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Manager:One of the old troupe teaches theater classes these days. Want me to ask him to visit?
He's a busy man, so no promises it'll be any time soon, though.

Izumi:Please, I'll take what I can get!

Izumi:Sakuya, you're standing in the wrong spot.

Sakuya:Ah, sorry about that.

Citron:No worries!

Tsuzuru:It's all good.

Izumi:(It isn't. We've started performance rehearsal, but their heads just aren't in the game. I was afraid of this.)

Masumi:Romeo comes in from stage right.

Sakuya:Ah, sorry!

Citron:No worries!

Itaru:I'm taking a bathroom break. Be back soon.

Tsuzuru:More like a game break.

(Yeah, this isn't working. There's no way they're going to be ready for showtime without some intervation.)

Sakuya:Let's go on a journey together, Julius. We can ditch this cramped town and travel the world.

Izumi:(I hate to be the villain, but I think it's time to take off the kid gloves and...)


Izumi:I'm sorry, who are you? This place isn't open to the public.

Izumi:Yukio... ? You know my dad?

Izumi:So you're from the original Spring Troupe?!

Masumi:Dude's totally a Yakuza thug.

Citron:Ah, the famous Japanese Yakuza!

Kamekichi:Yuzo, old man!

Yuzo:Hey, Kamekichi. Long time. Still got a smart beak, huh.

Kamekichi: Right back at ya!

Sakuya:If Kamekichi knows him, that means he's the real deal. A member of the original Spring Troupe, in the flesh!

Yuzo:Okay, let's get this over with.You should be grateful. I'm gonna be your first audience.

Izumi:All right, boys. Take it from the top.

Sakuya:Yes, sir! I mean, yes, ma'am!


Izumi:What do you think?

Yuzo:Man, I thought about gettin' up and leavin' 300 times there.

Tsuzuru:That's about as many lines as there are in the script...

Yuzo:Yeah, that's the point. Subjectin' the audience to that many bad line deliveries is physically painful.
First - You there, the foreign guy.


Yuzo:If you can't even get five damn lines right, that makes you worse than a kindergartener.

Yuzo:If you can't say lines in Japanese, then you got no business speakin' the language or acting in plays in Japan.


Sakuya:That's not fair, sir. Citron's here studying abroad and learning the language. He just need more practice, and-

Yuzo:Language and delievery ain't the same. If the audience has to be patient with a foreigner tryin' his best, that kills their immersion and ruins the whole damn experience.
Next - Mercutio. I get what you're goin' for, but you're not gettin' there. You attached to this script?

Tsuzuru:I wrote it.

Yuzo:That explains it. You're fulla yerself. You gotta remember there's an audience you're conveying stuff to, or you're just jerkin' off.

Tsuzuru:Ex-CUSE ME?!

Yuzo:Next up - Tybalt. I got nothin' for you.


Yuzo:If you don't wanna be here, then get off the stage. That's it.


Yuzo:Next - Julius. You.


Yuzo:I dunno what your problem is, but you're lettin' yerself get too distracted by Yukio's daughter.
Don't get all cocky when you can't even act. You were borin' me to tears there.


Izumi:(Yikes, even Masumi isn't spared.)

Sakuya:Even Masumi didn't cut it...

Tsuzuru:Brutal, man...

Yuzo:You thought you could skate by with him? Drama ain't no joke, you buncha scrubs!


Sakuya}:Y-Yes, sir!

Yuzo:You're beyond bad. You're supposed to be the lead, but you don't know the first thing about theater. Start over from square one.


Yuzu:Well, that's all from me. I'll come by and check again sometime.





Masumi:Pain in the ass...

Izumi:(Looks like I got the villain I was looking for. Everyone looks devastated. Maybe that was too harsh...)

Yuzo:Oh yeah, as for you...


Yuzo:The sky's the limit for Romeo if you're up for it.

Izumi:Come again?

Yuzo:I'm sayin' that it's up to you whether he trives or dies out. Hell, this whole trainwreck is on you as the director.
You'd better take responsibility.

(He's right. The group wouldn't be in such shambles if I'd done a better job of leading them.)
Thanks. I'll buckle down and do what I can.

Wish Yukio could see you now.


Yuzo:Ah, nothin'.

Izumi:Do you know something about my father?

Yuzo:Sorry, it ain't for me to say.


Chapter 13 - The Spring Troupe Alum
[In the practice room]
??? The hell kinda lame-ass kindergarten play is this?
??? Just watchin' is killin' me.
??? Oh yeah? Who're YOU, lady? Oh wait, you must be Yukio's

daughter! Well I'll be damned, the snot-nosed lil' pipsqueak's all grown up!

??? Matsukawa- Oh, guess he's the manager now. Anyway, he came cryin'

to me, beggin' me to show those newcomers what they're in for.

??? Yeah. Name's Yuzo Kashima.
[Mini Timeskip]
[To be continued] 
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