Episode 1 - The Show Must Go On!
Manager: This is our dorm.
Izumi: Wow, it's huge.
Manager: The first floor has the practice room, the lounge, and the communal bath.
Manager:' Since the kitchen's next to the lounge, we pretty much eat all of our meals here.
Manager: There's six dorms on the first floor, and six on the second for a total of twelve rooms.
Tsuzuru:' Twelve rooms? Does the Spring Troupe get all of them?
Manager: Nope, each sub-group gets three rooms, with two people a room.
Izumi: Is this where you've been staying, Sakuya?
Sakuya: Yes ma'am. I use room 101. I moved in the other day, and it was pretty easy since I packed light.
Tsuzuru: I've got stuff stored in a coin locker, so I'd like to grab a room here tonight.
Manager: Be my guest! You've got your pick of rooms.
Tsuzuru: Great, I'll take 102, then. The one by the stairs.
Izumi: Guess I'll be expected to live here, too?
Manager: There's a room on the second floor that Yukio used to stay in. Say the word and it's yours.
Izumi: My dad's room, huh...
Masumi: I'll take that room, too.
Izumi: No, you won't!
Izumi: First off, you're still in high school, Masumi. You need your parents' permission to stay in a dorm at all.
Masumi: It's cool.
Izumi: It is NOT cool.
Izumi: Sakuya, you've already gotten the okay from your parents, right?
Sakuya: Well, um, not exactly..
Izumi: Wait, you haven't told them you're here?!
Sakuya: No, ma'am...
Manager: I can't believe it!
Izumi: You of all people should've known this already! You know you're one step away from getting arresting for abducting a minor, right?
Manager: WHAT?! Oh god, oh man... Oh geez, what a mess!
Izumi: Sakuya, your parents must be worried sick about you. We need to call them ASAP. Give me their contact info.
Sakuya: ...Yes ma'am.
Izumi: Are they at home right now?
Sakuya: They probably are.
Izumi: Okay, I'll give them a call now then.
Sakuya's Family: Hello, this is the Yoshinaga residence.
Izumi: (Yoshinaga? Weird, that's not Sakuya's last name.)
Izumi: Hi, sorry to call so late. I'm Izumi Tachibana, from the Mankai Company troupe.
Sakuya's Family: Uh, what? A troupe?
'Izumi: (Uh-oh. Sounds like she has no idea. I should probably just jump in and explain everything to her.
Izumi: ...And that's the long and short of it. Would you be willing to give your permission?
Sakuya's Family: Does it cost money?
Izumi: Nope, room and board are part of the employee compensation package.
Sakuya's Family: I guess it's okay, then.
Izumi: (That was... surprisingly easy. It was like the money part's all that matters to her.)
Sakuya's Family: Just keep him in school, will you? I wouldn't want anyone asking questions about me.
Izumi: Absolutely. That's the plan.
Sakuya's Family: Okay, great. Is that all?
Izumi: Would you like me to put Sakuya on the line?
Sakuya's Family: No, I'm good. Have a good evening.
Izumi: (That was... strange. Could she have sounded less interested?)
Izumi: Okay, Sakuya, I've cleared it with your family, so you're good to go.
Sakuya: Oh, that's a relief... Thank you for calling for me.
Izumi: Do you need to reach out to anyone else?
Izumi: (That woman had a different last name, after all. Maybe he has another set of parents?)
Sakuya: No, I'm fine. I lost my parents when I was young, and I've been living with my relatives ever since. That's why our names are different.
Izumi: Ah, that explains it.
Sakuya: I've been staying with my current family for the past six months, but I've spent most of it crashing with friends. I don't go home much.
Sakuya: This is the first time I've had a room of my very own. It's nice, actually. I'll pull my weight as part of the troupe, you can count on that.
Izumi: (Sounds like things are pretty complicated at home.)
Izumi: I sure hope so, because this dorm's not sticking around much longer if the troupe doesn't.
Sakuya: Oh gosh, I wouldn't want that!
Tsuzuru: Neither would I.
Izumi: Then it's up to us to keep that from happening!
Izumi: Masumi, you're next. Can you give me your family's contact info.
Masumi: We just started dating, and you want to meet my parents already?
Izumi: That is definitely not why I'm asking, and we are definitely NOT dating!
Masumi: Fine, here you go. Doubt they'll pick up, though.
Izumi: Is there a better time to reach them?
Masumi: They're busy, and there's a time difference, so I can never get ahold of them. Just leave a voicemail.
Izumi: A time difference? They're overseas?
Masumi: Yeah, right now they should be... yeah, I forgot.
Izumi: Guess I'll just try calling.
Izumi: ...
Izumi: (No answer...)
Izumi: (Well, he warned me. I'll just leave a voicemail.
Izumi: I left a message, but just to be safe I'd suggest you stay at home tonight.
Masumi: Nobody's gonna be there anyway.
Izumi: Really? In that case, you're better off spending the night here.
Manager: Room 103's still open. You want it?
Masumi: If I'm not sharing a room with her, I don't care where I stay.
Izumi: If everything goes to plan we're going to get more new people, so these rooms are all going to be filled eventually.
Sakuya: I wouldn't mind rooming with Masumi.
Tsuzuru: I'm cool with it, too.
Izumi: Hmm. Let's settle this with a good old fashioned rock-paper-scissors. Whoever matches will share a room.
Izumi: Ready? Rock, paper, scissors, shoot!
Sakuya: Paper.
Masumi: Rock?
Tsuzuru: Rock.
Izumi: Okay, Masumi and Tsuzuru will be rooming together for the time being.
Masumi: If that's what you want.
Tsuzuru: Sure thing.
Izumi: Looks like we're all set then.
Kamekichi: Food. I'm hungry! Hey, feed me somethin'!
Manager: Oh, look at the time!
Manager: Okay, guys! Sit back while I'll throw together a feast to celebrate our new director and troupe members!
To be continued...
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