A relentless, unparalleled elite-yakuza actor.

Furuichi Sakyo (古市左京) is an actor working with the Mankai Company and a member of the Autumn Troupe. At first, he attempted to tear down the Mankai Company's own theatre, due to the massive debt the company owes him. To prevent that from happening, Izumi wrapped up a deal with him, under harsh conditions. Even though he can look ruthless and cold-hearted, he always liked the Mankai Company and wanted to see it shine like it used to in the old days. Izumi later saw his love for acting as well as the company itself and invited him to the Autumn Troupe's audition.

Appearance Edit

Sakyo casual chibi 2

Sakyo is a man of average height. He has short, platinum blonde hair he wears with a side parting. He also has purple eyes, hidden behind black glasses and a mole under his right eye. Sakyo prefers dark clothes and has a mature and classic fashion sense. The man is usually seen wearing a dark grey suit with a black turtleneck pullover underneath. In addition, he wears a pair of dark brown dress shoes and a long black coat.

Personality Edit

Mature and sometimes a bit uptight are the first traits that come to mind when it comes to Sakyo. He is smart and can have an overwhelming, even somewhat threatening presence to him thanks to his reputation as a yakuza and his no-nonsense attitude. Sakyo is strict most of the time, especially when it's about money. He often ends up lecturing the others about their spendings and how they should save money. However, deep down he also has a different, almost gentle side. One he rarely shows and is often for Izumi exclusive, due to the past they shared and his feelings towards her. Being one of the oldest, if not the oldest, of all Mankai actors he frequently behaves like an old man.

History Edit

Before he joined the current Autumn Troupe as an actor, he was the yakuza and loan shark the company was indebted to. Without Izumi's father as director, or any proper leader, the company was deemed a failure not worth any further investments. Sakyo made the decision to turn the theatre building to a burlesque theatre. Together with the Manager, Matsukawa Isuke, Izumi persuaded him to give the company a bit more time to recover and be in the black once again. Izumi's dedication convinced him and after two successful stage plays, he decided to take the audition for the Autumn Troupe himself. In the past, Sakyo once acted with the Mankai Company as a child actor and met Izumi during this time. He later claimed that she was his first love.

Link Skill Edit

Link SkillCharactersEffect
Revived Autumn TroupeSakyoSSRIconTaichi IconOmiSSRIconJuzaSSRIconBanriSSRIcon Big Ac Boost
Mahjong Club AssociationSakyoSSRIconCitronSSRIconKazunariSSRIconAzumaSSRIconSr Boost
Shoujo Manga ClubSakyoSSRIconMukuSSRIconKazunariSSRIconCo Boost
The Eldest Group...?SakyoSSRIconAzumaSSRIconSr Boost
Former DelinquentSakyoSSRIconOmiSSRIconSr Boost

Quotes Edit

Normal Home Screen Quotes Edit

  • "So the mole under my eye, so it's called nakibokuro. Touching it can't be that much fun."
  • "Oi you... Who are you looking at?"
  • "What will you do next? Director-san."
  • "People keep saying yakuza this, yakuza that... They're so noisy."
  • "Are you doing this unconsciously? No... it's still unnecessary."
  • "People without motivation can go home. I came here to act."
  • "If I just stay quiet and say nothing, you will do whatever you want... You are prepared for the worst to come right?"
  • "Try touching my glasses and leaving your fingerprints over them just for a single moment. And I'll kill you in an instant."
  • "Simplicity, Frugality, Moderation! Try repeating that."
  • "Stop lazing around and wake up. If you don't wake up within 5 minutes, I will kill you."
  • "You look pretty tired. Can't be helped, I'll tend to you... Today too you did your best."

Special Home Screen Quotes Edit

  • "Arisugawa's poems you say? If I have hear them for the whole day, I won't last."
  • "Takato's birthday, huh. The intensity he uses while acting serves well as reference."
  • "I remember, this all started with you. Congratulations Sakuma."
  • "Usui is with Director-san again. It can’t be helped, I’ll especially overlook this on your birthday."
  • "So it's Minagi's birthday. The scripts are fine, so don't strain your physical condition to the point you'll get sick."
  • "Happy Birthday. How about from next year on you grow by 2cm each year? Hurry up and catch up to me... Just kidding."
  • "Valentine’s… Come to think of it, there was indeed such an event. It’s nothing… I’ll accept this." Valentine's Day Dialogue
  • "It’s nothing grand but, this is as thanks for last month. It’d be great if it suits your taste." White Day Dialogue
  • "Settsu, Hyodo. You’ve come a long way. With this, peace will finally come to the Autumn Troupe." April Fool's Dialogue

Trivia Edit

  • Sakyo has a dormitory room all to himself.
    Sakyo sig
  • His specialties are accounting and stage combat, especially with swords.
  • Sakyo likes Nureokaki with ginkgo skewers but detests the taste of pineapple in sweet and sour pork.
  • Kazunari calls him "Furuche-san". Yuki prefers to give him the name "Cheapskate Yakuza".
    Sakyos doodle

    Sakyo's doodle.

  • In How Wonderfully Picaresque he played the role of Capone.
  • Along with Kazunari, Tsuzuru, Omi and Yuki, he is one of the few people who do additional work for the Mankai Company.
    • In this case, he does the accounting for the Mankai Company.

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