Normal Home Screen Quotes

Occassion Line Audio
Morning Good morning. ...Are you still half-asleep? I'm not Citronia… File:Guy morning line.ogg
Noon File:Guy noon line.ogg
Evening File:Guy evening line.ogg
Night It seems that you’re still awake at this hour. If you can’t sleep, how about try burning incense? File:Guy night line.ogg
Regular ...Should I say something? File:Guy regular1 line.ogg
Regular ...Sorry. I'm not used to being touched. File:Guy regular2 line.ogg
Regular …I feel calmer when my bangs are slicked back. File:Guy regular3 line.ogg
Regular …The flowers in the Kingdom of Zahra are beautiful. File:Guy regular4 line.ogg
Regular Citronia often calls me an airhead... File:Guy regular5 line.ogg
Regular Have you seen Citronia? I’ve been looking for him for a while, but I can’t find him. File:Guy regular6 line.ogg
Regular High-level language proficiency settings are set to Japanese. File:Guy regular7 line.ogg
Regular I've said not to randomly press my switch, haven't I? File:Guy regular8 line.ogg
Regular ...When you're not watching, I'll have your back. File:Guy regular9 line.ogg

Special Days Quotes

Occassion Line Audio
Valentine’s Day File:Guy valentine line.ogg
White Day File:Guy white day line.ogg
April Fool’s Day File:Guy april fool line.ogg
Children’s Day File:Guy children day line.ogg

Birthday Quotes

Occassion Line Audio
Player’s Birthday File:Guy Player birthday line.ogg
Sakuya’s Birthday File:Guy Sakuya birthday line.ogg
Masumi’s Birthday File:Guy Masumi birthday line.ogg
Tsuzuru’s Birthday File:Guy Tsuzuru birthday line.ogg
Itaru’s Birthday File:Guy Itaru birthday line.ogg
Citron’s Birthday File:Guy Citron birthday line.ogg
Chikage’s Birthday File:Guy Chikage birthday line.ogg
Tenma’s Birthday File:Guy Tenma birthday line.ogg
Yuki’s Birthday File:Guy Yuki birthday line.ogg
Muku’s Birthday File:Guy Muku birthday line.ogg
Misumi’s Birthday File:Guy Misumi birthday line.ogg
Kazunari’s Birthday File:Guy Kazunari birthday line.ogg
Kumon’s Birthday File:Guy Kumon birthday line.ogg
Banri’s Birthday File:Guy Banri birthday line.ogg
Juza’s Birthday File:Guy Juza birthday line.ogg
Taichi’s Birthday File:Guy Taichi birthday line.ogg
Omi’s Birthday File:Guy Omi birthday line.ogg
Sakyo’s Birthday File:Guy Sakyo birthday line.ogg
Azami’s Birthday File:Guy Azami birthday line.ogg
Tsumugi’s Birthday File:Guy Tsumugi birthday line.ogg
Tasuku’s Birthday File:Guy Tasuku birthday line.ogg
Hisoka’s Birthday File:Guy Hisoka birthday line.ogg
Homare’s Birthday File:Guy Homare birthday line.ogg
Azuma’s Birthday File:Guy Azuma birthday line.ogg
Guy’s Birthday File:Guy Guy birthday line.ogg

Practice Quotes

Line Audio
Learning mode ON. Alright, we can start anytime. File:Guy practice1 line.ogg
Etudes… I still need more training. File:Guy practice2 line.ogg
Does my movement match this? File:Guy practice3 line.ogg
I see. Understood. File:Guy practice4 line.ogg
Arisugawa’s poems are… difficult to understand. Is it because my Japanese is not good enough…? File:Guy practice5 line.ogg
I often spend time studying with Takato. I admire the young. File:Guy practice6 line.ogg
Apparently, my Japanese listening skills are rather poor. File:Guy practice7 line.ogg
Break? I don’t need one. File:Guy practice8 line.ogg
Expressing emotions…? It’s still difficult for me. File:Guy practice9 line.ogg
I'm getting used to Japanese life little by little. It’s a good country. File:Guy practice10 line.ogg
It’s a nice feeling to have a conversation with Tsukioka while taking care of the flowers. It’s strange. File:Guy practice11 line.ogg
I’ll teach you self-defense. File:Guy practice12 line.ogg
Mikage seems different from normal people. Just who is he…? File:Guy practice13 line.ogg
Thanks for practice. Is it weird that I had a good time? File:Guy practice14 line.ogg
File:Guy practice15 line.ogg

Other Quotes

Occassion Line Audio
Downloading Screen File:Guy download line.ogg
Voice Volume File:Guy voice volume line.ogg
1 on 1 Practice File:Guy 1 on 1 line.ogg
Special Training File:Guy special training line.ogg
Blooming File:Guy blooming line.ogg
Earn Cash Intro File:Guy earn cash intro line.ogg
Earn Cash Outro File:Guy earn cash outro line.ogg
Dissmiss Actor File:Guy dismiss line.ogg
Show succeeded File:Guy show success line.ogg
Show failed File:Guy show fail line.ogg
Skills used in Show File:Guy show skill.ogg
Introduction File:Guy intro1.ogg
Introduction File:Guy intro2.ogg
Introduction File:Guy intro3.ogg
Introduction File:Guy intro4.ogg
Introduction File:Guy intro5.ogg
Introduction File:Guy intro6.ogg
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