.
Izumi: That means that you're a master of many trades! That's really amazing!
Tsuzuru: Hahaha. Now you're exaggerating.
Continue after choices Tsuzuru: Oh! I found some construction paper. This'll come in handy!
Tsuzuru: Wow, the more I look, the more I find. I found some origami paper, patterned paper, and cardboard, too. This pretty much covers all the paper decorations.
Tsuzuru: There are some unused balloons, too! Decorating the dorm with alternating black and orange ones alone will make it feel like Halloween.
Izumi: Look, Tsuzuru! I found some Christmas garlands and even a wreath!
Izumi: If we tweak things a bit, we can probably make something cute for Halloween.
Tsuzuru: Awesome, let's bring them with us.
Tsuzuru: This should do it. I can't wait to make decorations out of these!
To be Continued...
Part 3
Tsuzuru: Nice, now we should be able to make whatever we need without having to buy anything.
Tsuzuru: Let's start crafting, Izumi.
Izumi: Okay!
Kazunari: Ta-dah! Kazunari Miyoshi has finally returned from helping Sukecchi file documents!
Izumi: Oh, hey, Kazunari. Good work.
Kazunari: Hey, hey! Phew! Glad I made it in time. Here, I'll help you guys out!
Izumi: You will?
Kazunari: Of course! These are decorations we're talking about! It'd be no fun without me around! Let's do this!
Kazunari: I can't stay for too long though, since I have plans later tonight...
Izumi: No problem. We're grateful for whatever help we can get!
Tsuzuru: I agree. Besides, we don't have much time, so all we really need is your good eye for design.
Kazunari: Excuse me, Tsuzuroon! Care to explain that 'all we really need' part?
Tsuzuru: Haha. I think you misheard me.
Tsuzuru: Anyway, let's get started, you two. I'll start blowing up the balloons, so Izumi, could you please cut up the origami paper?
Izumi: Got it!
Tsuzuru: Miyoshi, could you make something Halloween-y with this construction paper? I'll leave the particulars to you.
Kazunari: Gotcha! I'll be sure not to let you down, Tsuzuroon!
Izumi: Hmm, a star shape would probably be cute.
Tsuzuru: If you want to make a star, you should accordion fold these strips of paper, then cut half of a star shape like this.
Tsuzuru: Then, when you open it up...
Izumi: Oh, how cute! It made a strip of connected stars!
Tsuzuru: Now, you can make a lot of them in no time! And if you want to give them more dimension...
Kazunari: You're amazing, Tsuzuroon! They're so adorbs when you arrange them like that!
Tsuzuru: Phew! I think that's all the decorations we need for now.
Izumi: Awesome! These will liven up the party, for sure.
Kazunari: Oh, I have to get ready to head out soon. Sorry I can't help out more...
Izumi: You already did more than enough for us, Kazunari. Thanks so much!
Tsuzuru: Thank you. We'll take care of cleaning up everything.
Kazunari: Thanks, and sorry again for dipping out early. Catch you two later!
Izumi: Okay! Cleanup time.
Tsuzuru: Um, Izumi? Do you think it'd be okay for me to take these decorations home after we're done tidying?
Izumi: Huh?
Tsuzuru: I promise to bring them back after I'm done!
Tsuzuru: I just thought it'd be nice to hang these up at home. I'm sure my brothers would love them.
Izumi: Of course you can! Feel free to take these back for your family to enjoy.
Tsuzuru: Really? Thank you very much!
Tsuzuru: Oh, also, after talking with my parents about living in the dorm and how you've been taking care of us all, they said that they wanted to meet you.
Tsuzuru: I definitely don't want to force you, but would you like to come visit my family sometime in the future?
Izumi: Me? Visit your family?
Tsuzuru: Yeah. My brothers said they wanted to meet you too, and everyone would be more than happy to welcome you!
Izumi: Haha! Okay, I'm sold. I'd love to stop by sometime!
Izumi: (I'm sure Tsuzuru's parents are just as warm and kind-hearted as he is.)
Izumi: I can't wait to meet your family!
Tsuzuru: Haha! Thanks so much!
To be Continued...
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