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Izumi: Let's see here. It's called Romeo and... Julius?
Sakuya: I guess Juliet's a guy in this version.
Masumi: So this some dude on dude kinda thing?
Citron: Oh! So thrilling!
Izumi: I think it's more of a bromance?
Izumi: ...
Izumi: (...This is pure gold.)
Sakuya: Wow, this script is super good!
Izumi: I agree. It's not just a rehash with a gender-swapped Juliet. They make the whole story about friendship.
Citron: Very nice.
Masumi: It's okay, I guess.
Izumi: As for the casting
Tsuzuru: Director! The script!
Izumi: Wow, Tsuzuru, up already?
Tsuzuru: So, uh, what did you think?
Izumi: It's perfect. We'll use it for next month's show.
Tsuzuru: Really?!
Izumi: Really.
Tsuzuru: Whew! That's a relief!
Izumi: I was worried how drag would fly for our first production, but you figured it out.
Sakuya: Turning Juliet into a guy was a great idea!
Tsuzuru: Well, I had some personal inspiration. I'm not exactly Romeo, but I've lost a friend because of family issues before.
Izumi: So this is based on a true story?
Tsuzuru: Not exactly—see, I come from a poor family, and I had this friend. His family was rich, and they told him to stop hanging out with me.
Tsuzuru: We used to be super tight, up until that point. Then we became complete strangers.
Citron: I understand your plight. It is difficult for people to give an eye for an eye.
Tsuzuru: You mean 'see eye to eye', right? I'm not out for revenge.
Sakuya: But in this play you have them going on a journey together instead of being torn apart, right? It's a much happier ending.
Tsuzuru: My understanding is that the last Spring Troupe had an upbeat, straightforward image, so I figured we might as well stick to that.
Izumi: You made the right call for sure. This play should make for a fantastic jumping-off point for the new Spring Troupe.
Izumi: Okay, let's get down to casting...
Tsuzuru: Actually, I wrote the play with a specific cast already in mind.
Izumi: You did?
Tsuzuru: Romeo our lead, will be played by Sakuya.
Sakuya: Who, me?!
Tsuzuru: You've been here from the start, and if you ask me, you represent exactly what the Spring Troupe stands for.
Izumi: Tsuzuru's right. Sakuya, you're upbeat, energetic, and genuine.
Tsuzuru: Exactly.
Sakuya: Look, uh, I just wanna be up on stage. I'm fine with bit roles, background scenery, you name it!
Izumi: Too bad background scenery isn't a role.
Sakuya: All I'm saying is, are you sure about this? About me?
Citron: No protein!
Tsuzuru: Problem. It's problem. I just...how are your mistakes so creatively wrong?
Masumi: Who cares?
Izumi: Then it's settled. Sakuya is officially our troupe leader!
Sakuya: I'll do my best!
Izumi: I'll be counting on you as leader to keep the rest of the troupe together and in line. You're up for that, right?
Sakuya: Honestly, I'm not sure if I'm exactly leader material...
Izumi: Sure you are, Sakuya! I know you've got what it takes.
Sakuya: I'll do my very best, then!
Izumi: That's the spirit!
Izumi: What've you got for the rest of the cast, Tsuzuru?
Tsuzuru: The role of Julius goes to Masumi.
Masumi: Uh-huh.
Tsuzuru: I'll be playing Romeo's buddy Mercutio. Itaru gets the role of Juluis's older cousin Tybalt.
Izumi: Nice. I'm already imagining it in my head.
Tsuzuru: Rounding it out is Citron as Friar Laurence.
Citron: Aww, but the friar, he has so very few lines!
Tsuzuru: Yeah, that's kinda the point.
Citron: So you haze me because you tremble in fear of my incredible talent, is it?
Tsuzuru: I tremble in fear at every word that comes out of your mouth!
Izumi: Ooh, I get it. The friar might not have many lines, but each line he delivers has to make an impact. And if anyone makes an impact, it's you, Citron!
Tsuzuru: 'Kay.
Izumi: Your casting choices fit like a glove. You've outdone yourself, Tsuzuru! Now we just have to rehearse it untill we're at the top of our game.
Sakuya: Yes, ma'am!
Tsuzuru: I bet rehearsals are gonna be rough.
Citron: I very much look forward to it!
Mazumi: You're pretty excited, huh.
Izumi: Of course I am! Look at this grade A script we've got. I can't wait to see you guys in action.
Masumi: I could write a script...
Izumi: I get it, Masumi. Just focus on your part.
Izumi: We'll be doing the read-through starting tomorrow, so read up, boys!
Izumi: (This is great. The script's done and morale is high. I'm feeling pumped up too.)
Izumi: (Now all that's left is to give Itaru his copy of the script ad fill him in on the casting.
Izumi: (I hope he's feeling better now...)
Izumi: Itaru? Are you in? It's me, Izumi.
Izumi: Hello?
Izumi: (Is he sleeping? Doesn't sound like it. I hear some clicking and clacking inside.
Izumi: Itaru, I'm coming in!
Itaru: GET OUT!
Izumi: Whoa!
Izumi: Uh, Itaru?
Itaru: You gotta be kidding me. You just cost me three kills. You're about to regret the day you were born/
Izumi: Itaru?!
Itaru: Don't barge into my damn room! Can't you tell I'm in the middle of something?
Izumi: (Okay, we're REALLY close. He's got me pressed against the wall like some romance novel! A bad one!)
Izumi: Er, yes, I can see you're veyr busy with your game, uh...I'm sorry, who are you?
Itaru: Itaru Chigasaki, what's it to you?
Izumi: ...So much for the evil twin idea.
Izumi: Wasn't Itaru supposed to be mature? Where did all of his chill go?!)
Izumi: Gosh, um, you must be feeling really under the weather!
Izumi: I, uh, I'm just here to drop this script off. Read it when you can, okay? Hope you feel better soon! Bye!
Izumi: That was definitely not how I was expecting this to go...
Izumi: (He's going to be okay tomorrow, right? Right?)