Normal Home Screen Quotes

Occassion Line Audio
Morning Good morning! Wait— Oi oi, if you don't wake up quickly you'll be late. File:Omi morning line.ogg
Noon Good job today. I gave some to Juza earlier too, but are scones all right for refreshments? File:Omi noon line.ogg
Evening I'm on cooking duty today. I'll listen if you have any requests, so please tell me. File:Omi evening line.ogg
Night A lullaby? Ah— Singing isn't really my specialty. If it's just sleeping together, I'll join you though... File:Omi night line.ogg
Regular Recently acting is my main job but for the first time in a while, I want to work as a cameraman too. File:Omi regular1 line.ogg
Regular Aa, this scar? Please don’t worry about it. File:Omi regular2 line.ogg
Regular The Mad Wolf"? Yeah... I don't remember that name. File:Omi regular3 line.ogg
Regular Oops... Hey hey, don’t scare me like that. File:Omi regular4 line.ogg
Regular There there, the fight is over. File:Omi regular5 line.ogg
Regular A long time ago I used to talk about pro wrestling moves with my old man and little brothers. Is it the cause for my build? File:Omi regular6 line.ogg
Regular Shining Wizard? Aa, come to think of it... It's my old man's special move. File:Omi regular7 line.ogg
Regular Everyone~ The quiche is ready~ File:Omi regular8 line.ogg
Regular Even though I want to treasure them, I end up thinking... What will happen if they're with someone like me? You can't get rid of old habits. File:Omi regular9 line.ogg

Special Days Quotes

Occassion Line Audio
Valentine’s Day So today is Valentine's Day? Thank you. Since it's always me making food, other people's handmade food makes me happy. File:Omi valentine line.ogg
White Day Truffles and Brownies, and Chocolate Cake…I’ve made a few but, which is to your liking? File:Omi white day line.ogg
April Fool’s Day Oh… So Banri and Juza have finally made up? I am glad I was able to witness such a history-changing moment. File:Omi april fool line.ogg
Children’s Day File:Omi children day line.ogg

Birthday Quotes

Occassion Line Audio
Player’s Birthday Happy Birthday. I thought about making a curry flavored cake, but got stopped by Sakyo-san. File:Omi Player birthday line.ogg
Sakuya’s Birthday Sakuya, Happy Birthday. Today, as a celebration I'll make Napolitan. File:Omi Sakuya birthday line.ogg
Masumi’s Birthday Congratulations, Masumi. I heard that you liked Gỏi cuốn? I’ve made some so I’d be happy if you would try some. File:Omi Masumi birthday line.ogg
Tsuzuru’s Birthday File:Omi Tsuzuru birthday line.ogg
Itaru’s Birthday File:Omi Itaru birthday line.ogg
Citron’s Birthday File:Omi Citron birthday line.ogg
Chikage’s Birthday File:Omi Chikage birthday line.ogg
Tenma’s Birthday File:Omi Tenma birthday line.ogg
Yuki’s Birthday File:Omi Yuki birthday line.ogg
Muku’s Birthday File:Omi Muku birthday line.ogg
Misumi’s Birthday File:Omi Misumi birthday line.ogg
Kazunari’s Birthday File:Omi Kazunari birthday line.ogg
Kumon’s Birthday File:Omi Kumon birthday line.ogg
Banri’s Birthday File:Omi Banri birthday line.ogg
Juza’s Birthday File:Omi Juza birthday line.ogg
Taichi’s Birthday File:Omi Taichi birthday line.ogg
Omi’s Birthday File:Omi Omi birthday line.ogg
Sakyo’s Birthday File:Omi Sakyo birthday line.ogg
Azami’s Birthday File:Omi Azami birthday line.ogg
Tsumugi’s Birthday File:Omi Tsumugi birthday line.ogg
Tasuku’s Birthday Happy Birthday, Tasuku-san. Cold Chinese noodles in this season... I wonder if it was too cold for this. File:Omi Tasuku birthday line.ogg
Hisoka’s Birthday File:Omi Hisoka birthday line.ogg
Homare’s Birthday Today I tried to make a complete meal using only Homare's favorite food, carrots. File:Omi Homare birthday line.ogg
Azuma’s Birthday File:Omi Azuma birthday line.ogg
Guy’s Birthday File:Omi Guy birthday line.ogg

Practice Quotes

Line Audio
File:Omi practice1 line.ogg
File:Omi practice2 line.ogg
File:Omi practice3 line.ogg
File:Omi practice4 line.ogg
File:Omi practice5 line.ogg
File:Omi practice6 line.ogg
File:Omi practice7 line.ogg
File:Omi practice8 line.ogg
File:Omi practice9 line.ogg
File:Omi practice10 line.ogg
File:Omi practice11 line.ogg
File:Omi practice12 line.ogg
File:Omi practice13 line.ogg
File:Omi practice14 line.ogg
File:Omi practice15 line.ogg

Other Quotes

Occassion Line Audio
Downloading Screen File:Omi download line.ogg
Voice Volume File:Omi voice volume line.ogg
1 on 1 Practice File:Omi 1 on 1 line.ogg
Special Training File:Omi special training line.ogg
Blooming File:Omi blooming line.ogg
Earn Cash Intro File:Omi earn cash intro line.ogg
Earn Cash Outro File:Omi earn cash outro line.ogg
Dissmiss Actor File:Omi dismiss line.ogg
Show succeeded File:Omi show success line.ogg
Show failed File:Omi show fail line.ogg
Skills used in Show File:Omi show skill.ogg
Introduction File:Omi intro1.ogg
Introduction File:Omi intro2.ogg
Introduction File:Omi intro3.ogg
Introduction File:Omi intro4.ogg
Introduction File:Omi intro5.ogg
Introduction File:Omi intro6.ogg
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