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Episode 1 - The Show Must Go On!
Sakuya Thanks for the meal.
Tsuzuru Yeah, thanks.
Manager Wait, you're both done already? You've barely touched your food!
Citron I too am good.
Itaru Thank you for the meal.
Masumi I'm going to my room.
Manager Wait, really? This is the director's golden curry!

I'm gonna finish it if none of you are!

Manager What's gotten into them?
Izumi I think they're still reeling from everything Yuzo said.

I don't blame them. It was a lot to take in.

Manager Oh, Yuzo came by! That's good to hear.
Izumi Thanks for reaching out to hi for me.
Manager Don't mention it. I'm worried, though. What if he burned them

so bad they end up quitting?

Izumi They won't! Have some faith in them, will you?
Manager Uh, yeah, you're right.
Izumi (Yuzo's criticisms were harsh, but fair. I don't think

the boys will let this bring them down.)

Izumi (They might be in a nut right now, but I'm sure they'll pull

themselves out of it. And even if they can't, it's my job to help them through this.)

- - -
Sakuya ...
Tsuzuru Sakuya?
Sakuya Oh, hey, Tsuzuru
Tsuzuru Why are you outside with your pillow and comforter? You going somewhere?
Sakuya I can't sleep. I just can't get what Yuzo said out of my head.
Tsuzuru You too, huh.
Sakuya I was so happy just being up on stage, I didn't put any though at all

into what that actually meant. I can't go on like this.

Tsuzuru You're not gonna leave, are you?
Sakuya I just want to sleep on the stage, to see if I can get a better feel for it.
Tsuzuru Say what?
Sakuya My thoughts are a blur. I don't know what I should do.

But I can't just sleep quietly in my room.

Tsuzuru Yeah, I don't think that means you have to sleep on the stage!
Citron I will join you!
Tsuzuru You too, Citron?!
Citron I too am all set.
Tsuzuru You're just gonna drag your comforters from the dorm

to the theater in the middle of the night?!

Sakuya I know it sounds dumb, but I thought it might give me some perspective...
Tsuzuru You guys are just, really...
Sakuya Tsuzuru?
Tsuzuru Fine, I'll join you. Give me one of those comforters.
Tsuzuru Hell, I'm dragging Masumi and Itaru into this, too.
Sakuya Are they even up at this point?
Tsuzuru Masumi was. And I'll bet you money Itaru's up and gaming.
- - -
Masumi Why me?
Tsuzuru We've come this far. Don't start whining now.
Sakuya Sorry for making you do this, Itaru.
Itaru I can sleep anywhere as long as I've got a game to play.
Citron It is like a camping excursion! How delightful!
Sakuya Did you do those back home, Citron?
Citron Oh, absolutely. We would set up camp and set a watch

to ensure that the enemy would not spot us.

Sakuya The enemy?
Citron Oh yes, we would sleep to the background percussion of gunfire.
Tsuzuru I'm not sure that's even remotely comparable to this!
Masumi Shut up.
Citron Ah, a thousand pardons. Good nght.
Tsuzuru Good night.
- - -
Sakuya ...
Masumi ...
Tsuzuru ...
Itaru ...
Sakuya ...You guys still up?
Tsuzuru I'm up.
Sakuya How did it feel for you when Yuzo said what he did?
Tsuzuru It pissed me off. I was like, where does he get off?
Masumi It sucked.
Itaru I found it pretty harsh, not gonna lie.
Citron It was quite the rough love.
Tsuzuru That sounds so wrong!
Sakuya Yeah, it seemed mean at first, but now I think he was

right. It was tough love and a reality check.

Sakuya Izumi has't seemed too happy watching us rehearse lately.

She's been frowning.

Masumi She's been like that since the performance rehearsals started.
Sakuya You noticed it too, Masumi?
Masumi I know her better than anyone.
Sakuya You pay the most attention to her, that's for sure!
Tsuzuru So Izumi hasn't been satisfied with our acting either?
Sakuya Probably not. I think this was meant to be a wake-up call for us.
Citron Nothing feels better than the whipcrack of rough loving!

So thrilling!

Tsuzuru Seriously, stop making it sound so dirty!
Act 1 Ch 14.png
Tsuzuru It's true, though. Our job isn't to argue with audience feedback. It's to learn from it.
Sakuya Exactly! I want to learn more about the stage. I want to be a better actor
Tsuzuru Same. I wanna prove that Yuzo guy wrong.
Citron That is the spirit! I too am in.
Sakuya We're in this together!
Itaru ...
Sakuya Itaru? Something wrong?
Itaru Nah. I just think we should get to sleep if we don't want to be late tomorrow.
Sakuya Good call. Sorry, guys. Have a good night!
Tsuzuru Night.
Citron Good night!
Itaru ...
- - -
Izumi (Huh, Sakuya and Citron's door is open.)
Izumi Boys? Are you asleep? I'm closing the door now.
Izumi Wait, where are their pillows? Their comforters?!
Izumi (Don't tell me they took Yuzo's feedback so hard that they really left?!)
Izumi (I'd better check around.)
- - -
Izumi Sakuya? Citron? Where are you?
Sakuya Zzz...
Masumi Zzz...
Tsuzuru Zzz...
Itaru Zzz...
Citron Zzz...
Izumi ?!
Izumi Everybody's sleeping. But why here of all places...?
Sakuya Nnn...'ma do my best...
Izumi I was scared they'd run away, but they came right back

to the one place I need them the most.

No clue what's going on, but this is an encouraging sight.

Izumi Good night, boys. We'll be back at it tomorrow,okay?