Mini Conversations are the small chats that the player can unlock via the practice sessions if certain conditions are met. By unlocking one rewards the player with one Diamond.

Mini Conversation for How Wonderfully Picaresque[edit | edit source]

Side Fushimi Omi (1/3)[edit | edit source]

Omi: Dewey is the villain.... For a beginner, I got a really good role.
Omi: So I wouldn't perform bad on stage, I practiced every day...
Omi: Sakyo-san said that an „evil Face“ and a „scary Face“ are different. I devoted myself to this production.
Omi: Please look forward to see my evil face.

Side Fushimi Omi (2/3)[edit | edit source]

Omi: Oh, I forgot to buy canned tomatoes.
Omi: Sorry Director, could you watch the pot on the stove. Just stir it from time to time.
Omi: Even if Homare-san comes please don't leave it, okay? .....Be careful, don't let it scorch.
Omi: Well, I'll be back.

Side Fushimi Omi (3/3)[edit | edit source]

Omi: For dinner this evening, what do you want? Ah, besides Curry of course.
Omi: … You know what Director, you work so hard, curry would be okay too.
Omi: I'll make it if you like, and let's add to that some pudding as desert.
Omi: Ha ha, you look so delighted, Director is cute.

Omi & Azuma Talk[edit | edit source]

Omi: Here, Azuma-san. Have a cup of tea.
Azuma: Thank you, Omi. Fufu, Omi is really nice and cute.
Omi: Cute? Me?
Azuma: Yes. You are cute, gentle and good at cooking.
Omi: Haha, if you say so, Azuma-san is pretty cute and beautiful too.
Azuma: ……!
Omi: Always smiling, mature, with a high tolerance.
Azuma: ...Fufufu, normally I only get praised as sarcasm, this reaction is somewhat refreshing.
Azuma: Yes. I like Omi now more than ever.
Omi: ?? Thank you...?

Notes[edit | edit source]

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