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Episode 1 - The Show Must Go On!
Izumi: Okay guys, Itaru and Citron will be joining us for rehearsals from now on. Tsuzuru has the week off for scriptwriting.
Citron: Gladdened to be here!
Itaru: I've got zero theater experience, so I hope you'll bear with me.
Sakuya: Are you done with your moving prep, Itaru?
Itaru: I brought over the basic necessities in my car. I'll just hire movers to bring the rest in next week.
Sakuya: Ooh, you've got your own car? That's so cool!
Itaru: Let me know if you ever need the car for anything.
Izumi: (Finally, a responsible adult! I've got tears in my eyes.)
Izumi: I might end up taking you up on that.
Itaru:' Sure. That's why I offered.
Izumi: (So dependable, too! I think this is the first time we've had someone over the age of 20 with his act together. I hope Matsukawa takes some notes.)
Izumi: Let's start today with some warm-ups and vocal exercises.
Izumi: Next, we're going to do some basic pantomiming. No lines. You have to convey a situation strictly through your body language.
Izumi: I'll tell you what you're supposed to be, and the others can guess it. We'll make a game out of it at first.
Izumi: Let's start with Sakuya.
Sakuya: Ready!
Izumi: Sakuya, you're getting ready to go out for the day.
Sakuya: Yes, ma'am!
Izumi: Go!
Sakuya: ...
Citron: Ooh, I know! It is the traditional Japanese bon-odori dance, is it not?
Izumi: Nope.
Itaru: A robot?
Izumi: Nope.
Izumi: (He's kinda moving like one, though.)
Masumi: He's got broken bones and can't move.
Izumi: Not even close.
Sakuya: ...
Citron: What could it be?
Itaru:' ...
Izumi: Time's up. The correct answer is, someone getting ready to go out for the day.
Sakuya: I was trying to brush my teeth and comb my hair, but...
Citron: I had no clue!
Itaru: That was a bit tricky, huh.
Sakuya: Urgh...
Izumi: (Sakuya needs to work on his coordination.)
Izumi: Masumi, you're next.
Masumi: What should I do?
Izumi: You're waiting for someone.
Masumi: Okay.
Masumi: ...
Sakuya: Is he looking for something?
Izumi: Getting warm.
Citron: He's waiting for something.
Izumi: Warmer.
Itaru: I got it! He's waiting for someONE.
Izumi: Bingo!
Masumi: Was that good?
Izumi: Yup, you're good.
Izumi: (Masumi's even good at pantomiming. Is there anything he can't do?)
Izumi: Itaru, you're up next.
Itaru: Go easy on me, okay?
Izumi: (Okay, Itaru and Citron are both passable. They'll get better with more experience.)
Izumi: Next up—
Itaru: Hey, wasn't rehearsal supposed to last until 9?
Izumi: Oh gosh, I'm sorry. It's 9, isn't it?
Sakuya: I can keep going!
Citron: I would gladly extend this session at no cost!
Izumi: How much would it cost normally??
Masumi: I could go until morning with you.
Izumi: Masumi, remind me to have a long talk with you about the importance of phrasing.
Itaru: Yeah, but people have school to get to in the morning, and I have to work. It'd probably be best to take things easy, you know?
Izumi: I guess you've got a point. Let's call it a night.
Sakuya: Excuse me, may I keep doing voice exercises a little longer?
Izumi: I'll give you thirty more minutes. After that, head to bed, all right?
Citron: I shall join you!
Masumi: I'll stay if you are.
Itaru: I'll be going, then. Good night.
Izumi: (Itaru's pretty quick to leave. Maybe theater asn't exactly something he wanted to do, but still...)
Sakuya: Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers!
Citron: Peeper Piter pepped a pack of packled peckers!
Sakuya: Try again, Citron. Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.
Citron: Packer Peter piped a pick of peckled peppers!
Sakuya: Close...but not close at all!
Citron: What a hard language this is!
Izumi: (Citron's big hurdle is the local language, and I can't really blame him. He's very motivated, though. I just hope he can improve by showtime.)
Citron: Poking Pickles in the Peeper! Woohoo!
Izumi: (Something tells me things are going to get a lot worse before they get better...)