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Episode 1 - The Show Must Go On!
Izumi: Good morning! Everybody ready to face the day?
Sakuya: Good morning!
Tsuzuru: Mornin'.
Masumi: ...Zzz.
Izumi: Today, we're going to search for some new members.
Sakuya: Three of us aren't enough, huh?
Izumi:; The original Spring Troupe had five members. If we don't add at least two more, our script options will be very limited.
Tsuzuru: Good point. You can't tell many stories with just one hero, one sidekick, and one supporting actor.
Izumi: Right? So I figure we fill out our main cast with five people, and we get outside help from other troupes when we need more than that.
Izumi: So today's goal is to attract some new talent with the street act that Tsuzuru and Masumi have put together! You guys ready?
Sakuya: Yes, ma'am!
Tsuzuru: 'Kay.
Masumi: ...Zzz.
Izumi: Get UP already, Masumi!
Tsuzuru: I dunno, though. You think a street act by some rookies like us will even work?
Izumi: Won't know if we don't try, right? Oh, by the way, Tsuzuru. You picked our troupe because it had a dorm, right?
Tsuzuru: Yup. I wanted to strike out on my own, but the thought of paying my own rent on Veludo Way is just scary.
Izumi: Then maybe our best bet is to focus on more people in your shoes.
Tsuzuru: People in my shoes? In other words...
Masumi: The homeless?
Tsuzuru: Is that how I look to you?
Sakuya: O-Of course not!
Sakuya: Um, we can find more people like Masumi, too!
Masumi: I'm the only me you should need.
Izumi: Somehow I doubt we'll find anyone that shares Masumi's...distinguishing traits.
Izumi: So that just leaves the homeless. Okay, let's formulate a homeless-friendly street act.
Tsuzuru: Can we find another word to use for this? Please?
Tsuzuru: Even I found a home with the Mankai Company!
Sakuya: Isn't it great getting warm meals every day?
Masumi: No more doghouse for me.
Passerby A: Good lord.
Passerby B: Talk about a ham-fest.
Izumi: (The reactions leave a lot to be desired, but at least we're getting attention.)
???: Ham. Ah, so this must be the traditional pork product of Japan.
Izumi: Huh?
Izumi: (A tourist? He really sticks out.)
???: Such a nice, pink, ham-fest!
Izumi: (Is he eyeing my legs?!)
Izumi: Excuse me, the only ham here is our acting, okay!...Wait, I mean—
???: Oh, sorry! I beg your pardon, lady!
Izumi: (I have a hard time believing this guy's a regular tourist. Maybe he's an actor from another troupe in character?)
Izumi: What troupe are you from? We're in the middle of a street act, so I'd appreciate you not interrupting it.
???: Ah, truly anything goes in cool Japan! But I am not here to watch a man's strip act.
Izumi: STREET act, not strip! You've established your gimmick, so if you're going to do one, find another street corner.
???: I am merely a foreigner who passes by. I am no actor.
Passerby A: Who's the guy in the mask?
Passerby B: An actor, maybe?
Izumi: (Ugh, no, now he's drawing attention away from us!)
Sakuya: Something wrong?
Masumi: Who's the guy?
Tsuzuru: Is he advertising for a show?
Izumi: He says he's not an actor.
Tsuzuru: If you're not an actor, then what's with the getup?
???: This is what we wear, where I come from. How shameful, the amount of skin people leave bare in this place!
Izumi: Oh, are you on vacation?
???: I am studying abroad! You see, I was interested in visiting the mecca of theater!
Izumi: Oh, so you're into theater? Have you made arrangements for where to stay yet?
???: Not yet!
Izumi: (He could be a potential recruit! He's got nice features under the mask, too.Bet he'd look great up on stage.)
Izumi: How would you like to join the Mankai Company, then? Room and board are covered, and you'd get to learn all about theater!
Tsuzuru: Um, with all due respect, are you nuts?
Izumi: Hey, he's got impact, and he definitely wouldn't overlap with anyone else. You don't find someone with this much stage presence every day!
Tsuzuru: Would he even be able to recite lines?
???: No prob, Bob!
Tsuzuru: All I can see are problems here!
???: All good, all good! I shall join the Manzai Company!
Izumi: To start, it's "Mankai Company."
Masumi: So now it's a tourist? You'll hit on anything, huh?
Izumi: You watch your mouth!
Citron: I am Citron. A pleasure.
Sakuya: Nice to meet you!
Tsuzuru: I dunno about this one...
Izumi: It's getting a bit dark out. Maybe we should call it a day.
Sakuya: I can keep going!
Tsuzuru: Why spend more time when nobody's stopping as it is?
Citron: It is as they say. Waste makes haste!
Sakuya: C-Cut it out, Citron! All this spinning around is making me dizzy!
Izumi: The saying is "Haste makes waste,"...now stop spinning Sakuya around, okay?
Citron: Ooh, my mistake!
Sakuya: Can you apologize AFTER you stop spinning me??
Izumi: Tsuzuru, how did you go about searching for a dorm anyway?
Tsuzuru: I checked the bulletin board in front of the station for theater ads or housing ads mentioning dorms or hostels, mostly.
???: ...
Izumi: (Oh hey, there's someone in front of it now.)
Sakuya: Urgh, I'm so dizzy, I can barely walk straight...
Sakuya: Oh gosh, I'm sorry! I lost my balance!
Izumi: Please, excuse us. Are you okay?
???: I'm good, thanks.
Citron: So sorry! Sakuya's bad is my bad!
???: No worries.
Izumi: (Hmm. He's checking out the housing ads. I wonder...)
Izumi: Hey, um, are you looking for a place to live around here?
???: Huh? Yes, I am. Excuse me, but you are?
Izumi: I'm Izumi Tachibana, the chairman and director of the Mankai Company.
Izumi: We're recruiting new live-in members at the moment, if you're interested.
???: Live-in, huh...
Izumi: We've got a dorm, and you room and board are covered as long as you work weeknights and take part in rehearsals and shows twice a week.
???: Room and board are covered? Do people each get their own room?
Izumi: No, actually, it's two people to a dorm, with a communal bathroom.
???: Oh...see, I have a lot of stuff. It'd be kind of tight if I didn't have a room to myself.
Izumi: I see...
Sakuya: I've got a room to myself, and there's one more Spring Troupe room left. What if we let him keep that one?
Izumi: You'd room with Citron then?
Sakuya: Yeah, I'm fine with that.
Citron: I am also good! I have always wished to live in Japanese sardine can rooms.
Izumi: Okay, looks like we can give you a room to yourself.
???: Great, tell me more then.
Izumi: Sure! Right this way, I'll show you to the dorm!
Masumi: So after the tourist is a businessman... I should get a job.
Izumi: Let's just focus on graduating from high school for now, Masumi!