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Spring Troupe

Sakuya Sakuma - Fishing Fans
Veludo Station
Sakuya: Guy, I heard that you enjoy fishing? Is that true?
Guy: Yes. I went fishing often when I was living in Zafra.
Sakuya: My first time fishing was at training camp. Something amazing happened...
Guy: Something amazing? That sounds interesting. Tell me more about it sometime.
Veludo Park
Sakuya: I caught a legendary fish and got to name the whole species!
Guy: You caught and named a species of fish? Sounds like an amazing experience.
Sakuya: I named it the Flyingainbous Flapflapcious!
Guy: The...what? It must have been an unusual looking fish.
Veludo Library
Guy: A few days ago, I went with the director to a fish pond to go fishing.
Sakuya: There's a fish pond nearby?! I had no idea!
Guy: Would you like to go on our way home? I can give you some fishing pointers.
Sakuya: Really?! That would be wonderful! Thank you. Guy!
Masumi Usui - Record Collectors
Veludo Station
Guy: I heard that you enjoy music, Usui.
Masumi: I do. If she's No 1, music is No. 2 on the list of things I love.
Guy: I enjoy music as well. If the royal family is No. 1, then music would be No. 2.
Masumi: ...No. 1 really stands out in that list.
Veludo Park
Guy: I wonder if there is a record shop nearby?
Masumi: ...There is. And it's one of my faves.
Masumi: I like the album jackets. The music's all right, too.
Guy: You also enjoy records? That's rare for someone as young as yourself.
Veludo Library
Guy: The record store you recommended last time had a good selection.
Masumi: ...You should try this CD, too. There are a lot of good CDs out there.
Masumi: You might actually enjoy this CD Homare gave me.
Guy: Arisugawa's? I am intrigued. I will listen to it when we get home.
Tsuzuru Minagi - Present and Future Attendant?
Veludo Station
Tsuzuru: Being Citron's attendant sounds like a difficult job.
Guy: I have been doing so since I was young. I am already used to it.
Guy: I hear that your time caring for Citronia has been difficult.
Tsuzuru: It has...Wait, that should be present tense.
Veludo Park
Tsuzuru: Being around Citron involves a lot of me shooting down his crazy remarks...
Guy: You must have great skill as both a scriptwriter and voice of reason.
Guy: Citronia once told me to catch a man-faced fish. I searched far and wide...
Tsuzuru: Gee, I guess I've had it easy this whole time...
Veludo Library
Guy: I am sure you would be a highly capable attendant, Minagi.
Tsuzuru: That isn't something I was eve hoping to hear...
Guy: How about moving to Zafra to take up the job?
Tsuzuru: I'll pass.
Itaru Chigasaki - Morning Shower Crew
Veludo Station
Itaru: Never thought you'd be the type to take morning showers.
Guy: Mourning showers? I am afraid nothing to mourn when I bathe.
Itaru: Morning showers. You know like, taking a shower...in the morning.
Guy: I see that I misheard you before. I must take care when listening.
Veludo Park
Guy: I exercise in the morning, so I have to shower to rid myself of sweat.
Itaru: Right. You can fix your bed head while you're at it, so that's a plus, too.
Itaru: You always look so put together. You do your hair and everything, too.
Guy: An attendant's appearance is highly important. Bed head won't do.
Veludo Library
Guy: Am I imagining things, or has the shampoo been watered down...
Itaru: The water pressure in the shower is somewhat weak as well...
Guy: Could it be the work of a bathroom apparition?
Itaru: Nah. It's probably the work of a certain yakuza living in the dorm...
Citron - Zafra Ambassadors
Veludo Station
Citron: <What's on the schedule today, Guy?>
Guy: <Tea with the Japanese sweet shop owner, yoga with the rice shop owner...?
Citron: <I'm asking about your plans, not mine.>
Guy: <I am your attendant. Your plans are my plans.>
Veludo Park
Guy: <Japan has a variety of strange and unique mascot characters.>
Citron: <Mascots are an essential part of Japanese culture, you see.>
Citron: <I know! Why don't we make a mascot of my father?>
Guy: <Of his Majesty...?>
Veludo Library
Citron: Okay, Guy! No speaking in Zafran today, all right?
Guy: Understood.
Citron: Our skit turned into a manzai act because of our language mistakes!
Guy: My apologies. It is difficult for me to understand your Japanese sometimes.
Chikage Utsuki - Advanced Zafran Classes
Veludo Station
Guy: It seems you have a knack for picking up languages.
Chikage: Only because I go abroad so often. I can speak some Zafran, too.
Chikage: I'd love to master the language. Teach me more when you have time.
Guy: Zafran is not widely spoken. Learning it must have been difficult.
Veludo Park
Guy: <Let's be chefs at the imperial palace for our next act.>
Chikage: <Got it.>
Guy: Your Zafran listening skills are very good.
Chikage: Thank you very much.
Veludo Library
Chikage: Ah, right. I was planning on picking up some spices on my way home.
Guy: Picking up spices...? Off the ground? That sounds unsanitary.
Chikage: ...I think I might need to teach you a little, myself.
Guy: That sounds good. I will share you knowledge with Citronia as well.

Summer Troupe

Tenma Sumeragi - Poker Face & Joker Face
Veludo Station
Tenma: Everyone in Summer Troupe is always making a fool out of me...
Guy: That's because you all share a strong bond. It's a good thing.
Guy: It could also be because the others enjoy your reactions.
Tenma: Hm. Guess I should try putting on a poker face.
Veludo Park
Guy: You do not look to be very proficient at games like Poker or Cheat.
Tenma: Y-you got me. I don't win at those games very often.
Guy: You could practice with some card games. I would be happy to help.
Tenma: With you? No offense, but I'd rather start off with an easier opponent.
Veludo Library
Guy: How has your training been going? ...Hm? That group that passed us...
Tenma: A-are those ALIENS?! GYAAAAAAAHHH!
Guy: They had some impressive prosthetic makeuo on.
Tenma: Y-your poker face is really something else...
Yuki Rurikawa - Kabuki Training
Veludo Station
Yuki: I know Citron likes kabuki, but how about you?
Guy: I have watched TV reports on kabuki before.
Yuki: Want to go see some kabuki together?
Guy: I could learn a lot from it. Thank you, I would be happy to come along.
Guy: I am new to this. Please teach me any kabuki ettiquette I need to know.
Yuki: You just have to sit down and be quiet. No talking.
Guy: Being quiet...I can hold my breath for approximately five minutes.
Yuki: You don't need to go that far.
Veludo Library
Guy: Kabuki is indeed profound. Their house names are hard to remember, however.
Yuki: That's fine. Even your prince doesn't get everything 100% of the time.
Guy: I believe they are named after a variety of prolific supermarkets, is it?
Yuki: Wow...no. You and Citron really resemble each other, sometimes.
Muku Sakisaka - Prince Lessons
Veludo Station
Guy: I heard that you admire princes, Sakisaka.
Muku: Yes! My dream is to become a dashing and wonderful prince one day!
Muku: Becoming a prince is still a dream of a dream of a dream's away though...
Guy: That is not so. I would be more than happy to assist you.
Veludo Park
Guy: For a prince, his education, knowledge, and presence are very important.
Muku: I...I don't have any of those things...
Guy: One does not become a prince in a single day. Let's work on posture first.
Muku: Okay! I'm looking forward to all of your princely guidance!
Veludo Library
Guy: Your posture and mannerisms have improved greatly.
Muku: Thank you so much! I'll keep working hard at educating and refining myself!
Muku: That lady over there looks troubled! I'll go and see if I can help!
Guy: Indeed. A prince's most important quality is caring for others.
Misumi Ikaruga - Triangles from Abroad!
Veludo Station
Misumi: Are there lots of awesome triangles in Zafra?
Guy: Hm. I have never thought about what makes a triangle 'awesome' or not.
Guy: What qualities make a triangle 'awesome!'
Misumi: The kind that makes you all amazed and happy and bouncy!
Veludo Park
Guy: So a triangle is a feeling. I have asked my subordinate to search for some.
Misumi: Wow, thank you! I can't wait to hear more!
Guy: He said the palace lamps, spices and a folk craft are all fine triangles.
Misumi: Wow! I really wanna see all of them!
Veludo Library
Misumi: All of the Zafran triangles you gave me are great!
Guy: I am happy to hear that. I will arrange for more soon.
Misumi: You guys should make a triangle order catalog!
Guy: I'm not sure what we should put in such a catalog, but I will tell them.
Kazunari Miyoshi - Advanced Listening Class
Veludo Station
Kazunari: Guyguy! ♪
Guy: Are you referring to me? I am not yet accustomed to this nickname...
Kazunari: Gee, Guyguy! You must be the most suave guy around today! ♪
Guy: I must swab? Do you mean that I should clean my ears?
Veludo Park
Kazunari: Whaaat? It's gonna rain in the afternoon? That seriously blows, man!
Guy: Hm? I do not feel any wind blowing at this time.
Kazunari: Guyguy, maybe you should update your vibes!
Guy: You wish for me to be switched to silent mode?
Veludo Library
Kazunari: Look! The quality of this mascot's off the charts, and it's totes adorbs!
Guy: What charts...? And I don't see any tote bags around here...
Guy: Your language is a challenge I still need to overcome...
Kazunari: Just call it Kazunarese!
Kumon Hyodo - Karate Sensei and Student
Veludo Station
Kumon: You were doing some karate moves in the courtyard this morning, right?
Guy: You were watching? I am impressed with your knowledge.
Kumon: Karate is just so cool! It's so manly and tough!
Guy: Karate is good for both your body and spirit. I can teach you, if you like.
Veludo Park
Guy: Karate begins and ends with a bow. This rule is the foundation of the art.
Kumon: Manners are really important! They really drill that into you in sports!
Guy: First, you must master the correct posture. I will teach you at the dorm.
Kumon: Yessir!
Veludo Library
Kumon: Let's do a street act about a karate master and his disciple!
Guy: Good. You'll be able to show off your acting and karate training.
Guy: Your movements are much more precise. It seems you have a gift for karate.
Kumon: Really?! Awesome! I'm gonna show my brow when we get back!

Autumn Troupe

Banri Settsu - Mock Fighting Partners
Veludo Station
Banri: You look like you could handle a fight, Guy. You do bodyguard stuff too?
Guy: Of course. I am always prepared to protect his Highness.
Banri: Never fought with a guy from another country before. Wanna give it a go?
Guy: Sorry, but it is illegal to use violence against civilians and minors.
Veludo Park
Banri: Feel's like I'm losin' my touch. Wanna have a mock fight?
Guy: I did not think you wanted to pursue this matter to such an extent...
Guy: I do not mind a mock fight. But you must get Furuichi's permission first.
Banri: Like hell he'd ever say yes...
Veludo Library
Banri: He okayed it after I said it was 'practice for fight scences'.
Guy: Great. So we will be having a one on one match?
Banri: This guy's serious. Aw man, I'm gettin' real pumped up now...
Guy: We must prepare the proper defensive gear, in that case.
Juza Hyodo - Sweptback Hair Boy's Club
Veludo Station
Juza: Seems like people've started callin' us the 'swept-hair duo'.
Guy: Indeed. We have somehow become a team without our knowing.
Juza: We are indeed an unlikely duo, but I do not mind it.
Guy: Cool. Then I won't mind it either.
Veludo Park
Juza: Kumon sent me a screenshot of Kazunari's Instablam profile.
Guy: A picture of us? I think this was taken a few nights ago near the bathroom.
Juza: #sweatbackhairboysclub... is the hashtag that's bein' used.
Guy: So that is the reason why people are calling us that...?
Veludo Library
Juza: Is havin' swept-back hair really so weird....?
Guy: I think that most boys your age do not have their hair this style.
Guy: This hairstyle is meant for true gentlemen. You should be proud.
Juza: Gentlemen, huh? Guess I'm not gonna change it after all.
Taichi Nanao - How to be a Gentleman
Veludo Station
Taichi: You feel like such a refined and stoic gentleman, Guy!
Guy: A gentleman? I cannot say I understand, but I thank you for the compliment.
Taichi: I really want the ladies to call me a gentleman and stuff!
Guy: Wishing to be a gentleman is a good goal to have. Let me assist you.
Veludo Park
Guy: How about changing your hairstyle? It'll be a whole new you.
Taichi: Wh-what kind of 'new me' do you mean...?
Guy: The best first step is just to slick your hair back.
Taichi: You mean like Juza? I'll give it a try!
Veludo Library
Taichi: I swept my hair back, but I feel like people are laughing at me...
Guy: It must be that they are not used to it. But also...
Guy: ...The way you talk might give you away as young.
Taichi: B-but I am young! Maybe I'll aim for becoming a gentleman once I'm older...
Omi Fushimi - Surprise Green Peas
Veludo Station
Omi: Oh, I forgot to ask. Do you have any foods you don't like?
Guy: You needn't worry about me. I can eat anything.
Omi: No need to be modest. I'd just like to know for reference.
Guy: ...Green peas.
Veludo Park
Omi: What is it about green peas that makes you dislike them?
Guy: ...The taste. It may be a small thing, but I have a visceral dislike of it.
Omi: Green peas are a good way to add color to any meal.
Guy: I was not trying to be picky. Please use whatever ingredients you want.
Veludo Library
Omi: I'm so sorry, but I accidentally added peas to yesterday's soup...
Guy: Really? I didn't notice at all.
Guy: Was it that green soup from yesterday? I had no idea.
Omi: I'm glad you were able to eat it. I'll think up some different recipes.
Sakyo Furuichi - Mankai Accounting Dept.
Veludo Station
Sakyo: I've noticed our expenses have been steadily growing. Who's the culprit?
Guy: You are correct. Our recent expenditures have increased by 0.5% as of late.
Guy: It could be because of an increase in members. I can check the expense log.
Sakyo: Thanks.
Veludo Park
Guy: The electricity bill has increased, even after accounting for new staff.
Sakyo: ...Guess it's time to gather everyone for a little talk.
Guy: It looks like spending on toiletries has increased as well.
Sakyo: ...That brat. I'll talk to him separately.
Veludo Library
Guy: Food costs increased by 0.2% due to an increase in vegetable prices.
Sakyo: Time to tell Omi and the director to use more of the cheaper choices.
Sakyo: I've gotten a much better grasp on our expenses thanks to you.
Guy: I just enjoy numbers. I will work hard for the good of the company.
Azami Izumida - Mental Math Masters
Veludo Station
Guy: Matsukawa asked me to pick up a calculator.
Azami: I heard him making a fuss about how it was broken yesterday.
Guy: But what exactly makes a calculator high quality...?
Azami: Who knows? I can use an abacus, so I don't deal with calculators much.
Veludo Park
Guy: I heard that people who can use an abacus are also good at mental math.
Azami: That might be true. It seems like you'd be good at it too, Guy.
Guy: 60
Azami: ...Makes sense. Let's compete to see who comes out on top later.
Veludo Library
Guy: What's 7360 + 7374 + 9154? That might be too easy, though.
Azami: 21888. Too easy.
Azami: Next one. 2444 + 6893 + 6083
Guy: 15420. Addition is too easy. Let's do multiplication next time.

Winter Troupe

Tsumugi Tsukioka - Garden Guardians
Veludo Station
Guy: We are lacking some garden supplies.
Tsumugi: I noticed. Hm, what did we need again?
Guy: We need mulch, woodchips, pumice stone and fertilizer.
Tsumugi: You checked all of those? Thank you so much.
Veludo Park
Tsumugi: It's been raining a lot, so the flowers haven't been looking too good...
Guy: It will be sunny from next week onwards. Cheer up.
Guy: Let's put our all into gardening next week.
Tsumugi: Indeed. I can't wait.
Veludo Library
Tsumugi: This morning, I noticed some buds sprouting out from the planter.
Guy: Indeed. I'm looking forward to seeing them bloom.
Tsumugi: Guy, do you have anything you'd like to try planting?
Guy: Hmm...How about some narcissus?
Tasuku Takato - Early Morning Street Actors
Veludo Station
Tasuku: Should we do a continuation of this morning's street act for this?
Guy: I think so. We can still take the story in a new direction.
Guy: We concluded everything neatly thanks to you, Takato.
Tasuku: Not at all. I was hoping to wrap things up neatly, too. Glad we could.
Veludo Park
Guy: Are you going for a morning run tomorrow?
Tasuku: That's the plan.
Guy: Would it be all right if I came along?
Tasuku: Of course. I'll take us on a different path tomorrow, then.
Veludo Library
Tasuku: I actually have a run path for street acts.
Guy: There's A, B. C... and a new G path?
Guy: There's no D or E path, so why is there suddenly a G path?
Tasuku: It's supposed to be 'G' for 'Guy'...
Hisoka Mikage - Incense Holder Pillow
Veludo Station
Hisoka: When I'm with you...I get really sleepy.
Guy: You seem sleepy whether I am around or not, though.
Hisoka: It might be because you smell really good...
Guy: Oh, from my aromatherapy supplies? Your sense of smell is commendable.
Veludo Park
Hisoka: Azuma does aromatherapy stuff too, but he smells different from you.
Guy: It's Zafran. I might be used to this smell because I use it so often.
Hisoka: I like it. I feel like I could just sleep forever.
Guy: Mikage, what you describe is death.
Veludo Library
Hisoka: You smell different today. Or maybe the scent is weaker?
Guy: I actually ran out. I had to order more.
Hisoka: Get some soon. It doesn't feel right when you don't smell like that.
Guy: I didn't realize you thought about it so strongly. Just wait a few days.
Homare Arisugawa - Gentlemanly Duo
Veludo Station
Homare: Do you mind if I acquire some tea leaves on the way home?
Guy: Of course. Feel free.
Guy: The director said she wanted some apple tea this morning.
Homare: Let's go buy it together, and find one with a stylish container.
Veludo Park
Homare: These roses are so stunning, I simply couldn't help myself.
Guy: You couldn't help yourself...? It looks like you're holding 50 roses...
Guy: I didn't think you would start handing them out. The ladies look pleased.
Homare: Your refined gestures when handing the roses certainly drew attention.
Veludo Library
Guy: If you have any requests for today's dinner, send a DM to the director.
Homare: She should make what pleases her. As gentlemen, we must put ladies first.
Guy: The director said that she will be making curry tonight.
Homare: I suppose I will be the one fielding everyone's complaints, then.
Azuma Yukishiro - Mature Roommates
Veludo Front
Guy: I got some cheese from Zafra. I think it will go well with drinks.
Azuma: Well, well. Shall we open a bottle of wine together, then?
Guy: Allow me to select the wine. I will choose something nice for the occasion.
Azuma: Really? All right, then. I can't wait.
Veludo Park
Azuma: The cheese and wine you prepared were delicious.
Guy: I'm happy to hear that. I'll order another one soon.
Azuma: Maybe I should go traveling in Zafra.
Guy: It's a good place. I can handle any preparation you need.
Veludo Library
Azuma: I got some unusual liquor from Chikage the other day.
Guy: He must be in a good mood...I wonder about that man.
Azuma: Let's invite Sakyo and Itaru and make it a party! ♪
Guy: How many people are you intending on drinking under the table?