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Episode 1 - The Show Must Go On!
Izumi: And so, as of today, Itaru Chigasaki and Citron here will be joining us!
Citron Once more, a pleasure to meet you.
Izumi: (It's still kind of mindblowing seeing Citron with his mask off. He was even prettier than I expected.)
Manager: Wow, you got five people together on the new Spring Troupe's third day of existence! Color me impressed!
Tsuzuru: Where's Itaru, anyway?
Sakuya: He went home to get his stuff. He'll be joining our rehearsals starting tomorrow.
Izumi: All right. I'd like to settle on a program for our show next month.
Sakuya: Should we be doing that when Itaru's not here?
Izumi: We've only got seven weeks until showtime. If we don't start on a script now, we have no chance.
Manager: Is using old scripts out of the question?
Izumi: Not entirely.
Sakuya: The original Spring Troupe's Romeo and Juliet was great!
Masumi: If we do the same one, people will expect it to be just as good.
Izumi: They ARE kind of a tough act to follow...
Citron: Romeo and Juliet is a lovely story! Back in my country, we cry when Romeo goes back to his home planet!
Izumi: Uh, you sure we're talking about the same story?
Tsuzuru: Hey, um...
Izumi: Yes, Tsuzuru?
Tsuzuru: I'd like to write a new script, if I could.
Izumi: Oh, right. You're the aspiring scriptwriter.
Izumi: (But script readings will take time, especially with this cast. We need a script yesterday. I hate to dsappoint Tsuzuru, but...)
Manager: What would you say to writing the next one, Tsuzuru?
Tsuzuru: Who's to say there'll even be a next one?
Manager: Well, uh...
Izumi: Hmm.
Izumi: How long would it hypothetically take for you to write a script, Tsuzuru?
Tsuzuru: I've written short pieces, but nothing in the two-hour range before.
Izumi: Ah...
Izumi: (I guess I could give him a deadline, but that might be time better spent rehearsing.)
Izumi: (Maybe I should call it off...)
Tsuzuru: If I had one week...could you give me a week to take a crack at this? If it doesn't work out, I'll drop it. I won't miss a rehearsal while I'm at it either!
Izumi: Tsuzuru...
Izumi: (He looks so driven. I can tell he really wants to do this script.)
Izumi: Okay. I'll give you one week off rehearsals. But in return, I expect a complete and workable script.
Tsuzuru: Really? Are you sure?
Izumi: I'd better not see anything halfassed, either, or we'll have words.
Tsuzuru: Yikes...
Izumi: Look, our troupe's existence is on the line here. Don't screw the rest of us over just because you wanted to try your hand at a writing exercise.
Tsuzuru: ...Yes'm.
Sakuya: Good luck, Tsuzuru!
Manager: Have you settled on what you want to write?
Tsuzuru: I've had Romeo and Juliet on the brain ever since I saw the first Spring Troupe's show, so I'll double down on that.
Citron: Very nice! I will play the abducted alien!
Tsuzuru: Seriously, whatever you saw, it ain't Romeo and Juliet.
Masumi: You gonna be Juliet?
Izumi: Who, me? No way. I'm just here to direct. I'm never setting foot on stage again.
Izumi: (I made up my mind about that long ago. I'll never take the stage as an actor again. I'm not cut out for it, anyway.)
Manager: The Mankai Company's always been an all-male group. Traditionally, guys also cover the female roles.
Izumi: Ooh, I see.
Sakuya: I guess that means someone's putting on a dress this time, huh?
Manager: The first Spring Troupe had an effeminate actor who excelled at female roles, but...
Izumi: I feel like having one of you dress up as a girl might come off in bad taste if we don't play our cards right.
Tsuzuru: Don't worry, guys. I've got this.
Izumi: Okay, Tsuzuru. We'll take your word for it.
Tsuzuru: Thanks.
Izumi: All right, so Tsuzuru's in charge of the script. That's all for today.
Izumi: Tomorrow's a weekday, so Sakuya and Masumi have school. Don't be late for class, okay?
Masumi: You wake me up.
Izumi: Sakuya, I'm leaving Masumi in your capable hands.
Sakuya: Yes, ma'am!
Manager: Are you sure you want Tsuzuru handling this? We could still dig up old Spring Troupe scripts.
Manager: Maybe do some readings of those with the others, just in case?
Izumi: (That would be a safer bet, but...)
Izumi: No, let's not. We'll be fine. Just have faith in Tsuzuru.
Izumi: (I saw the look in his eye. He'll pull through for us. Sometimes it's best to just go with your gut, and that's what mine's telling me.)