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Episode 1 - The Show Must Go On!
Manager Okay, dig in!
Izumi: This is, uh...
Tsuzuru: I've heard of food porn, but this is more like food horror...
Sakuya: Believe it or not, today's a good day.
Izumi: You mean it's usually worse?!
Masumi: I've lost my appetite.
Manager: Don't be shy, everybody. There's more where that came from!
Tsuzuru: I guess I can try a bite...
Izumi: Y-Yeah, you can't judge a book by its cover, right? Here goes nothing.
Sakuya: Ah, careful guys!
Tsuzuru: Urgh! Nope!
Izumi: ...Help us all.
Masumi: I'm done, thanks.
Manager: But you haven't even had a bite, Masumi!
Izumi: (This is bad. Really bad. How can we expect to thrive when our own food is a health risk?
Izumi: (Okay, think, me. How can I repurpose these ingredients into something edible?
Izumi: That's it! Curry!
Manager: Huh?
Izumi: Curry is the perfect solution to spice up this culinary nightmare!
Tsuzuru: For real?
Manager: Oh, you'd rather have curry? I can remake-
Izumi: I'll do it!
Masumi: You can cook?
Izumi: I mean, I'm no master chef but I can make a thing or two.
Izumi: In fact, I'm officially taking over cooking duties.
Manager: No, I couldn't possibly pile that onto your duties as director! Don't worry, I can handle-
Tsuzuru: I'll fill in every now and then too.
Sakuya: Wow, you can cook, Tsuzuru?
Tsuzuru: My parents both work, so I've had to make dinner for my younger brothers before. If you need anything simple like fried rice, I'm your man.
Tsuzuru: But I gotta say that this mess is way beyond my skill level. Is it even salvageable?
Izumi: Maybe with curry... Yeah, I think I can make it work with curry. Just sit tight, I got this.
Izumi: Here you are, all done.
Tsuzuru: You sure about this one?
Izumi: Positive. Give it a try. It tastes just fine.
Masumi: I'll eat anything you cook.
Sakuya: It smells really good!
Manager: What curry roux did you use for that?
Izumi: Roux? Oh, are you talking about those blocks they sell in stores with all the seasonings and ingredient ratios pre-arranged?
Manager: Uh, yeah?
Izumi:' I wouldn't touch those things with a ten-foot pole! They're an offense to any self-respecting curry enthusiast!
Manager: Wait, really? Then how in the world did you put this together?
Izumi: Why I'm glad you asked! First, I had to pick out just the right spices, and...
Masumi: I'm done.
Tsuzuru: Good stuff.
Manager: Whoa, you guys already finished your plates?
Sakuya: When did you do that?
Tsuzuru: I wasn't gonna listen to a spice lecture all night. I mean, it was a good meal, don't get me wrong.
Manager: Okay, time to get chomping!
Sakuya: Here goes!
Manager: Well, I'll be...
Sakuya: It's delicious! This is the best curry I've ever had in my life!
Manager: Same.
Izumi: I should hope so, for all the time and effort I put into working out the perfect ratios. In fact, it's a well-known secret that if you combine the right kind of spices with...
Manager: ...I'm gonna get some seconds.
Tsuzuru: Got any onions, Manager?
Sakuya: I'll have seconds too, please!
Izumi: Hey, I was talking here!
Manager: Thanks for dinner!
Sakuya: Yes, thank you. It was wonderful!
Tsuzuru: Thanks!
Masumi: I could eat this every day.
Izumi: Really? because I always wanted to try making curry variants every day of the year, you know.
Tsuzuru: Don't know about that one, chief...
Sakuya: I gotta say, it's nice eating together with everyone like this.
Izumi: Yeah, it was pretty lively tonight, wasn't it?
Manager: Reminds me of the dorm back in the old days.
Manager: Oh, that reminds me. I got a video fo the original Spring Troupe's show if you guys are interested.
Izumi: I'm down. I'll get some coffee going.
|Sakuya: I'll help!
Masumi: I'll watch you pour coffee.
Tsuzuru: You're just watching?
Izumi: (So this was the first Spring Troupe.
Sakuya: Amazing.
Izumi: No kidding. The whole audience gave a standing ovation.
Sakuya: I never knew the Mankai Company used to be such a big deal.
Manager: The Spring Troupe had an upbeat, straightforward flair that made them the most popular of the sub-troupes.
Tsuzuru: I can see why. They took something as overdone as Romeo and Juliet and breathed real life into it.
Manager: We weren't really sure if a tragedy would fit their image, honestly. It seemed more fitting for one of the other groups.
Manager: But our scriptwriter just wouldn't let it go. He gave it a Spring Troupe twist that made it a smash hit.
Tsuzuru: Oh, wow.
Sakuya: I wonder if we'll ever be like that.
Tsuzuru: That'll be a tall order.
Izumi: We'll get there. I know it
Izumi: (Watching this video made me even more certain that I won't let this troupe go under. Not after seeing the magic they used to create.)
Izumi: (I've got to put together a play that does justice to everything Dad made.)
Manager: We'll get there!
Sakuya: Right!
Tsuzuru: We're gonna have to, I guess.
Izumi: Practice starts tomorrow, boys. I want everybody in the training hall bright and early at 7.
Tsuzuru: For real? I gotta get up as early as I did when I worked at the bakery?
Sakuya: Yes, ma'am!
Masumi: You wake me up.
Izumi: I will do no such thing! Go on, now. Early to bed, early to rise!
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