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Event Duration

Start Bitter: 2/3/20 19:00 PST End Bitter: 2/8/20 18:59 PST
Start Sweet: 2/8/20 19:00 PST End Sweet: 2/11/20 18:59 PST
Start Bitter & Sweet: 2/11/20 19:00 PST End Bitter & Sweet: 2/15/20 18:59 PST

Important: This is three-part tryouts, meaning the tryout has two main parts (the Bitter and Sweet tryout) and at the end a combined tryout where all cards from the previous two tryouts become available.

Revival Event

Start: 02/05/21 19:00 PST

End: 02/15/21 18:59 PST

Important:This is only a chance to get previous tryout cards that you missed, and there will not be a revival event paired with it.

Cards you can obtain

When doing a 10 pull, you'll have an SR guaranteed.

Bitter Tryout Cards

Banri Settsu SSR 【Tempting Orangette】
Azuma Yukishiro SR 【Chocolate-Dipped Strawberry】
Misumi Ikaruga R 【Triangular Mont Blanc】
【Tempting Orangette】 【Chocolate-Dipped Strawberry】 【Triangular Mont Blanc】

Sweet Tryout Cards

Tsumugi Tsukioka SSR 【Donut Next Door】
Sakyo Furuichi SR 【Boastful Chocolate Pretzel】
Muku Sakisaka R 【Fanciful Crepe】
【Donut Next Door】 【Boastful Chocolate Pretzel】 【Fanciful Crepe】