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It's done...
Yuki Get changed quick and check 'em.
Juza: ...Mine's good.
Banri: No problems here! Go me! And Yuki!
Juza: I'll give you props this time.
Sakyo: You wouldn't even notice the seams if you weren't looking for 'em.
Yuki If you're up close they're pretty obvious. But the audience won't be able to tell the difference.
Izumi: Good enough for me. Yuki, you're a lifesaver!
Taichi: ...
Izumi: Taichi? Is your outfit okay?
Taichi: Uh, yeah. S'good.
Sakyo: Hey, Nanao. You...
Omi: Are you feeling okay, Taichi? We've still got a few hours before showtime. Maybe you should grab a power nap.
Taichi: ...
Omi C'mon, let's go.
Taichi: Uh, yeah. Right.
Sakyo: ...
Izumi: I suggest you all rest up. It's been a long night.
Banri: You don't think we should be rehearsing?
Izumi: No, right now I think you prioritize being ready to go out on stage in top shape.
Banri: Okay, got it.
Juza: Right.
Izumi: (It's unheard of to have an opening day without a dress rehearsal, and the crew's in bad shape and low on sleep. I'm not really sure about this...)
Izumi: (I just hope they make it through in one piece...)
Luciano: WHaddya got for me, boss?
Capone: Luciano. Lansky. You two are gonna be a team.
Luciano: Say what?!
Lansky: Can we not?
Izumi: (Huh, interesting. They're actually full of energy.)
Luciano: That's what I wanna ask! Why should I have to team up with Cheapskate Lansky over here?! His poorness might be contagious!
Lansky: Yeah, well, I sure as hell wouldn't wanna catch whatever asshole disease you got. I wouldn't touch you with a ten-foot pole.
Luciano: I wouldn't touch you with a twenty-foot one!
Capone: Shut yer traps! Whaddya think this is, a school playground?! Man the hell up and get to work!
Izumi: (Maybe sleep deprivation has given them a boost of adrenaline that's fueling them through this. They aren't tense at all.)
Viewer A: I saw the Spring and Summer shows. This one's a huge departure from those, but in a good way.
Viewer B: Yeah, I'm digging this!
Izumi: (Whew, we made it! Hopefully they can only imrprove from here with more proper rest.)
Izumi: Great work, guys!
Banri: Zzz...
Juza: Zzzsnonk...
Omi: Zzz...
Taichi: ...
Izumi: Everyone's passed right out...
Sakyo: This is how they end a play?
Izumi: They were running on fumes as it was.
Izumi: Nice work. You and the whole team really pulled it together.
Sakyo: That's just day 1 done. We've barely gotten started.
Izumi: You're right about that. It's a start, though!
Sakyo: Yeah. Good thing this group's got more stamina than brains.
Izumi: Haha, no kidding.
Izumi: What the...
Izumi: (Something's sitting under the door.)
Izumi: Sakyo, check this note out.
Sakyo Doesn't look like a fan letter, huh.
Sakyo: nexT TIMe wilL be wOrSE than the costUMes.
Izumi: Another threat... this is getting really old.
Izumi: I'm starting to think we should talk to the cops about this, maybe tighten our security.
Sakyo: ...I strongly doubt that would help here.
Izumi: What?
Sakyo: ...
Izumi: (What's that supposed to mean?)