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Guy (ガイ) is a member of Winter Troupe. He is a former servant of Citron who came from the Kingdom of Zafra across the sea. He rarely shows any emotions, and he claimed to be an android developed by the Royal Institute of Zafra. Although he has a serious personality, oddly enough, he often mishears words for some reason.


Guy is a slender and fairly tall man that appears to be in his early to mid-thirties. He has light green eyes and slicked-back dark brown hair. His outfit is overall simple, wearing a green jacket with some gold studs on the collar, a white cloth draped over his shoulders with a green flower brooch adorned on it, black pants, and brown combat boots. Guy has gold earrings and on his wrists, he wears gold cuffs. Both his ears are pierced.


Guy gives off a mysterious aura with a serious demeanor. He doesn't talk much and has a quiet presence. His personality is quite stiff, and always maintains composure; rarely showing any emotions, whether happy, sad, angry, or surprised. In the beginning, he denied his feelings a lot, as if he were running away from them, and referred to them as bugs. He still struggles with expressing emotions, but has become more expressive after regaining his memories, and could understand himself and others better. Although he may appear a bit cold on the outside, Guy is a very kind and gentle person on the inside.

Guy is hardworking and performs his duties at the highest level. He has extremely great memorization and calculation skills and learns very fast, despite not being an actual machine. Contrastingly, Guy can be quite gullible and naive at times, and believes most things that are fed to him.


Guy is half Zahran and half Japanese, and was raised in Japan. His mother divorced his father, and took him back to the Kingdom of Zahra, and remarried to his step-father, who shunned and feared him for being so emotionless and machine-like. This caused Guy to believe that he was a real android and his heart was sealed, and forgot what happened in the past.

He was a common soldier in the royal palace, assigned to a special unit that took on secret missions. Then he met Citron, who took up an interest on him and appointed Guy to be his servant. Ever since then, he took care of and served Citron ever since the latter was young.

He joined the Winter Troupe first as a temporary member, but officially joined when he discovered the joy of acting.


Guy is very quiet and doesn't say much, so he has a peaceful and respectful relationship with all the other troupe members.

  • Tsumugi: The two care for plants and are good gardening buddies. Tsumugi thinks that Guy is a very kind person and notices how he spends a lot of time with flowers. Guy sees that Tsukioka is dedicated and hardworking.
  • Tasuku: Both are pretty serious actors. Guy admires Tasuku's youth, and sees him as a stoic and theater-obsessed person. They like to jog together in the morning.
  • Hisoka: Guy feels that Hisoka has something different and strange about him. Hisoka likes Guy because they are somewhat similar in quietness and Guy doesn't bother him when he sleeps. They both share something in common, losing memories of their past.
  • Homare: Homare empathizes with Guy's inability/weakness to understand emotions, as he has experienced the same before. He knows the difficulty of expressing feelings. Guy thought that Homare had no worries and was shamelessly carefree, but discovered that even he has his struggles too.
  • Azuma: Guy's initial thoughts of Azuma were an emotionally dependent person, but finds that Azuma was burdened and weak inside from trauma, and needed others. Azuma finds Guy to be a fascinating person, and even calls him 'Android' jokingly. The two occasionally drink together.


  1. The Phantom in Le Fantome de l'Opera
  2. Kojiro Sasaki in Die by the Sword


  • Guy's full name is Nishiki Gai.
  • His doodle says: "Those who discovered Citronia up until now were definitely model 206."
  • He likes fishing.
  • He owns a car and driver's license.
  • Even though he is not a real android, he still has an 'off' button and can shut down.
  • Guy laughs whenever someone mentions chickpeas.