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Backstage Stories
Icons Card Name Story
Guy N Winter Is Coming unbloomed icon
Guy N Winter Is Coming bloomed icon
【Winter Is Coming】
Guy N Suit & Tie unbloomed icon
Guy N Suit & Tie bloomed icon
【Suit & Tie】
Guy N Le Fantome de l'Opera unbloomed icon
Guy N Le Fantome de l'Opera bloomed icon
【Le Fantome de l'Opera】
Guy N Die by the Sword unbloomed icon
Guy N Die by the Sword bloomed icon
【Die by the Sword】
Guy R Standing Rehearsal unbloomed icon
Guy R Standing Rehearsal bloomed icon
【Standing Rehearsal】 Silent Fishing
Guy R Reverberating Lament unbloomed icon
Guy R Reverberating Lament bloomed icon
【Reverberating Lament】
Guy SR Blooming Trail unbloomed icon
Guy SR Blooming Trail bloomed icon
【Blooming Trail】
Guy SR About to Bloom unbloomed icon
Guy SR About to Bloom bloomed icon
【About to Bloom】
Guy SR Scornful Hades unbloomed icon
Guy SR Scornful Hades bloomed icon
【Scornful Hades】 Unlucky Legumes
Guy SR Blooming Journey unbloomed icon
Guy SR Blooming Journey bloomed icon
【Blooming Journey】 A Promise for the Future
Guy SSR Fond Memories of Jasmine unbloomed icon
Guy SSR Fond Memories of Jasmine bloomed icon
【Fond Memories of Jasmine】 Nostalgic Flower
Guy SSR A Soldier's Knowledge unbloomed icon
Guy SSR A Soldier's Knowledge bloomed icon
【A Soldier's Knowledge】 What a Samurai Is

Mini Chats

Die by the Sword
Side Guy (1/3)
Guy: Yaah!
Izumi. Good timing. Could you check how I'm doing with this fight scene?
I have memorized the choreography, but there is something about fighting with a katana that is hard to grasp.
I feel my moves are lacking impact, so I would appreciate your advice.
My acting is still stiff and inexperienced compared to the others, so i was worried that I would not make an adequate co-lead...
But I will give it my all since everyone is in support of me. I hope you will lend me your strength as well, Izumi.
Side Guy (2/3)
Guy: I saw Usui near a record shop the other day. He is quite a fervent fan of music.
I had once asked him about the music he liked, and he recommended some of his favorite artists to me.
I had originally thought him a man of few words.
However, breaching the matter of music made him much more talkative. Even his expression looked more relaxed.
Though that was nothing compared to how...eloquent and expressive he becomes when you are the subject.
Side Guy (3/3)
Guy: Kimono are rather beautiful garments.
Since Kojiro serves the young master of a kimono shop, I did a little bit of research on the clothing.
Kimono and obi, not to mention the fabric used to make them, are all so gorgeous. They come in so many different patterns and styles as well.
You want to know more about Zafran clothing? Of course, there are other garments besides that which Citronia and I wear.
We have traditional outfits as well as fabric with patterns unique to Zafra and many kinds of accessories.
I think you would look rather good in both traditional Japanese and Zafran clothing, Izumi.
If you are interested in trying some of our clothing, I can order some for you. I will make sure to pick something you would like.
Guy & Yuki's Chat
Yuki: Hmm, maybe this color...? No , white would be better.
Guy: This one, then? How does it look?
Yuki: Looks good to me. Now I've just got to grab you some matching pants...
Guy: I knew you enjoyed creating clothes, but I did not realize you also enjoyed coordinating outfits for others.
Yuki: 'Course I do. Sure, it's fun making my own clothes, but I get to learn a lot when I put an outfit together for someone else. I've already thought up a bunch of outfits for the others in the troupe, but you give off a totally different vibe from everyone else. You have a really mature face too, so I've wanted to take you shopping for a while now to see what suits you in person.
Guy: You are very passionate about this. This is also proving to be a learning experience for me. Wearing new kinds of clothing is a nice change. That reminds me. Citronia told me he wanted to participate in a fashion show hosted by you.
Yuki: He told me that, too. I'd like the chance to organize one. We've got people who have experience with fashion shows and a hair and makeup artist, after all. You're not exempt from this, so you'd better practice your catwalk for when I finally manage to put a show together.
Guy: I will ready myself for that day.