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Episode 1 - The Show Must Go On!
Manager: One of the old troupe teaches theater classes these days.

Want me to ask him to visit?

Manager: He's a busy man, so no promises it'll be any time soon, though.
Izumi: Please, I'll take what I can get!
Izumi: Sakuya, you're standing in the wrong spot.
Sakuya: Ah, sorry about that.
Citron: No worries!
Tsuzuru: It's all good.
Izumi: (It isn't. We've started performance rehearsal, but their

heads just aren't in the game. I was afraid of this.)

Masumi: Romeo comes in from stage right.
Sakuya: Ah, sorry!
Citron: No worries!
Itaru: I'm taking a bathroom break. Be back soon.
Tsuzuru: More like a game break.
Izumi: ...
Izumi: (Yeah, this isn't working. There's no way they're going to

be ready for showtime without some intervation.)

Sakuya: Let's go on a journey together, Julius. We can ditch this

cramped town and travel the world.

Izumi: (I hate to be the villain, but I think it's time to take off the

kid gloves and...)

???: The hell kinda lame-ass kindergarten play is this?
Izumi: Huh?
???: Just watchin' is killin' me.
Izumi: I'm sorry, who are you? This place isn't open to the public.
???: Oh yeah? Who're YOU, lady? Oh wait, you must be Yukio's

daughter! Well I'll be damned, the snot-nosed lil' pipsquek's all grown up!

Izumi: Yukio... ? You know my dad?
???: Matsukawa--Oh, guess he's the manager now. Anyway, he came cryin'

to me, beggin' me to show those newcomers what they're in for.

Izumi: So you're from the original Spring Troupe?!
???: Yeah. Name's Yuzo Kashima.
Masumi: Dude's totally a Yakuza thug.
Citron: Ah, the famous Japanese Yakuza!
Kamekichi: Yuzo, old man!
Yuzo: Hey, Kamekichi. Long time. Still got a smart beak, huh.
Kamekichi: Right back at ya!
Sakuya: If Kamekichi knows him, that means he's the real deal. A member of the original Spring Troupe, in the flesh!
Yuzo: Okay, let's get this over with.You should be grateful. I'm gonna be your first audience.
Izumi: All right, boys. Take it from the top.
Sakuya: Yes, sir! I mean, yes, ma'am!
- - -
Yuzo: ...
Izumi: What do you think?
Yuzo: Man, I thoight about gettin' up and leavin' 300 times there.
Tsuzuru: That's about as many lines as there are in the script...
Yuzo: Yeah, that's the point. Subjectin' the audience to that many bad line deliveries is physically painful.
Yuzo: First -- You there, the foreign guy.
Citron: Yes?
Yuzo: If you can't even get five damn lines right, that makes you worse than a kindergartener.
Yuzo: If you can't say lines in Japanese, then you got no buisness speakin' the language or acting in plays in Japan.
Citron: Oof...
Sakuya: That's not fair, sir. Citron's here studying abroad and learning the language. He just need more practice, and--
Yuzo: Language and delievery ain't the same. If the audience has to be patient with a foreigner tryin' his best,

that kills their immersion and ruins the whole damn experience.

Yuzo: Next-- Mercutio. I get what you're goin' for, but you're not gettin' there. You attached to this script?
Tsuzuru: I wrote it.
Yuzo: That explains it. You're fulla yerself. You gotta remember there's an audience you're conveying stuff to,

or you're just jerkin' off.

Tsuzuru: Ex-CUSE ME?!
Yuzo: Next up-- Tybalt. I got nothin' for you.
Itaru: Really?
Yuzo: If you don't wanna be here, then get off the stage. That's it.
Itaru: ...
Yuzo: Next--Julius.You.
Masumi: ...
Yuzo: I dunno what your problem is, but you're lettin' yerself get too distracted by Yukoi's daughter.
Yuzo: Don't get all cocky when you can't even act. You were borin' me to tears there.
Masumi: What?
Izumi: (Yikes, even Masumi isn't spared.)
Sakuya: Even Masumi didn't cut it...
Tsuzuru: Brutal, man...
Yuzo: You thought you could skate by with him? Drama ain't no joke, you buncha scrubs!
Yuzo: Last--Romeo.
Sakuya: Y-Yes, sir!
Yuzo: You're beyond bad. You're supposed to be the lead, but you don't know the first thing aboutt theater.

Start over from square one.

Sakuya: ...
Yuzo: Well, that's all from me. I'll come by and check again sometime.
Sakuya: ...
Tsuzuru: ...
Citron: ...
Itaru: ...
Masumi: Pain in the ass...
Izumi: (Looks like I got the villain I was looking for. Everyone looks devastated. Maybe that was too harsh...)
Yuzo: Oh yeah, as for you...
Izumi: Yes?
Yuzo: The sky's the limit for Romeo if you're up for it.
Izumi: Come again?
Yuzo: I'm sayin' that it's up to you whether he trives or dies out. Hell, this whole trainwreck is on you as the director.

You'd better take responsibility.

Izumi: ...
Izumi: (He's right. The group wouldn't be in such shambles if I'd done a better job of leading them.)
Izumi: Thanks. I'll buckle down and do what I can.
Yuzo: Good.
Yuzo: Wish Yukio could see you now.
Izumi: Huh?
Yuzo: Ah, nothin'.
Izumi: Do you know something about my father?
Yuzo: Sorry, it ain't for me to say.
Izumi: ...
To Be Continued

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