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Stage Play


This is the Autumn Troupe's fifth and last play on the english server. It was released during the event of the same name. It features Taichi as the lead with Azami as the second lead. This is the first lead role Taichi plays.


While the dojo's master is away, senior disciple Han watches over Chan and Yun's training. The clumsy Chan and slacker Yun are regarded as failing students within the dojo.

Even though their master has given up on them, Han patiently watches over the two of them as they continue their training. Chan and Yun's respect for their kind mentor only grows.

Taichi Nanao as Chan
A hardworking but clumsy kung-fu student.
{{{lead cards}}} Taichi Fiery Mantou Fist! chibi.png File:Taichi Fiery Mantou Fist! fullbody.png
Azami Izumida as Yun
A kung-fu student who tends to slack off.
{{{second lead cards}}} Azami Fiery Mantou Fist! chibi.png File:Azami Fiery Mantou Fist! fullbody.png
Juza Hyodo as Chilong
A kung-fu master who comes to crush the dojo.
{{{support a cards}}} Juza Fiery Mantou Fist! chibi.png File:Juza Fiery Mantou Fist! fullbody.png
Sakyo Furuichi as Sage
A sage who teaches kung-fu at the dojo.
{{{support b cards}}} Sakyo Fiery Mantou Fist! chibi.png File:Sakyo Fiery Mantou Fist! fullbody.png
Omi Fushimi as Han
An older brother figure who looks after Chan and Yun.
{{{support c cards}}} Omi Fiery Mantou Fist! chibi.png File:Omi Fiery Mantou Fist! fullbody.png
Banri Settsu as Shin
A bodyguard working for Chilong's gang.