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Izumi: (Yuzo's visit really breathed some life into this place! I think we'll pull through if we can just keep things up.)
Izumi: All right, we'll take an hour break, then—
Manager: Izumi, I've found 'em!
Izumi: Uh, you've found what?
Girl: Coming in.
Man: ...
Manager: Allow me to introduce you to Yuki Rurikawa, our potential new costume designer!
Yuki: Hi.
Izumi: A girl?
Yuki: Huh?
Izumi: Oh geez, I'm sorry. Um, young man, right?
Citron: Ah, the traditional Japanese cross-dressing boy!
Tsuzuru: Where do you even pick this stuff up, Citron?
Izumi: I see. Are you a student?
Yuki: Yeah, I'm in my third year of middle school. I've got experience selling stuff online, so I don't think that'll be an issue.
Tsuzuru: Shouldn't you be studying for high school entrance exams?
Yuki: My school doesn't do those, but thanks for the unwanted concern.
Tsuzuru: Man, the mouth on this kid. It's like a second Masumi.
Yuki: I hear you don't have long before the show goes live. I need to go over the performers like, yesterday. Who's the lead?
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