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Whatever it is, i admitted everything burns my spirit.

I can do better than anyone though never put my all. Whether sports, study, or fight, whatever it is.

Meaningless boring days.

Buried within unfulfilled thirst, i had done everything. Dragged into crime, even betting my life, i didn’t even mind.

My life is in easy mode.

I couldn’t help to feel amazed looking at them who desperately struggling with their all.

Why did you try so frantically?

Though those are easy things.

[Y’ know, Hyodo Juza beat Yama High leader?]

[Him again?]

Though we’re not close friend.

Somehow i was interested to their talk.

[Who is ihe?]

[O High’s yankee, he’s been stood out since middle high.]

[Isn’t he always being alone? Lone wolf, they said]

[I see…]

O High is nearby

I stood up and walking as thinking that way.

[Banri, going home?]



[We never know what’s in Banri’s head, right?]

(As if I have an idea)

Answering their talk silently, I walked towards O High.



[No way, I can’t stand. My knees laughing and refused to stand up. The  fuck is this]

I just heard his name, and i thought I’d punch him as greetings.

But without me knowing, I was falling into the ground.

This is my first experience.

I have no idea what happened.



He averted his eyes from me and casually walked home.

That was my first defeat

Not exaggerating but, this was the first time i knocked down by a stranger things in my 17 years life.

After that incident and my wounds were healed, my head was full with thoughts of defeating him.

[I won’t lose this time]

Facing him, I spouted it.

He averted his eyes from me.


[I don’t want to fight with you again]


[Everyone who challenged me, they have ambitions to reach the top. But you are different.]


[There’s no value of fighting you]


I failed to provoke him.

I felt totally ignored, i could only see him leaving me.

Since that day, no matter how much i challenged him, the result is never changed.

Whether i had not not opponent to fight, i lived my life emotionally.

No merit of fighting me, stop joking.

I want to win, however it is.

Thinking of it, i saw him enter a worn-out theatre.

So his taste is theatre huh.

I peeked inside curiously.

There was a poster on the door [Auditions for Autumn Troupe] written there.




[Come here, audition will be started in a minute]

I had no idea, that perm guy didn’t listen to me at all.

I was pushed into the theater.

Note: I also published my translated story in https://web.facebook.com/mankaicompany