February Magic Tryouts


Event Duration

Start Bitter: 2/3/20 19:00 PST End Bitter: 2/8/20 18:59 PST
Start Sweet: 2/8/20 19:00 PST End Sweet: 2/11/20 18:59 PST
Start Bitter & Sweet: 2/11/20 19:00 PST End Bitter & Sweet: 2/15/20 18:59 PST

Important: This is three-part tryouts, meaning the tryout has two main parts (the Bitter and Sweet tryout) and at the end a combined tryout where all cards from the previous two tryouts become available.

Revival Event

Start: 02/05/21 19:00 PST

End: 02/15/21 18:59 PST

Important:This is only a chance to get previous tryout cards that you missed, and there will not be a revival event paired with it.

Cards you can obtain

When doing a 10 pull, you'll have an SR guaranteed.

Bitter Tryout Cards

Banri Settsu SSR Tempting Orangette unbloomed.png
Banri Settsu SSR 【Tempting Orangette】
Azuma Yukishiro SR Chocolate-Dipped Strawberry unbloomed.png
Azuma Yukishiro SR 【Chocolate-Dipped Strawberry】
Misumi Ikaruga R Triangular Mont Blanc unbloomed.png
Misumi Ikaruga R 【Triangular Mont Blanc】
【Tempting Orangette】 【Chocolate-Dipped Strawberry】 【Triangular Mont Blanc】

Sweet Tryout Cards

Tsumugi Tsukioka SSR Donut Next Door unbloomed.png
Tsumugi Tsukioka SSR 【Donut Next Door】
Sakyo Furuichi SR Boastful Chocolate Pretzel unbloomed.png
Sakyo Furuichi SR 【Boastful Chocolate Pretzel】
Muku Sakisaka R Fanciful Crepe unbloomed.png
Muku Sakisaka R 【Fanciful Crepe】
【Donut Next Door】 【Boastful Chocolate Pretzel】 【Fanciful Crepe】
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