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Friends are a way to get Friend Points

Friend points

and use their Guest Actor cards during shows. Their cards will always be available at the front of the Actor List in Shows unless they are not your friend anymore. By using their cards you will "Support" them. When you login each day you will see a number of how many Friends sent you flowers and you supported.


Go to the Friends page to check your Friends List, search for Friends, send Friend Requests, or Approve Friends. You have a maximum of 90 Friend slots.

You can also get Friend Points by sending Flowers to Friends.

Use Friend Points to pull in Friend Tryouts.

Friends List

You can view the following information on your Friends List:

  • Favorite Actors
  • Badges
  • User Name
  • Rank
  • Last login time
  • Greeting
  • Guest Actors

To see these, click on the Details button next to their username.
You can sort friends by Last Login (default), Rank, Rarity (of their favorite card), Level (of their favorite card) and Friends for by clicking on the gray button on the upper right-hand corner.

Removing Friends

To remove a Friend, tap the blue "Unfriend" button next to Details. Any friends that are removed will not be displayed as a Friend during shows.

Sending Flowers

You can send Flowers to Friends and give both of you Friend Points. You can get 10 points for sending a Flower and 10 more if you receive one back. You can send up to 90 Flowers per day.
To send flowers to everyone at the same time, tap the "Send Flowers to Everyone" button. The button will be pink if you have not sent one yet and grey if you have not.

Friend Requests

By clicking on the "Sent" tab, you can check any Friend Requests you have made. Check the "Pending" tab to see a list of users who have sent Friend Requests to you and approve or reject them.


If you approve one but their Friend List is full, you can either reject it or try again later if they happened to make space. Regardless of whether the user's friend list is full or not your request will Send but it will be Pending until they reject it or remove another user to make space and approve it.

Find Friends

If you tap on the "Find" tab, 10 users will be randomly displayed as possible Friends. Click refresh to get a new list, but there is a good chance that some will repeat. If you know a player's ID, you can also add them by tapping on the "Find ID" button and inputting their ID there.Your ID can be checked in your profile. Click "Submit" to send the request.