Events are a set of practices that are included in the "Event" bar found in the "Plays" in-game tab, or can be directly accessed through the main page. When there are no ongoing events the page will not be accessible. Most if not all of them are limited-time only, but they may be reran in the future. These events are the only way to acquire certain limited-time actor cards.

Ongoing Events

3 Cheers for Mankai Company!

3 Cheers for Mankai Company event banner.png
Description: Celebrate Mankai's 1st Anniversary by cheering on your favorite Actors and playing Practices and Shows!

Upcoming Events

Act 2 Episode 7 Promo Campaign

Act 2 episode 7 promo campaign banner.png
Description: Get EXP to unlock Main Story chapters, a limited-time SR Azami card, and other rewards!
Time: TBA
Limited-time Cards
Cards Izumida Azami SR blooming trail unbloomed icon.png
SR Blooming Trail

Past Events

3 Cheers for Mankai Company event banner.png
3 Cheers for Mankai Company!/Event
October 15 - October 25
Revival event banner.png
Revival Events
October 5 - October 9
Act 2 Episode 6 Promo Campaign event banner.png
Act 2 Episode 6 Promo Campaign
September 24 - October 1
Episode 5 promo campaign event banner.png
Act 2 Episode 5 Promo Campaign
September 6 - September 13
HaveAgreattrip banner.png
hAve A greAt trip!
August 20 - August 29
Nocturnality Event Banner.png
August 5 - August 14
A tag-team halloween event banner.png
A Tag-Team Halloween
July 20 - July 29
Revival event banner.png
Revival Events
July 12 - July 16
Ginji the wanderer event banner.png
Tales of Chivalry: Ginji the Wanderer
June 29 - July 8
Walk the night banner.jpg
Into the Night!
June 14 - June 23
Anchors Aweigh Sky Pirates banner.jpg
Captain Sky's Pirates
May 28 - June 6
Dazzling Beach of Passion banner.jpg
Blazing Beachside Passion
May 11 - May 20
The Clockwork Heart banner.jpg
A Clockwork Heart
April 20 - April 29
Midsummer's Sparkle Memory banner.jpg
Sparkling Summer Memories
April 5 - April 14
Mystery event banner.png
My Master's Mesmerized by Mystery
March 16 - March 25
Enjoy! Adult School Trip.png
High Spirits at the Hot Spring!
March 1 - March 10
Stranger event banner.png
The Stranger
February 12 - February 22
Operation: Campfire Bonds
January 26 - February 5
Adventure for Sardines Banner.png
The Great Sardine Search
January 9 - January 19
Alice event banner.png
Alex in Wonderland
December 5 - December 15


  • Troupe Events: Earn Points by doing Shows to gain rewards and rank in the leaderboards to get exclusive cards and other prizes.
  • Season Events: Almost the same as Troupe Events in terms of gameplay, however using a different point system.
  • Improv Events: Earn Tips by doing Improv Battles, with a random chance to get a Lucky Bonus, and use earned tips to spend in a Kame Gacha.
  • Revival Events: Choose from a list of previous events to redo, not including special events.
  • Campaigns: Earn EXP from doing Practices to unlock Main Story chapters faster and get other rewards.
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