Guilty Summer Rock Fest Tryouts

Guilty Summer Rock Fes banner.jpg

Event Duration

Start: 5/19/2020 19:00 PDT

End: 6/1/2020 18:59  PDT

Cards you can obtain

When doing a 10 pull, you'll have an SR guaranteed.

Banri Settsu SSR Midsummer Headliner unbloomed.png
Banri Settsu SSR 【Midsummer Headliner】
Taichi Nanao SR High Energy Attendee unbloomed.png
Taichi Nanao SR 【High Energy Attendee】
Masumi Usui R A Song I Want You to Hear unbloomed.png
Masumi Usui R 【A Song I Want You to Hear】
【Midsummer Headliner】 【High Energy Attendee】 【A Song I Want You to Hear】
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