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Masumi: Romeo, you skipped your line.
Sakuya: Sorry!
Tsuzuru: Your line comes after mine. I'll try to direct mine more toward you.
Sakuya: Oh, that makes it way easier!
Izumi: (Wow, I can't believe these are the same guys I saw days ago. It's not just back-and-forth sorries and it's-okays, they're actually working out solutions.)
Izumi: (I was kinda worried, but they're really pulling it together.)
Izumi: Okay guys, group huddle time.
Izumi: I've put together custom-tailored regimens to help you out with each of your weaknesses. I'll be implementing them starting tomorrow morning.
Sakuya: What do you mean, regimens?
Izumi: Here, read this for details.
Sakuya: I'm doing a street act?
Izumi: Normally the best way to learn is to watch a lot of plays, but we don't have time for that.
Izumi: But Veludo Way is already a public stage. So take advantage of that and practice as much as you can where people can see you.
Izumi: Once you get more used to it, you'll grow more comfortable on stage, and you'll be able to pick up all kinds of cues from the motions of the audience and your co-stars.
Sakuya: Yes, ma'am. I'll do my best!
Citron: I will join you!
Tsuzuru: Same, I could use the practice.
Sakuya: Thank you, guys!
Masumi: I'm supposed to watch a play?
Izumi: Masumi, I want you to find a play that you really love.
Izumi: What you need to do is take more of an interest in the stage. That should really help you make your acting more appealing.
Masumi: Not interested in anything but you.
Izumi: Find something as interesting as that, then.
Masumi: If I could think of one thing...
Izumi: What's that?
Masumi: Nothin'.
Tsuzuru: I scored some free tickets recently. Want to go with me?
Sakuya: Some plays don't cost anything to watch. We could catch one of those together!
Masumi: I'll go alone.
Tsuzuru: Talk about ungrateful!
Masumi: I'll take a ticket though.
Tsuzuru: Oh, will you, now?!
Masumi: Hmph.
Tsuzuru: Geez. And I'm supposed to read other scripts?
Izumi: Tsuzuru, I've noticed that you sometimes get tunnel vision because you're acting out your own script.
Izumi: Read through scripts from different times and playwrights. Try acting them out.
Izumi: I'm sure the lines will be awkward and hard to deliver, but the point is to give you a more objective perspective.
Tsuzuru: Different playwrights, huh... That's a wide pool.
Sakuya: I used to check out scripts from the library and act them out all the time! I could give you some recs if you'd like!
Tsuzuru: I'd appreciate that, actually.
Itaru: I'm going back to basics?
Izumi: Itaru, you've got no lack on talent, but your grasp of the fundamentals is lagging behind everyone else's.
Masumi: 'Cuz you're gaming.
Itaru: I see.
Izumi: You leave rehearsals a little bit early, but those little bits of time add up to something noticeable.
Itaru: ...
Izumi: Itaru?
Itaru: It's fine, I've got it. Give me some time to think.
Izumi: (Does that mean he'll reconsider how much time he invests in gaming? Because it's more than a bit at this point.)
Izumi: Thank you.
Sakuya: Just let me know if there's anything I can do to help!
Itaru: ...Yeah, sure.
Izumi: (He seems a bit checked out. Please don't tell me he's just thinking about his games again...)
Citron: I am to work on articulation and intonation?
Izumi: I've highlighted portions that will come up in your set of lines. I want you to perfect your delivery of those.
Citron: So be it!
Tsuzuru: If something's too hard for you to say, I can alter the script. Just say the word.
Citron: Ah, Tsuzuru, you are too kind! But worry not.
Tsuzuru: 'Kay, worrying not.
Izumi: That's it, guys. Let's get on it starting tomorrow!
Sakuya: Yes, ma'am!