Episode 1 - The Show Must Go On!
Manager: Okay, let me show you around the dorm.
Izumi: (I came here hoping to find a clue about my dad. Didn't think I'd end up being a part of Dad's old troupe!)
Izumi: (Plus there's the three conditions that Yakuza guy Furuichi laid out...)
*start flashback*
Izumi: So what are they?
Furuichi: Listen up, because I'm not going to repeat myself.
Furuichi: One: The new Spring Troupe is to launch their debut show within the next month, with a full house on closing night.
Furuichi: Two: You are to form four sub-troupes like there used to be, and each must run a successful show by the end of the year.
Furuichi: Three: The theater's debt is to be fully paid off within the year.
Furuichi: If you fail to meet any one these three conditions, I'm turning this place into a cabaret--No ifs, ands, or buts.
Manager: But that's crazy! You can't expect us to pull all of those miracles off!
Furuichi: Then I can tear down the sign right now instead.
Manager: How callous!
Izumi: So the debut show isn't enough for you and now you're piling on doing four shows by the end of the year? You're asking for the impossible here!
Izumi: There's only ten months left in the year! Couldn't you at least give us twelve?!
Furuichi: Stop whining like a damn child!
Izumi: I--!
Manager: Eek!
Furuichi: Do you know how much this theater owes? I'll tell you. Ten million yen.
Izumi: Ten million?!
Tsuzuru: Dang, seriously?
Sakuya: That's more money than I can even imagine...
Izumi: Wow, okay, point taken. Let's pack up, guys. I think we're done here.
Manager: You can't be serious!
Furuichi: You get it, now? I'm doing you a favor by being so lenient. You're not getting any more concessions from me. Now...
Furuichi: If you'd prefer to pay it off by turning some tricks, I'm sure something could be arranged.
Izumi: How could you even-
Masumi: Don't you dare touch her.
Furuichi: ...
Masumi: ...
Manager: So you're saying that if she just turned a trick or two...
Izumi: HELLO?! I'm standing right here! Are you seriously considering this an option?!
Tsuzuru: What are you thinking?!
Sakuya: Tricks? Like, magic tricks?
Manager: I-I was just imagining it, is all... Homina, homina...
Izumi: (Not only is he the worst liar, but he sounds like he stepped out of a cartoon from the 30's. Great.)
Furuichi: Hmph. In any case, have one last condition.
Izumi: And that is?
Furuichi: You.
Izumi: Listen, you can take your 'tricks' and just--
Furuichi: You are to be the general director of the troupe. That's my last condition.
Manager: Sounds like a plan!
Izumi: Hey, don't just put words in my mouth! To begin with, why am I one of the conditions anyway?
Furuichi: You've seen the sorry operation this mophead runs. You'll be disbanded in a month if I let him be in charge.
Manager: Ouch...the man's got a point...
Izumi: Look, I was just helping drum up members today. I didn't sign up to direct anything.
Furuichi: Oh, so you're going to ditch. Just like your father did.
Izumi: What's that supposed to mean?
Furuichi: I've heard your father was general director when he abandoned ship.
Furuichi: Guess he gave up as soon as business started going south. I see the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
Izumi: You...
Manager: Yukio's not like that at all!
Furuichi: Then tell me why your theater is in the shape it is now?
Manager: Well, uh...
Izumi: (Did Dad really flee from his responsibilities?)
Izumi: (No, that can't possibly be true. He poured his heart and soul into this place. He could never abandon it.)
Izumi: ...
Izumi: (He never came home as it was. And the few times he did, all he'd talk about was theater. He wouldn't even take me out to play anywhere.)
Izumi: (But that was all because he loved it that much. Because he loved this troupe.)
Izumi: (I don't want to see Dad's hard work disappear for good.)
Izumi: (This theater is the castle that Dad built for himself, as far as I'm concerned. The proof and embodiment of everything he poured into his work.)
Izumi: (I refuse to let such a priceless treasure be destroyed.)
Izumi: If I stay, then would you please retract your previous statement, Mr. Yakuza?
Furuichi: Which part?
Izumi: My dad did not run away. And he didn't abandon anything or anyone.
Furuichi: Meet the rest of my conditions and I'll consider it.
Izumi: You're on.
Furuichi: Serving as general director means cleaning up after this troupe of circus clowns for the rest of the year.
Izumi: You have my word that I'll take full responsibility.
Manager: Heck yeah! Three cheers for our director!
Furuichi: Hmph. Let's see how far you make it.
Furuichi: This farce should only last until next month's show, anyway. I'll come to see the empty house on closing night.
Furuichi: Also, I better not hear you call me Mr. Yakuza anymore. My name's Sakyo Furuichi.
Izumi: Sakyo it is, then.
Sakyo: Pull out, Sakoda!
Sakoda: You're the boss, boss!
Manager: Yeah, don't let the door hit you on the way out, ya goons!
Izumi: (Sure, stand up to them now, why don't you!)
Manager: Time to roll up our sleeves and get next month's show off the ground! Go, team!
Sakuya: Uh, yeah!
Tsuzuru: I dunno about this...
Manager: We're all in the same boat, and we'll make it together!
Izumi: How can you be so optimistic? It takes half a year to put this stuff together normally. We have a month. One!
Manager: Easy--We've got you, Director!
Izumi: Are you listening to a word I say?!
Manager: We've been missing a director ever since Yukio vanished. I've been managing the whole show by myself, but it just hasn't worked out.
Manager: So I'm sure we'll be fine now that we have a real director! We can all be at our best, just like the old days.
Manager: I know we're in good hands with Yukio's daughter!
Izumi: Matsukawa...
Izumi: (Is it just a sign of how much faith they had in my father?)
Manager: Hum-hum-hum... Paying off our debt in a year! Once that's outta the way, maybe we could go for some renovations!
Izumi: (Somehow I think his sense of urgency, or complete lack thereof, is what put him in this mess to start with...)
Sakuya: So, um, the troupe's not going away?
Tsuzuru: This seems dicey to me. Can we really do this?
Masumi: You're signing on too, right?
Izumi: (Everybody's so worried. Guess my first job as director is pump everyone up.)
Izumi: We've gotten this far, so all we have to do is keep going. Don't worry. I'll figure something out, somehow!
Manager: Director, my director...!
Sakuya: I'm in your hands!
Tsuzuru: Might as well stick it out while I'm here.
Masumi: I couldn't care less about the troupe, but as long as you're sticking around, so am I.
Izumi: Looking forward to working with all of you!
Manager: Ahh, I haven't felt so secure since Yukio disappeared! I'm gonna sleep like a log tonight!
Izumi: (I wish I could say the same. Is this really going to work out?)
Izumi: (I'm still skeptical, but the Mankai Company is Dad's legacy. And I'll do whatever it takes to protect it.)
*end flashback*
Izumi: (Boy, that was a lot of responsibility to take on in such a short amount of time.)
Manager: Over here!
Izumi: Ah, coming!
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