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Episode 6 - Summertime Survival...strikes back!
Izumi Kumon, is it true what you said about wanting to join the Mankai Company?
Kumon Yeah. It says on the company blog that you're looking for new members, right? If so, I... I wanna join the Autumn Troupe!
Muku You're following in Juchan's footsteps, huh, Kyuchan?
Banri So what, we're skippin' over the Summer Troupe and getting the Autumn Troupe a new member?
Itaru I feel like he'd fit in better with the Summer Troupe anyway, to be honest.
Banri Oh yeah? How so?
Chikage He's certainly got that rambunctious and energetic air about him. Is that what you mean?
Itaru That's exactly what I mean.
Izumi Um, do you only want to join if you can be in the Autumn Troupe? The next play we're planning for will be the Summer Troupe. The Summer Troupe does-
Kumon They only do comedy, right? No offense, but doing plays with nothing but stupid, empty gags sounds pretty lame to me.
Kumon Nah, I'm all about that super stoic, super badass action! Those are the plays I wanna do!
Tenma Hey, now-
Juza Don't be an idiot! You've never even seen a Summer Troupe play, so don't you dare put 'em down!
Kumon ...
Yuki He sounds like a certain hack when he first joined.
Misumi 'I'm not a comedy guy.'
Tenma How do you remember that well enough to quote me?!
Kazunari Holy crap, Sumi! You sounded just like him!
Misumi Ehehe!
Juza You think a brand new actor can just choose what plays he wants to be in? Acting ain't a game. You think you could be on stage with a crap attitude like that?
Kumon J-Juza...
Izumi (Juza could've worded that a little nicer, but he does have a point.)
Izumi (If Kumon isn't 100% committed to joining Mankai, then he might bail on us later.)
Izumi (Still, he's come to see a bunch of the Autumn Troupe shows, so he's probably serious when he says he wants to act.)
Izumi How about you give it a try and join some of our rehearsals first?
Juza Don't bother, Izumi. He can't do this.
Izumi Huh? But...
Juza Kumon can't act.
Izumi (Juza isn't normally this stubborn. I wonder why he's so set against Kumon joining.)
Muku What about the baseball team, Kyuchan? If you join Mankai, you won't have time to go to practice.
Kumon The baseball team? It...It's fine. I got it all handled.
Juza What are you saying? They practice almost every day.
Kumon So, like... I quit the team at the start of the year, so...
Juza You...quit?
Kumon Yeah, so I wanna join the Mankai Company!
Juza ...Go home.
Kumon But, Juza...
Juza Acting ain't all fun and games like you think it is. It's not somethin' you can do just 'cause you feel like it.
Kumon ...
Izumi (Hmm... This is a tough one...)
Izumi (I feel bad for Kumon, but Juza is his brother. If he's this against Kumon joining, there has to be a reason for it.)
Tenma How about we let him see for himself just how difficult it can be?
Juza What d'you mean?
Tenma He can help out with the road show we've got coming up. Even if he can't join our practices, we could still use an extra pair of hands.
Tenma He should have school off, since it's a three-day weekend, and it would give him a good taste of what we do.
Izumi Good idea!
Kumon Road show?
Izumi Yeah, we're putting the Summer and Autumn Troupes' first plays back on, but we're taking them outside of Tokyo this time around.
Kumon The first plays... You mean like The Roman Episode?! I'll get to see my bro as Lansky again?!
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