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Izumi: (It's now officially been a week. Today's the script deadline.)
Sakuya: I haven't seen Tsuzuru around much. You think he's okay?
Izumi: Masumi, how's Tsuzuru doing?
Masumi: Dunno.
Izumi: He's in his room, right?
Masumi: Prolly.
Izumi: Probably?! You're his roommate. Don't you ever talk?
Masumi: Nah. I barely ever notice he's there.
Izumi: What?
Masumi: He's become one with his PC.
Izumi: You mean he's been in front of his computer the whole time?
Masumi: Prolly.
Citron: I tried to speak to Tsuzuru the other day but was met with vast silence.
Itaru: He's [sic] doesn't seem to be going to class at his college, either. Maybe we should check up on him.
Izumi: Good call. It's deadline day, so we'll need to do that either way.
Sakuya: What if he's still not done?
Izumi: We'll just have to use another script then.
Sakuya: Even if he's mostly done?
Izumi: We can't wait another day. Our practice time will directly impact the quality of our show. We have to get started tomorrow, one way or another.
Sakuya: Oh...
Itaru: It's not an easy choice to make, but we're not experienced enough as a troupe to be able to afford any leeway.
Izumi: (I hate to come down so hard on people, but that's part of a director's job.)
Izumi: (Guess I'll have to find a way to make up for the week of progress we've lost.)
Izumi: I'll go check up on Tsuzuru.
Sakuya: I'll go, too!
Citron: I too am much worried.
Masumi: If you're going, so am I.
Izumi: What about you, Itaru?
Itaru: Sorry, but I think I'd better go to my room for the night. Rehearsal's off today, and I've been feeling under the weather since last night...
Izumi: Really? Are you okay?
Itaru: I should be with a little rest.
Izumi: All right, just take care of yourself.
Itaru: Thank you. Good night.
Izumi: Let's get going, then.
Izumi: (Did I make a bad call by putting my faith in Tsuzuru?)
Izumi: Tsuzuru, are you there? Your week is up. I'd like to follow up on the script.
Izumi: Tsuzuru?
Sakuya: He's not answering.
Citron: Maybe he is sleeping?
Masumi: Could be dead.
Izumi: WHAT?! Tsuzuru, I'm opening the door now!
Tsuzuru: ...
Izumi: !!
Sakuya: He's passed out! Tsuzuru, are you okay?!
Citron: Oh, my dear Tsuzuru, is he passed away?!
Izumi: I'd better call an ambulance, quick—
Masumi: PC.
Izumi: Huh?
Masumi: Check the PC.
Izumi: Something's typed out on the screen...?
Sakuya: "It's done"?
Izumi: It's done... It's done?! The script is done, Tsuzuru?!
Tsuzuru: ...
Izumi: He's asleep...
Sakuya: Oh, he was just sleeping...thank goodness!
Citron: There, you see? Just as I suggested!
Izumi: Wow... He really finished the script. I'm so glad!
Izumi: (I knew I could believe in him!)
Izumi: Let's get this printed out, ASAP!
Sakuya: I'll do it!
Izumi: Thanks!
Citron: Tsuzuru, Tsuzuru. Wake up.
Izumi: Just let him sleep. Something tells me he didn't get much of it this week.
Citron: Ah, you make the good point! He has dark turtles under his eyes!
Izumi: It's "circles".
Izumi: Rest well, Tsuzuru.
Tsuzuru: Zzz...