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Episode 1 - The Show Must Go On!
Sakuya: Good morning!
Tsuzuru: Mornin'.
Masumi: Still sleepy...
Izumi: Morning, guys! Where's Matsukawa?
Sakuya: Probably sleeping. He usually serves breakfast at noon.
Tsuzuru: Wouldn't that be lunch then?
Izumi:' ...Pretty much. Well, let's get started, shall we?
Sakuya: Yes, ma'am!
Izumi: We'll start with some warm-up exercises.
Masumi: We're exercising?
Tsuzuru: Do actors even need to do that?
Izumi: You need stamina to make it through a whole performance, and you need to have a certain amount of flexibility to act out fight scenes without getting hurt.
Tsuzuru: Makes sense.
Izumi: Once we're done with our physical exercise, we'll do some vocal exercises too. Okay everybody, spread out!
Sakuya: Yes, ma'am.
Tsuzuru: Right.
Masumi: ...Zzz.
Izumi: Masumi, rise and shine!
Izumi: Okay! Now it's time to get down to some actual acting practice.
Izumi: This will be our first time, so we're going to have a little fun with this by doing some improv.
Sakuya: Like a street act?
Izumi: Yeah. I'm going to assign each of you a basic role, and it'll be your job to ad-lib your way through it.
Sakuya: I'll give it a shot!
Tsuzuru: Sure thing.
Masumi: ...Zzz.
Izumi: Masumi, UP!
Izumi: ...
Izumi: (Sakuya's as stilted as he was yesterday. Tsuzuru warned me he was inexperienced, and it shows.)
Izumi: (Masumi's a cut above, though. It's hard to believe he's a beginner.)
Izumi: Okay, that's good for now. Let's change it up some.
Masumi: How was I?
Izumi: Great.
Masumi: Really?
Izumi: Yup.
Izumi: (I'm going to keep putting Sakuya and Tsuzuru in different roles to see where they shine.)
Masumi: ...Zzz.
Izumi: Masumi, wake UP!
Masumi: Not really feelin' it.
Izumi: I just said you were great.
Masumi: You didn't really mean it though.
Izumi: That's not...
Izumi: (Masumi's solid, but aside from being a good all-rounder, it's kinda hard pinpointing what he's best at.)
Izumi: (I'm really glad to have him. He's the best we've got right now, and we really need him. I just need to do something about his motivation.)
Izumi: First, I want us to get a feel for what sets each of you apart. Do whatever you're most comfortable with, okay?
Sakuya: Yes, ma'am!
Tsuzuru: 'Kay.
Masumi: ...Zzz.
Izumi: Masumi! Am I going to need to bring some pots and pans in here?
Izumi: (No one said this was going to be easy...)
Manager Ah, there you are. Good timing.
Izumi: Something up?
Manager: Masumi's parents got in touch and gave their permission for him to stay.
Izumi: Oh, that's good news.
Izumi: They weren't worried?
Manager: Beats me. All I got was a message their secretary left on the voice mail.
Izumi: Really?
Manager: Feels kinda hands-off, doesn't it?
Izumi: No kidding.
Izumi: (It's not often that you have someone's family's secretary answering for them. I wonder what kind of family Masumi has...)